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Kupika = Slave Trade?Category: Rantings
Tuesday, 17 January 2012
01:06:17 PM (GMT)
What the fuck!
What is this, an open slave trade?
This month I've seen THREE profiles based on being a sex slave and needing a
Master/Mistress, or being a Master or Mistress and looking for a sex slave.

You have NO idea how fucking angry this makes me!
If you want someone to cyber fuck, go somewhere else.
Get the fuck off of this website, and try something like IMVU.
Trust me, you perverts, I know that IMVU has PLENTY of Masters, Mistreses, and sex
slaves. I've seen plenty myself.


Yes, I am aware that there are children and that I am "being hypocritcal" by cussing
up a storm.
But come on.
All children know there is profanity out there, and they're going to be exposed to it
wherever they go.
Haters gonna hate.


Thank you.

‹CastleOfSmoke› says:   17 January 2012   419872  
i agree with you 100% !!!
and your right about children.some filthy guy sent my lil sis pics..
shes only 10 yrs old.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   17 January 2012   199860  
Omfg. That's just sick!
Is your little sister on Kupika? 
‹CastleOfSmoke› says:   17 January 2012   271328  
she was,cuz i covinced her not to get on here again.shes too young.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   17 January 2012   981222  
Do you think she would still have the message? Because the member who
did that  can be banned for that. That is against the Kupika Handbook. 
‹CastleOfSmoke› says:   17 January 2012   750706  
idk,i thought messages older than 14 days are automatically
OMG.. O.o
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   17 January 2012   342985  
Crap... D: Any chance you could log in and see if it is still there?
If it is, can you screenshot it and send me the picture? 
‹CastleOfSmoke› says:   17 January 2012   877425  
i think i still remember her password,but..i cant send it to you!!
i mean..its, its horrible!!!!why do u want it anyway.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   17 January 2012   653558  
Because I need the image as "proof" to ban him. I'm used to looking at
images like that.
If your sister and you are okay with it, would you mind if I logged on
her account to see if the message is still there? That way you
wouldn't have to see it. 
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   17 January 2012   698471  
Oh, and I'm a moderator, lol. Just in case you weren't aware. XD 
BlackHairedGalROSE says:   17 January 2012   703326  
i've just opened her message box ,and it says that "messages older
than 14
days will automatically be deleted"..cuz the last time she logged in
was last year i guess.
BlackHairedGalROSE says:   17 January 2012   250062  
and yea (black haired) is her account but its me (brown eyed)
north says:   17 January 2012   857636  
It means for cybering, you dunderhead.

A sex trade is an exchange of money.

What they're doing is just general kinkiness.

Now, the consumerism culture we all live in? That's the slave trade.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   17 January 2012   177817  

Dang.. So it's not there? :/ 
‹CastleOfSmoke› says:   17 January 2012   914721  
nope.thanx anyway :D@Your_Worst_Nightmare 
i know what it means north !! 
north says:   17 January 2012   527468  
Just making a point.
Someone has to be correct here. 
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   17 January 2012   655498  
I'm well aware of the difference between the real life sex slave trade
and online cybering. I wasn't trying to say that this IS a sex slave
north says:   17 January 2012   366981  
"Kupika = Slave Trade"

I rest my case?

I'm not going to argue with you, I was just making a point. 
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   17 January 2012   989293  
You missed the question mark at the end. Pretty important part of your
quote citation there.

Your point is invalid. 
north says:   17 January 2012   970752  
The question mark was an invitation for elaboration, and discussion.

