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Sunday, 4 September 2011
09:54:23 PM (GMT)

Does not understand the point of the blog. It's stories about people getting out of their ignorant "weeaboo" phase. 1- Otaku is a insult in Japan. If you are in Japan and you say that people WILL harass you and it's a offensive term. If you're using the term Otaku in any other country IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. The meaning is still the same. 2- Not everyone on Weeaboo Stories is a anime or manga fan, or not anymore. 3- I hope you're trolling 4- The blog is not a hate blog. It already helped people get out of their ignorant "weeaboo" phase and helping others at the moment also. Goddess HELPS "weebs" 5- These stories ARE from people who went through their "weeaboo" phase. 6- It's a free country? Then Weeaboo Stories and Goddess DOES have a right to have the blog. 7- It's true that there are creepers at conventions. 8- True about the cosplay part. Some people do people put their all and some don't and it does take guts. You don't know if the one's on Weeaboo Stories are just ones they didn't work hard on or not. Some of the ones posted on Weeaboo Stories are GOOD and people do compliment them. 9- The drawings on Weeaboo Stories are 90% JOKE DRAWINGS. THEY'RE MEANT TO BE FOR FUN. 10- The blog is running on the majority of submissions. So don't blame Goddess. She's a nice person. It's for people to vent so she just approves the ones on the blog. 11- You guys are like 18. Bullshit. This is THE INTERNET. GROW THE FUCK UP AND MATURE SOME MORE. YOU GUYS ARE 18 AND 19. The majority on Weeaboo Stories are anime fans. I recommend you guys take the video off. 12- The way you comment to others is getting far ridiculous now. (It's perfectly fine to like and be interested in another culture but they are taking it WAY TOO FAR. "Un-Kawaii"? The fuck? Really?)
Last edited: 4 September 2011

‹burblegurm› says:   5 September 2011   355356  
I love weeaboo stories.

I believe the majority of us all went through a weeaboo phase and it's
fun to look back on it or friends we've gotten out of it. The term
"weeaboo" is fun to laugh at because at this point we all know it's a
bit of an insult to japanese culture. I've made weeaboo jokes, drawn
crack-ish weeaboo drawings to laugh at with friends but the internet
isn't srs business.

People'll always be dumb enough to not read when she says she doesn't
wanna hear their bs but I guess all we could let them do is get
butthurt and rage.
Xima writes :   6 September 2011   128480  
"Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance." -- Will Durant The quote seems quite suiting, considering that when these wapanese children learn more about Japan's culture rather than anime, then they start to see how silly they have been and grow into considerable anime fans who UNDERSTAND the japanese culture or however you'd like to put in a nice way. You know, the weeaboo stories reminded me of those obsessed twilight fan stories... I have to agree with @AddictedLikeProfanity , about all of us anime fans have had moments of being a complete weeaboo. I know for one, I was. I used to draw Naruto characters so much and would occasionally say "Kawaii" or "Sugoi" which wasn't "Kawaii" or "Sugoi" to say at the time. *sighs* I do love the Japanese culture and their traditions, but I won't speak it randomly, I want to learn it normally. On the side note: I adore Ghibli Studios not because of their anime drawings, but because of the moral story inside of it. Also, they DO have one movie they made that I recall in a cartoon fashion and would display a few famous quotes/haikus which was quite interesting. Sorry if I am getting off topic. So to put it simple; You can like something a lot, but there's a limit in how you like it.

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