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Stolen from a strangers Diary which was stolen from FB ^^Category: Quizzz
Friday, 23 December 2011
04:29:28 AM (GMT)
1. Do you sleep in your bra?
I used too, major mistake -sigh-

2. Does your dad know you like boys yet?
LOL sadly -snicker-

3. Do you enjoy drama?
Heck noooooooo... unless your speaking of musicals/plays and such

4. Are you a girly girl?
Hmm... more of a Goodie goodie

5. Are you short?
For a girl? No, I'm pretty average

6. Do you like somebody?
Yup. Me and my foolish heart xD

7. Where is the weirdest place you have slept?
On a washing machine Q_Q

8. Has anyone touched/smacked your butt in the past 24 hours?
Nope! Totally anti-social during long breaks like this.


9. What color is the bra that you're wearing?
Purple and gray xD

10. Do you prefer light or dark haired guys?
Light haired but it doesn't matter that much to me

11. Do you have a best friend?
PFFFFFFT!!!!... yes.

12. Have you ever had your heart broken?
Yup, havn't we all?

13. Do you have more friends that are girls or boys?
Girls for the most part

14. How long have you had a Facebook?
About a year now

15. Have you ever slapped a boy in the face?
Yes, form a scene in a musical I did

16. What are your biggest fears?
Oh we just had to bring up this one xD Hights, deep water, darkness, blood, pain,
spiders, insects, akward moments, tension, and the Ocean Q,Q

17. Have you ever had a good feeling about something?
Yes, but normally it's a bad feeling. They seem to be stronger

18. Do you ever wish you were famous?
A few times in Middle school but not anymore

19. Are you currently missing someone?

20. Eyeliner or mascara?
Eyeliner on my top lid sometimes, but I use Mascara more

21. Pink or black?
.... I wear black more than pink but I like the colour pink better

22. Pumps or flats?
Flats <33

23. Skirts or pants?
If I could, I'd pick skirts but I wear jeans alot more

24. Socks or leggings?

25. Hoodies or jackets?
Hoodies <3 They're so warm ^w^

26. Heels or sneakers?

27. Straight or curly hair?
Curly, straight hair is over rated xD

28. White or black?
White... just as a colour right..?

29. Smoothies or lattes?
LATTES!!!! Yumm..

30. Diet or regular sodas?
Regular!! Diet sucks gum drops O_o

31. Pearls or diamonds?
Neither, but I'd want Diamonds more if I was a billionare or something

32. iPod or cell phone?
Ipod man =3

33. Friends or family?
Family <3

34. Lip gloss or lip stick? 
Both, but I use Lip gloss alot more

I could of made this alot funnier if It wasn't 3:30 AM at the moment =____=

siatwin says:   24 December 2011   960820  
aww poor tay tay.She slept in her bra.Per Tay tay  chest XD I did
that for awhile as well.Like.A month XD
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› cries:   25 December 2011   686487  
LOL xDD It really didn't do anything but slow my growth a bit....
embaressing to say O,O But yeah, I'm 15 and I'm bairly a B now -_-
siatwin says:   25 December 2011   815586  
Ik tay tay.Hey,at least George isn't reading this XD....I sorta feel
bad because it did nothing except me hurt and stunt me for like a
month  I'm almost a C so XDD Poor Tay tay~!!
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› says:   25 December 2011   502748  
LOL It's alright!! I wore it to bed as soon as I started wearing them
because I was a lazy bumm and didn't want to take them off at night
xDD So now I never wear them to sleep. OMG I'd have to kick George
outta here if he commented on my old nightly bra tendencies xDDD But
George is nice(ish) so I won't worry about it. LUCKY!! My mom has a
giant cheast -headslap- Where did I go wrong xD
siatwin says:   25 December 2011   791330  
Dude you had me laughing so hard I was crying as I read that so my
sis came in all mad that I made her pause Skyrim XDDD   I think we
freak George out.I used to be a lazy bum as well V.V My poor chest
payed the price.It wasn't just stunted.IT HURT~!!xd
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings:   25 December 2011   158411  
WOOP!!! Funniness makes me all emotional xDD I think we do xD But I
also think he's just the type of person to.... how do I word this
Q,Q/// LOL My cheast used to hurt... now it doesn't anymore TwT
BeautifulMistakes says:   25 December 2011   598044  
You always make my day Tay tay andImma help:
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› says:   25 December 2011   681527  
LOL XDDDD I don't think they're listening!!!  -Huffle- They never
doooo!!!!!! Although I am taking vitamins for breast health, and
they've grown quite a bit during this year, so I really hope they'll
continue to grow!! (Can you believe in March I was an A 34 and Now I'm
a B something??!! I'm so happy xD)
siatwin says:   26 December 2011   482902  
Wow..I needa try that~!!!But I can believe that.I went from a 34 A to
36 B.In a half month O_o I dunno what I did that worked XD
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings:   26 December 2011   303957  
OMG!!!! I totally NEED that to happen to me!!!!!! I thought a few
times maybe if I try and eat alot I'd have more fat for them to grow,
but I'm afriad it would disturb my weight. The vitamins I take are a
certain type of D... I'll have to check but I know it's D ^^ If I'm
still really small after I turn 18, I'll buy some stuff to take to
help the hormones kick back up and get them to grow again, but I'm
never getting plasic surgery. I don't wanna be fake you know?? =/
siatwin says:   26 December 2011   998221  
Totes dude.Totes.Also if you get fake boobs,you'll die in high
elevations.It'll make the plastic stuff go boom so you explode :D Also
they say(No matter how awkward this seems,it works.)if
you mess with you boobs and do like a boob massage and stuff for like
5 minutes at least it stimulates growth and works REALLY
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings:   26 December 2011   455959  
-GASP!!!!- SERIOUSLY???!!!!!!!
-slowly looks down-
You don't saaaay???
-snickers- I shall keep that in mind xD
EXPLODE???!! Another reason to add to my list Q,Q
siatwin says:   27 December 2011   737273  
yes yo' Ta ta's will go BOOM BOOM and  everyone will be  covered in
your boob blood~!!!!!!
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings:   29 December 2011   736489  
-shiver- That's not a pretty picture... -pukeface- 
LOLLLL OKAY OKAY I'll try my best xDDD Hmm... so if just 5 minuets is
enought I wonder what 15 would dooo....
BeautifulMistakes says:   29 December 2011   532021  
15 would be fine Tay tay~! AND I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE ON *glomps*
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings:   29 December 2011   488915  
.. exept I missed you 'cause I was Role Playing for a straight 3
NUUU!!!! -sobbbb-

siatwin says:   29 December 2011   821454  
Lawls Taylor.Lawls.
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings:   29 December 2011   983043  
Your baaaack!!!! ^-^ I keep sleeping in until noon =__= I got in
trouble today cause I was suppose to get up with my six year old
brother.... woops  lol
siatwin says:   29 December 2011   720380  
Lol FAIL~!
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings :   30 December 2011   819042  
I KNOW!!!!!!! XDDD Now.. I have to do it AGAIN!!!!!


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