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Devil Cheater: Chapter 1Category: Stories
Sunday, 29 January 2012
11:33:23 PM (GMT)
Devil Cheater: Chapter 1
	“Okay, now more time from the top.”
	My name is Alice Moore. I’m sixteen years old, and I’m the lead singer in an
all-girl rock band with my friends. We call ourselves Devil Cheater. Our story begins
on a Saturday afternoon. We were at my house in the garage practicing before an
audition later that night for our town’s annual rock festival.
	“Alice, I really think we’d better go with ‘Deep Inside’ rather than
‘Desert’,” said our lead guitarist and my best friend, Autumn Lee. Autumn and I
have been best friends since we meet at Future Stars summer camp three years ago. I
found her sitting alone during lunch on the first day. She was wearing a black Linkin
Park t-shirt. At the time, my favorite band was Linkin Park, so I sat next to her. We
clicked instantly. We’ve been inseparable ever since.
	Autumn has raven black hair with red tips, icy blue eyes, and cold, pale skin. We
always joke that she is the descendent of the vampires. She plays guitar like a pro
and sings with the voice of an angel.
	“Yeah, you’re right,” I agreed, nodding at my best friend. “Let’s change
‘Desert’ to ‘Deep Inside’. Got that, everyone?”
	The group nodded, agreeing with my decision and make note of the song change in
their music.
	“Let’s practice it once. Hit it, Avril.”
	Our drummer, Avril Johnson, tapped her drumsticks together in the air four times
before we broke into song. Our bass guitarist, Amy Forest, smiled as we started her
favorite song. Her short dirty blonde hair was spiked, and her black eyeliner was
dark around her eyes.
	As the lead singer, I knew exactly when to start singing. I held the microphone in
one hand and waited for my cue.
	“I’m hiding somewhere safe. I’m hiding in the dark. I’m hiding from the
truth, the truth that you’re gone ‘cause I know you are gone.”
	When the song was over, we stood around grinning at each other. We were awesome, and
we knew it.
	As we were packing up our set, Amy’s cell phone rang. We heard her familiar
“Dora loves you!” ringtone, which was recorded by her girlfriend Dora Webber.
You’ve probably guessed it by now, but in case you haven’t, Amy is a lesbian.
	While Amy chatted away, Avril, Autumn, our other guitarist Amanda Day, our twin
dancers Ana and Alicia Gonzalez, and I discussed our outfits for that night’s
	“But I really like the black one!” Ana wailed. She was holding a thin black tank
top. It wasn’t a surprise to anyone that the Hispanic twins were arguing again.
	“But we have to match!” Alicia whined, countering her sister’s complaint.
“And I look flattering in the red one!”
	I rolled my eyes at them. “Come on you two, stop fighting. I already told you both
that you’re wearing the black one for the audition and the red one for the festival
if we make it in.”
	“What do you mean ‘if’?” Amy frowned. She slipped her phone into the pocket
of her black jeans and rejoined us. “No one can turn down the Seven Deadly
	I smiled at her. The Seven Deadly A’s is the nickname we use to refer to us as a
group. It came about one day when we first started our band and were trying to think
of a name. Amy suggested the Seven Deadly A’s; Avril suggested Devil Cheater. We
liked them both so much that in the end, we decided to keep Devil Cheater as our
stage name, but the Seven Deadly A’s as our secret name.
	Autumn nodded and grinned at me. “Come on, Alice. You’re the leader. Shouldn’t
you be a little more optimistic?”
	“What can I say?” I shrugged. “I view the glass as half empty.”
	“Come on, girls,” Avril said, cracking the knuckles in her fingers. “No more
time for talking. We’ve got to get ready before tonight’s audition.”

	Approximately three hours later, we had arrived at Eagle Point High, also known as
EPH, for the auditions. We checked in with a volunteer backstage in the high
school’s auditorium. I felt excited as I looked around at all the different bands
that had come to try out.
	The way the auditions worked was simple. Anyone who showed up, which usually
consisted of teenagers and young adults from all over Eagle Point and anyone else who
loved rock music, would receive a ballot when they entered the auditorium. The
audience rates each band from a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest and
one being the lowest, on how much they liked the band’s performance. At the end of
the night, the volunteers tally up the votes, and the bands with the highest scores
are chosen to perform at annual rock festival. The school even serves pizza and pop
for anyone who attends. It’s a huge social event.
	Usually, I’m the one sitting in the audience. This time, I’m the one on the
stage. I felt a little nervous at the thought of performing for the first time ever
in front of the same people I went to school with.
