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Shout out to all you "fatties"Category: (general)
Wednesday, 21 September 2011
10:26:38 PM (GMT)
You are 5'8, 110lbs.
You are 4'11, 87lbs. 
You are 6'1, 120lbs. 

Whatever you weigh, you are not fat.
You don't even know what It's like.

I was when I was 4'11, I weighed 93-106. 
That was considered overweight in 5th-6th grade (Though the meanness started in 3rd
And yes, I was chubby. 
And yes, people were cruel to me about it. 
These were their exact words:  "You're a walking meatball!!" "Don't touch me with
those blubber fingers!" 
"You are fat and ugly" "If you get on that trampoline, you'll break it!" "Move, ugly
"The only job you'll ever get is the 'before' picture in fat commercials" "You can't
fit through there? Wow" 

And so on, and so on.. (That second to last one was creative to be honest) 

When I was a 7th grader, I weighed 115.
I was still 4'11 I believe but I grew to 5'0 that same year.
This is where puberty was getting ready to kick in (Got my period the Summer before
8th grade)
Due to that fact, I was beginning to notice the opposite
sex. This is where I got my first real crush. It was huge. I tried to make myself 
look pretty for him to notice me in our 3 classes we had together (No makeup
involved, just clothes)
and this boy just completely broke down the little I had left of my self-esteem. Him
and all my other
peers in 7th grade. I was called ugly, weird, and the infamous fat. 
"She's skinnier than you, no offence" "You really need to lose some weight" "Stop
eating so much or you'll get fatter"
"You're ugly and you'll never have a boyfriend!" 

Those are some comments I got. 
Self-esteem, gone. 7th grade. 
The year my self-esteem ran away from me. Chased away. Gone. 

8th grade. 5'0, 102lbs. 
Apparently, I lost a lot of weight that Summer according to friends. 
I was still called ugly but the fat comments were reduced to almost nothing at all. 
I was called other crap but that's not important. 

High school. Freshmen, 5'1 110lbs
I was surprised when boys started to notice my existence and called me
hot, cute, sexy, attractive, beautiful, pretty and, big shocker skinny.
Girls complimented me a lot too. 
My problem? 

As you might recall, all the bullying had broken down my self-esteem. 
Every day when I get complimented on how pretty I am, I don't believe it. 
In my fat/ugly years, it was tattooed in my head that I was fat and ugly

When I complain about being fat, I get yelled at. 
When I complain about being ugly, I get "Omg!!" sighs and glares. 

Compliments. My brain repels them. 
I worry every day. I'm self-conscious. 
I cry whenever I see a really pretty girl. 
I'm afraid of cameras. Everything. 
My self-esteem is literally at the bottom of hell and when it
wants to come back to me, it falls again because the ghosts of bully's past
push it off. 

Now a Sophomore. 5'1-in-a-half, 110-118 (It changes a lot due to the fact that I'm a
A lot of boys tell me I'm one of the most attractive girls in school and that I
should shut up. 
Girls want to punch me in the face when I complain about myself. 

The point is, stop complaining if you have never had a bad, sad experience.

Have you ever walked in the halls or to a party or family reunion and 
people point out how fat you are? And make you cry? And make you feel like a
worthless piece of shit?

You're beautiful. 
All of you. 
Please, please, please don't let anybody tell you otherwise. 
And please, don't make young girls feel bad either.
It stays with us. It really does
Last edited: 21 September 2011

‹EvilSpaceSpaghetti› says:   21 September 2011   776784  
People called me ugly and weird and akward looking all the way up to
freshman year, and now the only reason people notice me is my boobs.
tiffany_toxicity says:   21 September 2011   872276  
within the last year, i went from 220 to 128. 
just the other day i was at walmart parking lot with a group of
friends trying to find some puppies a home. one of the guys made a
fat-kid joke and i immediately got offended. stuff from the past
REALLY DOES leave its mark.
Thosefloralprintedhearts says:   21 September 2011   914105  
This is why I hate bully's. Youre beautiful, I love you, and your
beautiful. And Paige, we all know you're beautiful too. Ms"I got asked
to homecoming by god knows how many guys" so shhhhhh. <3
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   21 September 2011   492248  
I can't stand when girls get called
fat, ugly or any other insults. 
It's just.. 
Thosefloralprintedhearts says:   21 September 2011   316798  
"tell a girl she's beautiful and she'll believe it for a minute. Tell
a girl she's ugly and she'll believe it for a lifetime."
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   21 September 2011   247330  
tiffany_toxicity says :   21 September 2011   381278  
VERY true...


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