Stop trying to keep a petty argument up like a little girl. 
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   17 January 2012   949375  
I'm not trying to keep up an argument. -__- I'm correcting your
The question mark is a reflection on my irritation and confusion as to
what is going on.
Stop being so ignorant please, thanks! :D 
LeatherWitch says:   17 January 2012   659835  
you can tell that she was joking about the 'slave trade' thing .-. you
just like to step into things an pretend you are smart by throwing
random big words into a sentence, an you were the one who was bieng
'petty' for calling her a 'dunderhead'.

anyways I agree with this diary :> 
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   17 January 2012   947521  
Thank you. ^-^
Back-up is always appreciated, lol. :3 
LeatherWitch says:   17 January 2012   701702  
no problem =^^= lol 
‹goodfornothing› says:   17 January 2012   851301  
kupika is a social networking site. it's not a site "for
children". it's a site for connecting with people. it's a "community
of anonymous people . . . you can correspond with other members. you
are anonymous, so express yourself as you want."
^ that's taken from the mission statement on kupika's home page. it
doesn't say anything about kupika being a haven for children to grow
safely, sheltered from the reality of the world. nor does it say
kupika is a porn site. kupika is whatever its users want it to be.
besides, sex is completely natural and every single child on this
website was created because of it and will do it some day. yes, some
people are kinkier than others. whatever! as long as it's not child
porn, then let it be.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   17 January 2012   767529  
Slaves are not natural.
End of story.  
‹goodfornothing› says:   17 January 2012   144082  
dear god come ooooon they're not actually selling themselves as
slaves, nor is anyone selling them as slaves. help. they're just being
kinky. dis happens. 
north says:   18 January 2012   661944  
Thank you. 

Slaves are VERY natural. 
Our society, culture, and evolution are based on them.
Is it an unfortunate truth? Sure.
But it's the truth still. 
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   18 January 2012   403704  
Just because they are a part of our history doesn't mean they are
There is nothing about slavery, whether voluntary or not, that is
End of story. 
north says:   18 January 2012   953156  
Our entire evolution, culture, ecosystem, and environment is based on
DOMINANCE over the weaker, so that they do what we want them to.. 

Slavery, is the second most absolute assertion of dominance, the first
being murder, also a VERY natural thing.

Slavery is a very natural thing, and you enslave people,
believe it or not.
Who makes the clothes you wear and grows the food you eat?
Little kids, working for about a dollar a day.

That's slavery.
They have no choice, do that or starve and die.
They're forced to work, because they are not dominant.

The government forces you to work and pay taxes, because they're
DOMINANT over you, you're essentially enslaved to them. If you don't
work and pay taxes, you die or get sent to jail. You have no choice.

Natural disasters force us to move our cities our homes, they're
dominant over us. We move or we die. We are essentially slaves to the

Wolves/Dogs in packs, are controlled by their Alphas, the DOMINANT
ones, they do what their alpha says, or they get killed or exiled,
(canine version of jail.) this is essentially slavery.

Humanity is a disgusting thing, to those who do not understand it
properly. What's sad, is that many people refuse to believe it's
ultimate nature anything but good.
As you do.

Slavery is just that way it is. Sure, I don't support it, but it's
inevitable, and INCREDIBLY natural. You're a fool to every say
north says:   18 January 2012   509553  

long reply is long. 
north says:   18 January 2012   282678  
And dear, I don't try and sound smart when I use those words, when I
speak I use those words, It's a natural thing for me.
Also, I was simply being snarky when I called her a dunderhead, not
petty, petty is an action done is desperation, obsession over trivial
little things. 
LeatherWitch says:   18 January 2012   407597  
don't call me 'dear'. I don't understand anything that you said at
all. All you do is fill spaces in your sentences, when you can not
think of anything to say, with big words an google definition. if you
think that she is being 'petty' why did you not just stop comenting?
its because you hav nothing better to do with your boring, useless
life than sit an criticize things other peoples have to say for 'not
being correct' when actualy she makes perfect sense and it was said in
a joking way. 
north says:   18 January 2012   392617  
I really enjoy how you try and insult what I say. ^^ Your insults fall
on deaf ears though, I'm afraid.

Not a whole lot of google involved darling, if I don't know what a
word means, I just don't use it. A monumental achievement, when you
look at some other people!

My entire above argument on the nature of slavery is completely valid,
and I know that, I knew it before I posted it. You only served to
reaffirm that, when you brewed up some half-baked insult for it. I
thank you for that!

