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Jacked from someone I don't even know.Category: (general)
Sunday, 6 November 2011
12:20:41 AM (GMT)
Full Name: Shay B. That's all you get, bitch.
Eye Color: Brown. 
Hair Color:Ginger brown blond brown ginger. I'm not really sure.
Height: 5'2"
Shoe Size: 7.5/8
Heritage: Irish.
Zodiac Sign: Aries. xD I'm the creepy troll.

Sky Dived: Nurp.
Bungee Jumped: Nurp.
Gone out of the Country: Once. MY brother took a shower, walked naked to the big
balcony window at the hotel, pressed his ass against the glass, and yelled, "TAKE
Beaten Someone Up: Probably.
Killed an Animal: Nah.            
Swam in the Ocean: Yes.
Broke the Law: Probably a ton for trespassing. And driving in a public area without a
liscence or permit. xD
Smoked: No.
Chewed Tobacco: GROSS.
Drank: Not technically.
Been Kissed: Almost, but no. Soon, though. Very soon.
Been In Love:Back then, I though so. But that wasn't real. I think this is, though.
Dumped Someone: No.
Been Dumped: It was mutual. But he started it, so yeah, I guess.
Broken Someone's heart: I hope not.
Had Your Heart Broken: Not really no.
Liked Someone: Are you fucking kidding me. OF COURSE, YOU NUBSLURPING FUCKPOD.
Broken A Bone: Yup.
Had Surgery: Yup.
Had an X-ray or MRI: Yeah. Of my arm when I broke it, and when I was really young, of
my head, but my mom denies it now.
Failed a Class: No.

Color: Purple.
Food: There are so many... I know I'm a fatass.
Drink: COFFEE.
Snack: Cold Chinese food. I could live off that shit.
Cereal: Cinnamon toast crunch (with milk), Reeses puffs (without milk)
Ice Cream: Cake batter.
Candy: Kinder Happy Hippos, SourPatch watermelons, and Kit Kat bars.
Restaurant: Anything Chinese.
Fast Food Place: McDonalds or Wendy's, but no Burger King. 
Store: Hot Topic<3
Animal: Wombet/Cat/Unicorn/Jackolope/Bunny
Quote: You drive me batshit up the motherfucking belfry.
Sport To Play: If I were forced onto a team, soccer or basketball.
Sport To Watch: HOCKEY<33333
Movie: I don't get to watch movies anymore. =A=''
TV Show: Ohh, tough one.
Type Of Music: All of it.
Band: Asking Alexandria, 5FDP, Uhh... there's a shit ton.
singer: Ingred Michealson, Ed Sheeran, the girl I saw tonight who's last name I
Song: These days by Foo Fighters.

Pepsi or Coke: What's the fucking difference?
Vanilla or Chocolate: Twist.
Cake or Ice Cream: I like them mixed. Not ice cream cake, but literally cake that's
been drowned in melting ice cream.
McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds.
Love or Money: Oh jesus. Love. Totally.
Music or TV: MUSIC.
Cat or Dog: Don't make me choose. 
Mom or Dad: Dad's a douche, and mom doesn't seem to want me around anymore sooo...
Auntie Julie.
Truck or Car: Truck; I can see over the dashboard.
Ocean or Lake: Lake.
Yahoo or Hotmail: Hotmail.
Google or AJ: That the fuck is AJ? Google straight up.
Light or Dark: Dark.
Country or City: Both.
Rain or Sunshine: Rain all year, except winter. Then I want snow. Lots and lots of

First Thing You Notice: Smile and eye color.
Personality or Looks: Personality, though looks are a nice little side dish. They
don't matter much, they just go nice with the meal.
Hair Color: Doesn't matter to me.
Eye Color: I don't care. I have a thing for brown or green eyes, though.
Short or Tall: I like tall, but I have short. It doesn't make a difference to me,
Romanic or Spontaneous: Combine them both, and you have us.
Sense of Humor or Sweet: Both. He has both. <3
Hook up or Relationship: Relationship. Hook-ups are for whores.

Feeling: Weird. Not sick, but not sleepy. Not happy, but not sad. 
Listening To: A fan.
Wanna: Kiss Armen.
Doing: This. And reading Homestuck.
Thinking About: Armen and how I'm supposed to go about kissing him, what I'll be
doing within the next three hours, when I'll be getting my homework done, who's the
next troll to be introduced in Hivebent, why didn't I just stay in the truck during
mass today, I shouldn't have finished off that sandwich, I really want the bottle of
orange cream soda in the fridge.
Wearing: Furry Grinch pajamas and a Florida teeshirt.
In Love: I do believe so. 
Single: Nope(:
Best Friends: Gabby, Kyle, Stacy, Vanner, Armen, and Tayla.

Career: Psychologist/Musician/Bartender/Sandwiches.
Marriage: No husband. I'd end up like my mom and marry the wrong guy. Refunds are
expensive when it comes to marriage.
Kids: As much as I love them, I want to adopt one. That's it.
House: 2 stories, top floor is a loft, 2 bathrooms, three bedrooms.

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