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Sunday, 18 September 2011
11:54:42 AM (GMT)
I wanna be famous for a couple reasons(:

1st Reason- I love to be on stage. Even though I'm afraid of what people will think
about when I'm performing. I will get stage fright but trust me.. that's the only
fear that I can ignore. I may be scared like shit when I walk on the stage but then I
think to myself; it doesn't matter what they think, as long as I think it's good then
I'll be fine. I think singing is more expressive than acting. Also singing, for me,
is much easier because you only have to learn words and sing them. Acting, which i
looovee, is learning many many many words and knowing how to say it and how long to
wait for someone to say their line. I would like to be a movie star and maybe a guest
appearance on a show. Not a Disney show, probably a Nickelodeon show or something.
Because I grew up with Nickelodeon and I've loved almost every show aired on it.
Disney has changed. No more Hannah Montana, no more The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, no
more old mickey mouse shows. It's all little kids trying to act like they're 20 and
Good Luck Charlie sucks. But back to the point; I would like to show the world how I
am. How I look, and how I lived my life. How did I survive all the pain inside me? 

2nd Reason- I sing in the car, in my room. I act in my room. I used to take magazines
of people in them and give them names. Then I would act out their lives. Then I would
take me magazines of houses and cars and say that's where they live. I was acting
ever since age 3 or 2 last time I remember. I always sang and danced to music. I'm
100% Greek, so Greek music would play. I always sang and danced to Kalomira, Helena
Paparizou, and Despina Vanthi. They were my favorite. I knew all their songs and
words. And I would give each song a dance move. When music played I would have to
sing to it. I can't just sit there unless I'm depressed or really mad. When I'm sad I
usually listen to depressing music like Avril Lavigne, Demi Lovato, or anything else
depressing. When I'm mad I would listen to something really loud because if I'm
angry, I get more annoyed when there's silence and tiny gentle sounds. I would listen
to Hollywood Undead, A Day to Remember, maybe some All Time Low, and a lot of other
LOUD songs. 

3rd Reason- I like almost every type of music. I like the Rap/Melody songs. I like to
sing fast or hold long notes that change their tune a bit. Not just laaaaaaaaaa,
something like llllaaaaaAAaaalalaaaa. Or something like that, hahaa. I would like to
sing rap songs, pop songs, or just both. They're my favorite types. I like to add
twists in songs like 'When I Look At You' by Miley Cyrus. Or some Demi Lovato songs.
I love the song 'Don't Forget' because a lot of people forgot about me. I also love
'Skyscraper' because I will rise like a skyscraper. Both songs are from Demi Lovato.
I'm very glad Demi Lovato left Disney. It didn't let her express herself a lot. 

4th Reason- People are very judgmental in my school. I'm growing up with the same
people. So whoever I was yesterday doesn't matter. Cause that's all they know me by.
The girl I was yesterday... Whoever I am today is just a figment now. Nobody cares.
Also I would love to just show them who I will be. If I'm very famous they'll see
what they ignored. Then when they see me I'll just look at them not knowing who they
are when really, inside me there's still your horrible memory. Also I would like to
be famous because this girl keeps copying everything I do! But I know she can't sing
or act. She gets stage fright and she's completely phony. But her voice isn't singing
material. No offence. But she copies things right in my face! She always acts like
I'm looking at her in class and then she just looks away and pretends to talk to
someone. Well guess what, when I'm on the big screen we'll see who's looking at who.
I just want to be something more than I already am right now. I won't get anywhere
with how many people hate me cause I don't smoke or do drugs. I'm sorry I'm not
perfect. But I just want to show people how successful I will be. And no one can take
it away from me. I will rise like a skyscraper and I will finally have the life I
always dreamed of. The life I never had.

Thanks for reading my famous reasons. (:
It's nice of you to go read through all that.  
Means a lot to me. (:
Please tell me what you think in the comments ^.^

If you want me to post a video of me singing, I'll be more than happy to (:

Thanks <3

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