My life isn't actually all that boring, I just enjoy correcting
people. Everybody has their quirks, and correcting people when they
make mistakes in the run of ethics and moralities just so happens to
be one of mine.

Though, if you'd like to not understand something someone says, read
your own replies. c:! I swear, they're near cryptic!

Not trying to say I'm a nice person. I am not, and I admit it.
I'm just saying that she is wrong. 
Bootheghost says:   18 January 2012   132789  
Why does it matter if children are on here? This argument is brought
up everytime and I have never understood why it's relevant.

Don't like what you see on the Internet? Don't look. But there is
absolutely no need to employ censorship on the Internet.

Go support SOPA or something.
north says:   18 January 2012   747338  
Another voice of logic!~ 
Bootheghost says:   18 January 2012   371838  
Also, learn the definition of "slavery". I think you'll find that
no-one is being sold, or selling people, for money on this website.

What you're observing is something called fetishism. Which is natural.
Normal. And completely legal on the Internet - and in real life - at
the moment.

Please also refer to the disclaimer on the front page of Kupika. This
isn't a website for kids.

Surprising really, because you all act like it.
Bootheghost says:   18 January 2012   888623  
True story bro.  
Nook wonders:   18 January 2012   887572  
It appears that I have stumbled across a situation I am all
to familiar with - though I was curious as to when there would be an
issue compelling enough for my opinion to be voiced once again.

Friends, I agree quite whole-heartedly with the two of you, and as an
activist in the current activism against SOPA (thankyou kindly for
drawing the link between such issues as this and such artciles as
that, my dearest Bootheghost, I was reminded, quite potently,
of a quotation from Dick Cavett:
Censorship feeds the dirty mind more than the four-letter word itself.
Please consider such wise words, children. The removal of such sexuality and fetishism (again, a good choice of word, my friend) would have little result, for you cannot truly control the Interent, and more specifically, who comes and goes on this website. Rid yourself of some, and a tenfold more will simply replace them instantaneously. North, my friend, you also raise an apt point about the definition of sexual slavery, which, of course, is not what is occuring here. This is purely, and simply, an example of teenagers exploring their developing sexuality. Can you really condemn that? I think not.
LeatherWitch says:   18 January 2012   772208  
I was not trying to insult you, I am being honest. I realy don't care
anymore, I know what she means. I was not saying that I do not
understand to be rude, I don't speak English to well, ignorant idiot. 
north says:   18 January 2012   737638  
I condemn nothing but intentional ignorance dear. c:

If you don't speak it well, don't try to school me on it. I've got a
tremendous grasp on the English language and a vocabulary large enough
to sink a ship, if you don't speak it well, where in the first place
did you get the initial audacity to tell me that I made no sense and
were using big words without knowing their meanings, when you
admittedly do not speak it well.

However, thanks for shutting the door on all probability that I was
Nook says:   18 January 2012   779069  
Infantile rudeness is both amusing and saddening for me. I
cannot comprehend how our generation has expanded so that no-one has
respect for their fellow activists and opinionists. Perhaps "expand"
is the incorrect terminology for my thought. "Derail", perhaps a more
apt word.

Might I suggest that the use of the term "ignorant idiot" is rather
irrelevant - an over-reaction, so to speak. 
Nook says:   18 January 2012   256926  

Forgiveness, my friend. I did not mean to suggest that you condemn
developing sexuality. I meant to suggest that to the author of this
diary, but it appears I have suffered from a formatting error in my

Please not let there be conflict between us (unless you wish so, for I
am more than keen to open up debate on most subjects).

The shame. 
LeatherWitch says:   18 January 2012   814695  
I know it well enough to know that you just throw in random words to
make yourself seem intelligent when actually you are just an idiot who
takes something so simple and turns it into something that is hugely
at fault. You were incorrect. 
north says:   18 January 2012   377377  
Oh no, I respect you, and the little I know of your values, they're
wholesome ones, at least in my eyes. Mistakes can be made, and when
forgiveness is asked by those who deserve it, I'll grant it time and
time again.