	Devil Cheater was backstage along with several other bands. We were waiting for a
group called Locas Chicas to get done. I tried to tune their music out; they were
really horrible. Everyone was getting ready in their own way. Ana and Alicia were
getting rid of their nerves by arguing, Amanda was meditating to get “in the
zone”, Amy was frantically calling Dora to make sure she would arrive in time to
see us play, Autumn was tuning her guitar, Avril was double-checking her hair, and I
was warming up my voice with scales.
	Everyone looked great in their outfits. I surveyed each member and beaming with
pride. Our dream was coming true!
	Ana and Alicia are Mexican goddesses. They each have rich black hair and warm brown
eyes. There are only two differences between the twins. The first difference is the
lip ring that Ana has on the left side of her bottom lip. Alicia has no piercings
other than her ears. The second difference is their sexual orientation. Alicia is
bisexual, and Ana is straight. Other than those two, they seem to be the same person.
They’re both very energetic; they both take dancing classes at Eva’s School for
the Advanced Dancer; they’re both fifteen and freshmen at EPH.
	Avril moved to Eagle Point two years ago from Florida. She’s the best drummer
I’ve ever met, and a total hardcore punk. She loves wearing fishnets, black boots,
plaid miniskirts, and tight-fitted band t-shirts. Her shoulder-length blonde hair is
normally kept in two pigtails at the base of her head. She often wears
custom-designed vampire fangs in her mouth. She’s seventeen, and is a junior at
	Autumn is sixteen and a junior, just like me. Her mother abandoned her when she was
seven; she never knew her father. She was adopted by her aunt. Autumn is what most
people would call a Goth. I don’t think of her that way, though. She’s too happy
to join that crowd. She usually wears only black clothing and makeup. She likes the
pants with the wide legs, and loves long t-shirts. She always wears a pair of red
high-top Converse sneakers.
	Amy is a strange person. Just when you think you’ve figured her out, she surprises
you. It’s like going to school; you learn something new every day. Her short,
blonde hair is usually spiked with gel. Except for her breasts, you might think she
was a guy at first glance. She’s what most people would call a dyke. It’s not
unusual to hear that, though, since Amy is a lesbian. She always wears baggy cargo
pants, plaid button-up shirts that are one size too big, and a gold chain around her
neck. She is seventeen, and is a junior at EPH.
	Amanda is looked down upon by society because of the way she dresses. Her hair is
always dyed an absurd color, and her eye shadow always matches. She wears a black
trench coat over tank tops and jean shorts. On her feet you can usually find black
boots. It’s a miracle to ever see her wearing a “normal” outfit. Amanda is a
sophomore at age fifteen.
	Last, but not least, is me. My shoulder-length hair is dyed black. I usually leave
it down rather than putting it up. I have eyes of two different colors. My left eye
is blue, and my right eye is green. I usually wear skinny jeans in all shades of
denim and tank tops that I design myself. I have a reputation at school for more than
just being the lead singer of a rock band. I’m also known for the clothing I design
	Locas Chicas finished with a bang. Literally. I was startled by a huge thud! It
turns out that their drummer hit one of the drums too hard and broke it. The only
ones giving Locas Chicas more than just a polite applause were a small group of
girls. I assumed they were acquainted.
	As Locas Chicas headed backstage, Principal Burns announced us to the audience.
“And now, I’m proud to announce Eagle Point High’s own Devil Cheater!”
	The crowd gave us a warm welcome as we took the stage. I passed Mr. Burns as he was
leaving to stand backstage. He gave me a thumbs up and a smile. I smiled back.
	It took us a few minutes to set up our instruments, microphones, amplifiers, and
speakers the right way. I could feel butterflies in my stomach when I saw the crowd.
It was a full house. We took our places as soon as everything was in place. I glanced
back at Avril, who was sitting at her drum set. She had a determined look on her
face. She held her drumsticks up in the air and crossed them so that they made an
“x”. She looked my way, and I nodded at her to let her know we were ready. She
tapped her drumsticks together four times to signal the start of our performance.
	I held the microphone stand close to me as I bobbed my head in time with the music.
Our first song was “Ice Cold”. Amy broke out into her guitar solo to start off
the song. I figured she’d seen Dora in the crowd somewhere, or she wouldn’t have
been so energetic. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see Autumn playing her
guitar, bent over in concentration, and Ana and Alicia on either side of me dancing
along with the music.
	After four measures of introduction, it was my turn to sing. “I see you somewhere
new. Can you feel it too? It’s not love; it’s not hate. It’s something even
worse. Ice cold! Hell’s freezing over. Ice cold! It’s snowy white. Ice cold! A
hate stronger than any love we had.”
	I sang my heart out and put everything into this song. “Ice Cold” wasn’t just
any song. It was my personal shout out to my ex-boyfriend Travis. We went out last
year for a couple of months. There was definitely something there, but he cheated on
me. I caught him making out with my cousin in the hallway after school one day. I
broke up with him the next morning. I don’t talk to either of them anymore. Even
though it’s been about a year, I still hate them both.
