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Stolen from Childhood a long time agoCategory: (general)
Friday, 23 December 2011
07:25:21 PM (GMT)
About Kupika!:D	Category: People New to Kupika
Wednesday, 9 June 2010
12:24:09 AM (GMT)


Moody Goths with their hair pulled down over one eye.Weird kids dressed as sexually
frustrated ninjas.Machine gun wielding jocks with faux-hawks brandishing bottles of
beer.Undeveloped ugly girls, sucking lolipops in sports bras.Bare-chested suburban
gangsta-wannabes in bandanas.Idiots.Visogoths.Losers.This is the Kupika community-and
Kupika narcissist spend days taking photo after photo in the bathroom
mirror or from strange angels above their heads.In search of the perfect shot that
makes, them look less like the person they so detest.Then they crank up the contrast,
edit out the acne and paint in the missing teeth.If anybody looks bad in their kupika
pictures, then you know they must be really ugly in real life, and any girl without a
full body shot is almost certainly fat.Remember never look directly at the camera,
always tilt the head and pout like you are trying to squeeze out a 3-day-baked turd.


You used to have to invest time and energy to make friends.Kupika has changed all
that.This isn't social networking-it's an online bath house.It's a popularity war,
and you're losing.From the moment you register on Kupika, boosting your friend count
becomes your sole goal in life.Begin with real friends, then friends of friend, then
people you were at elementary school with, then anybody you have exchanged eye
contact with at any point in your life and then just start begging total strangers to
'add you'.Soon you'll be adding any old pervert to your friends list if it means
keeping up with that bitch who sits next to you in science class.If you whore
yourself enough and get enough 'friends', you might even become a celebrity (i.e you
get to do porn or have a llama shit on you on a reality tv show).That's how fame
works nowadays. Remember, always try to misspell friend-frend and freind both work
well.Grammar and spelling is irrelevant.This is the internets.


Comments are the new currency for the online generation.Without them, your existence
in Kupika soon starts to feel meaningless.Seasoned kupikans have been known to get
suicidal if they recieve less than 50 comments a day.In Kupika, there's no need for
ice-breakers - you can fly straight in with a filthy opener like ''I wanna hump
you''.You can have deep conversations with your friends like ''Uh okay?'',''Yeah
kewl''.Comments make you feel loved.It's not like you're going to walk up to someone
in the street and ask them repeatedly if they think you're hot.In Kupika, you
can.Persistence is the key to success.Send out constant bulletins asking people to 
'NeWpicspLzZzzZcmMMtubiTcHLOL!!!!''.Comments allow old men to shower niave girls with
flattery, in the hope that one will be insecure enough to let them come over while
her parents are at the store. Comments are the bread and butter of the Kupika
experience.Do whatever it takes to get them.Remember use LOL and the caps lock as
much as possible........

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