Of course. I'm all for developing ones sexuality, I do however prefer
people do it a bit privately. Though, who am I to judge? I'm just one
set of eyes, with a single brain. 
north says:   18 January 2012   993245  
Would you please give it a rest with calling me unintelligent? I know
what ever word I use is, and I assure you I talk like this in person,
and it's not to sound intelligent. It's because I read far to much,
and I've gotten such words practically glued inside my head.

Give it a rest kid, I don't want to argue with you. 
north says:   18 January 2012   973909  
every*. Again with forgetting the y! 
Nook says:   18 January 2012   108577  

You are digging yourself an inescapable hole here. I do not recommend
persuing this conflict any further, because you are facing a far more
adequate advocate in my friend here.

Consider the fact that there are people out there who talk and type
with such literary composure and excellent, eloquent articulacy. These
people are a type that you might not be familiar with... they are
smart people.

Oh. Maybe that was a little below the belt, even for me?

Hmm. No. 
north says:   18 January 2012   783029  
too* Again with typing too fast and not hitting my letters. For
north says:   18 January 2012   828760  
At least it served to provide me a grin, even if below the belt?

You're correct in saying what you did though! We're a rare breed, you
and I. 
LeatherWitch says:   18 January 2012   756942  
It's because you know it is true c:
If anything you are the kid. 
Nook says:   18 January 2012   377431  
Sir, you are sadly mistaken, for you are the smart one of the
two of us. I merely am a humble troll.

I would include an emoticon in my comment, but alas, I feel that such
an addition destroys the persona I have tried to build over these many
years I have been wandering the dark and murky depths of this

But I am glad that I am of amusement.

Sadly, I am not wearing a belt.

Now, that is out of character... 
Nook says:   18 January 2012   462730  
That truly depends on the definition of a "kid".

With the concept of age, yes, the majority of you members are
children. (I, sadly, am not, but that is a different story.)

But if we're using the meaning of "kid" in regard to behaviour...
well, can you not predict what I might say on this matter?

You are making a big deal out of something you are losing, sorely.
xC85NBx says:   18 January 2012   709541  
You say you read a lot; never read anything about unpretentiousness? 
True intelligence is knowing how to use knowledge; otherwise you're
just a fuckin autistic superbrain who is able to count cards.
If you would be so great you wouldn't make a big deal out of a silly
thread and certainly you wouldn't brag about how fantastic you are. 
Nook says:   18 January 2012   112649  
Do I detect an essence of discrimination here? Perhaps.

Maybe jealously. Yes, that is more apt. 
LeatherWitch says:   18 January 2012   750396  
I did not think of this as an arguement , whether I win or lose, I
have made my point about this few comments up. You contradict
north says:   18 January 2012   969411  
Unless of course, I'm on an anonymous online website, looking for a
Take your own advice deary, and learn to spell while you're at it.

Not quite, it's because you keep making the same point, that's been
shot down and you've retreated from the same fight with your tail
between your legs. It's a bit annoying really. Learn. Makes life a
nicer place.

Oh no, you do have some intelligence!
No one is equal in anything, though you're still intelligent. You have
logic. It's valuable. 
Nook says:   18 January 2012   472694  
An argument? Did my hands ever type that word?

I do not care, truly, of any matter. I care only for your reaction.
And, joy! You people become wound-up so very easily! 
north says:   18 January 2012   899535  
And bingo was his name-o! 
xC85NBx says:   18 January 2012   916495  
You are just two stupid fuckin wannabe bullies.
Get a life!
@leatherwitch   leave these boring nimrods talkin to themselves here.
I'm over and out - too boring 
LeatherWitch says:   18 January 2012   764749  
And you don't keep stating the same point?
It is irrelevant. 
Nook says:   18 January 2012   659383  
Wannabe? I think not, friend. I do not aim to be anything, for
I am perfectly comfortable in my own self.