	“Ice cold! I hate you now…”
	As Amy’s last node slowly faded, the crowd burst into screams and applause. I
smiled at Amy when I heard Dora screaming through the noise, “I love you, Amy!”
	We waited until the cheering died down before starting our next song, “Skulls and
	“I never saw a love like this until you gave me my first kiss. A love so new, a
love for you! A skull is all I see. Skulls and love! Skulls and love! One love is
dead, another is born! Skulls and love! Skulls and love! I’m ready to accept you.
I’m ready for you!”
	I sang this one with a memory playing in my head. We wrote this song a few months
ago when we all were dating someone new. We had wanted to keep the happy feeling we
all felt from the excitement of starting a new relationship.
	When we got done playing our third and final song, “Deep Inside”, we smiled at
the audience while they cheered wildly for us. Then we gathered our equipment and
headed backstage to wait for the results.
	“Amy!” Dora screamed as soon as she saw her girlfriend. She’d been waiting
backstage as soon as we finished playing. She ran to Amy excitedly and gave her a
huge hug. I smiled happily as I watched them. They looked like exact opposites. Dora
had long golden curly blonde hair that seemed to flow down her back. She dressed in a
cute white button up blouse, a short grey skirt, and white gladiator sandals.
	When they broke away from each other, Amy said, “Dora! I’m all sweaty!”
	“Just how I like you,” Dora grinned. Then she gave Amy a quick kiss. “Now go
get changed. After this, you and I have a date at the movies.”
	As Amy turned to put her guitar away in its case, Dora’s hazel eyes twinkled
playfully, and she hit Amy on the butt. Amy took off her guitar and handed it to me
before turning back to Dora and kissed her.
	I rolled my eyes and walked to Amy’s guitar case to put her instrument away.
“Major ew.”
	The next band was heading towards the stage. Chance would have it that it was the
band Amy’s ex-girlfriend, Cara Dillon, was in. She glanced at Amy and Dora on the
way to the stage and paused. “Get a room, dykes!”
	Amy broke away from Dora and glared at Cara. “You wish it was you, cunt!” She
flipped her the bird and continued making out with Dora.
	I shook my head and turned my attention to the rest of the band. “Good job
tonight, girls.”
	“Good job? I did horrible!” Alicia whined.
	Ana rolled her eyes at her sister. “I told you to stop eyeing that girl!”
	“Sorry!” Alicia pouted. “I know she liked me!”
	“Honestly, Alicia, why not just go all the way?” her sister asked.
	“Because,” Alicia answered with a smug smile on her face, “I like guys too.
Besides, Jake Richards has been hitting on me at work.”
	“God, Alicia,” Ana growled, “you get all the guys when it’s the girls
you’re after. Save some for me!”
	“Sorry to interrupt this interesting conversation,” Amanda broke in with a grin,
“but I think there is a girl at the door who is looking for you, Alicia.”
	Alicia’s brown eyes lit up, and she turned towards the backstage entrance. A goofy
grin appeared on her face when she saw a redhead waving at her. She left towards her
in a rush.
	I rolled my eyes in annoyance. “Anyone else care to run off with a member of the
same sex?”
	“Chill out, Alice,” Autumn said, rolling her eyes back at me. “Have some
	“Respect for what? They’re making out with other girls, Autumn!”
	Amy interrupted, “You have a problem with that?”
	I turned around to find Amy and her blonde girlfriend standing nearby, holding
hands, and looking pissed off.
	“No, I just…” I could feel my face turning red. “I don’t know… It’s
just…bothering me!”
	Avril put her hand on my shoulder. “Relax.” I felt a shock go through my arm.
“You’re overreacting. You’ve seen them make out before. Take a deep breath.”
	I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, like Avril instructed. I slowly exhaled and
instantly felt calmer. When I opened my eyes again, I looked at Amy and Dora.
“I’m so sorry. I’m just nervous.”
	Amy smiled at me and squeezed Dora’s hand. “Chill, A. We understand.”
	Dora nodded to emphasize her girlfriend’s point.
	It was then that we could hear Mr. Burn’s voice from the stage. The final band had
finished playing. We turned towards the stage entrance and saw our principal at the
microphone. “That was our last band, Nightmare Haunters. Please put your scorecards
into the baskets by the doors because it’s now time to count up the numbers to find
out who won!”
	I grinned excitedly and turned to Autumn. “I can’t wait!”

Dealwithit says:   30 January 2012   593040  
Nice :o
I wish I was dedicated enough to write this much ;o;
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   30 January 2012   563287  
I wrote it a few years ago. XD I just got around to editing it the
other day. 
Dealwithit says :   30 January 2012   241991  
Well... Still :P
I have like, half the amount of writing for my story 

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