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Life is goodCategory: (general)
Sunday, 2 October 2011
03:24:26 PM (GMT)
I always have a good time with my family and friends ,thank goodness I didn't return
to Oklahoma ,to be honest I felt alone depress and I miss my family and friends ,so
lucky to have wonderful parents ,they mean so much to me ,my sisters Laurie and
Steffi are awesome ( ok they have the evil side but still love them ) my high school
friends been there for me and they are happy I stay in California ,I guess God do
things for a purpose if it wasn't for that car accident I had last year in December I
probably still be  in Norman all sad and depress ,well all that is in the past and I
made a new account and happy to have good friends here on Kupika and looking forward
to find old friends too ,I love my life and I love you guys in real life and online
you guys mean so much to me ,thank you for being there for me  

‹[~*~Melting-Hearts~*~]› says:   2 October 2011   372336  
i am super glad things turned out great!  
thunderphoenix says:   2 October 2011   963560  
thank you dear ,cos of friends like you I smile loads :D 
‹[~*~Melting-Hearts~*~]› says:   2 October 2011   640538  
awwwwwwwwww  that is so sweet!
<3 <3
thunderphoenix says:   2 October 2011   679520  
Dude you're awesome never change ^^ 
‹[~*~Melting-Hearts~*~]› says:   2 October 2011   271519  
awwww *blushes* thank you

you are awesome too and im sure you wont change 
thunderphoenix says:   2 October 2011   558785  
I'm just being me deary ,love my friends so yeah ,feel loved too bff
‹[~*~Melting-Hearts~*~]› says:   2 October 2011   527544  
i do feel loved  thank you
thunderphoenix says:   2 October 2011   193882  
Good I'm glad cos I care so much for you my friend  
‹[~*~Melting-Hearts~*~]› says:   2 October 2011   944124  
aww  and i care so much about you too 
mr. Perfect
thunderphoenix says:   2 October 2011   952294  
hehehe naah I ain't perfect I have my flaws like any guy but thanks
for being so nice to me deary :D 
‹[~*~Melting-Hearts~*~]› says:   2 October 2011   892218  
well you seem perfect  and your welcome buuut im just telling you
the truth 
thunderphoenix says:   2 October 2011   597001  
I'm just being me ,just a good friend to you deary ,I love making my
friends happy  
‹[~*~Melting-Hearts~*~]› says:   3 October 2011   411352  
well you sure got me happy lol 
thunderphoenix says:   3 October 2011   346979  
I'm glad I do :D 
‹[~*~Melting-Hearts~*~]› says:   3 October 2011   469629  
thunderphoenix says:   3 October 2011   625580  
you so sweet :D 
‹[~*~Melting-Hearts~*~]› says:   3 October 2011   832448  
awwwww thank you! 
but you are more 
thunderphoenix says:   3 October 2011   396130  
of course I am sweet to my friends :D 
‹[~*~Melting-Hearts~*~]› says:   3 October 2011   639252  
:D yay!!!
thunderphoenix says:   3 October 2011   836124  
you my friend :D 
‹[~*~Melting-Hearts~*~]› says:   4 October 2011   925939  
yeah i know because your very sweet 
‹Sweet parent› says:   3 November 2011   942635  
I'll be here for you 
thunderphoenix says:   4 November 2011   925728  
you always have Rachel ,thanks best friend ^^ 
‹Sweet parent› says:   4 November 2011   891176  
Awe welcome  
Yourmyone123 says :   7 March 2016   892227  
 'so sweet


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