I also believe comments about "getting a life" as you so uneloquently
phrase it, are irrelevent also. Do you know about me, and my life?
Truly, you do not. So any judgements over my livelihood are... well,

Goodness gracious, you should really "get a life". 
LeatherWitch says:   18 January 2012   652407  
No but you implied it with the word 'win'.
Nop, this whole thing does not bother me tbh 
xC85NBx says:   18 January 2012   253107  
huhuh yh i cant spelllll
good point - man are you sad 
Nook says:   18 January 2012   367133  

Stating the same point works. It will effectively spread a message
that even penetrates into your thick skull.

Oh my, such directness, I am not known for. 
north says:   18 January 2012   730418  
Not a bully. I'm... how did you put it? 
I"m a Pretentious autistic superbrain, and my friend nook, is simply a
troll, by admission.

I repeat the same fact that continues to be the dominant factor in the
discussion, when something is a fact, you present it time and time
again against the insistent falsehoods. It's how things are done. 
Nook says:   18 January 2012   564394  
My words are always open for discussion, I cannot deny.
Interpet as you will, I cannot stop you once my words are in the
public domain.

I feel sympathetic that you must amuse yourself with things like that,
however. Though, then again, look at the things I amuse myself with?
So interesting, really. 
LeatherWitch says:   18 January 2012   943412  
Well, you cannot have much of a life by the look of it. 
LeatherWitch says:   18 January 2012   517619  
each to their own, I guess. 
Nook says:   18 January 2012   966848  
 View my comment above, addressed to the other one (I cannot be
bothered to quote his username here, so you might just have to scroll
up a little).

Your comment is invalid because you know absolutely nothing about me.
Everything that can be gathered about my person, that I have released
on this website, is, very simply, a lie. All of it.

I am completely and utterly an anomaly. Incognito. Unidentifiable.

I could be male, or female. Ten, or fifteen, or twenty, or older. What
is my education status? My job? Where am I from? (That last on
perhaps, more obvious by my diction.)

You know nothing. 
LeatherWitch says:   18 January 2012   700904  
You hardly know anything about me, you contradicted yourself agan.

like xC85NBx  said, you are boring. 
I am going to sleep now so goodnight ._. 
north says:   18 January 2012   687243  
His debate style is interesting isn't it? Such blind faith in
Nook says:   18 January 2012   550128  
 Did I claim to know anything about you? I did not.

Consider your arguements carefully should you wish to respond. I care
not. I am becoming increasingly bored... my attention span is somewhat
limited, I must admit.

He is simply a child who has not yet gained enough experience to
coherently form arguments as of yet. Can we ope that it is something
time will heal? We can, but that is truly what is "blind".

It is a sad day when these young people are not willing to strive to
be better, to win their case, or prove their point, or stand up for
what they believe in. If this user, this LeatherWitch had any
conviction, any substance, he would not have backed away whilst we, or
at least I, still revelled in glory and trollful glee. I wish that one
day, more people would be willing to learn, just like I was back in
the day - dare I say I was not a particularly appealing person in my
early years of Kupika, opting to use chatspeak and lacking proper
grammar and general adequacy as a human being. But I wanted to learn,
to become a better person, and so I asked to be taught.

I will be the most happiest when I am asked for help in becoming
masterful, dare I even use that word when describing my skills. I have
not yet achieved mastery, yes, I am certain. It's a far off goal. But
I am a significantly more developed individual, even capable of
overshadowing the one who taught me how to be an underworld dweller.

Should you not understand my riddles, you should probably be aware
that this is not my main account on this website, and merely an alias.
I am a lot older than the two years displayed on this Nook
profile. I am merely practising the art of taking on a character, and
making it convincing.

Adieu, friends. 
Bootheghost says:   19 January 2012   349592  
Where is my "like" button? 
‹})i({ look, a butterfly› says:   30 August 2012   750495  
I have been on here since I was ten. I purposly made two accounts to
do this kind of stuff. I just have strict rules that go with it
Your_Worst_Nightmare says :   11 September 2012   856658  
o.e One account isn't enough for you? 

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