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Monday, 25 July 2011
02:10:43 PM (GMT)
1. What's your favorite ice cream flavor? chocolate brownie. 2. Cable or Satellite? i don't know the difference. 3. Favorite video game? MarioKart. 4. Do you have to sleep with a fan on at night? Yes. 5. Your feelings on global warming? It's true. 6. Do you still have a VCR somewhere? Yes, in the living room. 7. Been on a sailboat? When i was a child. 8. Two of your best friends are fighting. Your reaction? I am neutral. 9. Home Depot or Lowes? Home Depot. 10. Beer or Hard Liquor? Hard Liquor. 11. Best movie you've seen recently? Green Lantern. but i want to see Captain America. 12. Would you walk across broken glass for $100? Depends how big the glass shards are. 13. Your feelings on dolphins? My Grandmother used to love them. 14. Would you ever rob a bank? Yes, if i didn't get caught. 15. Do you plan out your day before it begins? No, not really. Whatever happens, happens. 16. What kind of digital camera do you have? I have an iPod with a camera. but i need to get a real camera. 17. Can you fall asleep with your eyes open? No. 18. Winter or Summer? Winter. 19. Your ex's car breaks down and they ask you for a lift. Your response? Sure, why not. but, i don't know how he would get a hold of me, he doesn't have my phone number. 20. Your feelings on Brittney? um? My friend? 21. Do you go to the gym regularly? No. 22. Ever play with model trains? No. 23. You've just bought a new house. What color will you paint the walls in the living room? Blue or some colour of brown. 24. Best subject in school? lunch, and nap time. 25. What are your goals for this year? Go through school, not break anything, and not get into fight's. Also have as many sleepovers as i can. 26. Do you spread false rumors about people just for the hell of it? No. i'm not that mean. 27. Do you consider yourself religious? No, but i am a satanist. 28. Internet Explorer or Firefox? Google Chrome. 29. Ever play online poker? Yes. 30. For real money? no. 31. Describe the first house you lived in. The front door was green, and i remember that it was a one bedroom. and when i was really small, i used to walk across the hallway and play with the kids in the next apartment over. 32. Do you want to kick someone in the face right now? Sure, why not? 33. Favorite sport to watch? Football. 34. You see someone running around naked in the street. Your reaction? YEAH! 35. How much syrup do you put on your waffles and/or pancakes for breakfast? I don't like pancakes/waffles. 36. Favorite junk food? chips and soda. 37. Bottled water. Yes or no? yes. 38. Do you have a lot of candles in your room? i wish. my mum doesn't think i'm that responsible yet. i'm 15 years old woman. 39. Are the files in your computer well organized or all over the place? they're organized. 40. Are there dogs barking in your neighborhood right now? nope. 41. Where would you most like to be right now? with brittney, asking her questions. 42. Do you own a sleeping bag? i used to own an Aladin one, with Princess Jasmin and her tiger on the front. It was my favourite 43. UFC. Entertaining or stupid? St00p!d. 44. Favorite reality show? Gene Simmons Family Jewels. 45. What was the first CD you ever bought? I was actually given Now 23 by Ivy for my 13 birthday. That was my first c.d. ever. 46. Are all infomercials completely pointless? Yes. 47. Who should run for president in 2012? Someone really hot. 48. If money was no object, what car would you drive? Lamborghini. 49. Last 5 played songs in your iTunes playlist? 5. Our swords by Band of Horses 4. Pork and Beans by Weezer 3. Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven 2. Never Think by Robert Pattinson 1. Misery Business by Paramore 50. Was this survey random enough for you? Yes, yes it was.
Last edited: 9 August 2011

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