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Wednesday, 29 June 2011
02:41:53 PM (GMT)
Full name- Seraphim Sairento
warrior or shalom- Warrior
Are you a seedling, sprout or master- Master
personality- Cold and Respects anyone stronger than her.
likes- Tea and Reading
dislikes- Weak People and Perverts
history- Has been in training by a secret ninja clan for 3 years, so she didn't know
anyone at the village anymore since they all died in the last fight. She didn't show
any emotion after a few days, but eventually broke down. She vowed to kill anyone
associated with their deaths. She would train any newbie to fight as long as they
were her allies.

 Credit to: 'blackroseKJL' from DeviantArt

Full name- Kai (someone give me a last name)
warrior or shalom- Warrior
Are you a seedling, sprout or master. Seedling
personality- Shy but has an violent side when provoked
likes- Animals, Girls and books
dislikes- Stealing, Lying and Being bored
history- He was left in the forest by someone at the age of 2. He was found by wild
animals and trained to live alone. Until now he's hasn't met other people and never
speaks because he doesn't know how. He doesn't know what friendship or love is but
intends to find out.

Kai Lancaster~15~Martial Arts and Weapons Master

Sara Finox~9~Mind Reader

 Aiden Fey~16~ Forgotten Forever

Kai Lancaster~16~Just leave me alone.

Name: Kai Lancaster
Age: 16
Species: Human 
Origin: America
Accent: American?
Single?: Yes
Personality: He is often picked on because of his valedictorian status his freshman
and sophomore year, so he is a defensive person. He keeps his emotions inside, until
he can release them only in front of his sister or his best friend.
Other Info: Excels in cooking and musical arts, lives with Nora, his best friend and
knows that she is a vampire.

Name: Nora Steele (Seraphim Nox)
Age: 1000 years, appears 17
Species: Vampire
Origin: Holy Roman Empire
Accent: None
Single?: Yes
Personality: She's more of an introvert at sometimes, but loves to go hang out. She
probably the most reliable person, that is, if she trusts you. 

Other: Lives with Kai, and her best friend.

Full Name: Luke A. Lancaster
Birth Date: July 22, 1992
Age: 18
Race: Half-Angel 
Family: One sister
History: The parents were in a serious accident killing both of them. Send to
orphanage at the age of 3 with a sister at age of 1. Sister was kidnapped before the
reached the orphanage by demons. 

Job: A traveling medic
$economic$: Middle
Power(s): Ability to fly and heal
Likes: Animals and younger sister
Dislikes: Needles and blood

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Tan
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 120 pounds
Picture or Description:

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Cold and Collective but Shy and Loving when broken.

Name of student: Lucian Ephah
Date of birth: June 6

Personalities: Loner and Shy but is caring and loving when talked to. He can
become pissed when annoyed or provoked.
- Books
- Animals
- Cooking
-Being alone
History of the student: Lucian was all alone for most of his life. His parents
were on the run from the Angel and Demon realms because of his "illegal" birth. Just
before they left, they place him in the human world. Eventually the Angel and Demons
found Lucian at the age of 15 and was sent here to the Academy. They made a deal with
him. When he is 21, he has to make a choice between the Angel and Demon realms and in
return they will forgive the crimes of his parents.
Race: Half-Angel and Demon
Magical abilities: Heal anyone injuries and invisibility. 

Description of student's looks:Black hair and Blue eyes
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130lbs
Description of student's clothes: Button up short sleeve shirt with a light
jacket and Jeans.
Sample picture:

Nora Sparks~"Special" Human

Full Name: Lucian Ephah
Birth Date: 06/06/1996
Age: 14
Race: German
Family: A father and a brother.
Job: Weapons Instructor 
$economic$: Above Normal
Power(s): Martial Arts Master and Weapon Specialist.
Likes: Cooking and Cleaning
Dislikes: Girls(Has Gynophobia) and Magic

Eye Color: Bluish-Gray
Hair Color: Blond
Skin Color: White
Picture or Description:

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: A bit emotional and acts girly, but deep inside is a brave boy and
willing to stick up for anything.

Full Name: Aidan Lucian Fey 
Nickname: Aidan
Birth Date: 07/22/1993
Age: 17
Race: Magician
Family: Aidan was born into a family of geniuses. His mom and dad died of a cancer
they tried to cure when he was 9. When they died they left a note saying to go to the
basement and open up the shoebox. He found a another note inside. It was a number to
a magician well-known in the wizardry community. He called it and was instantly
transported to Merlin's house.
Job: Apprentice Magician 
$economic$: Low-middle
Power(s): Magic and ability to calculate all possibilities.
Likes: Books, Cooking, magic, and music
Dislikes: Jerks, Idiots and ketchup.

Eye Color: Hazel (I think)
Hair Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
Picture or Description:

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Cold and a bit jerk-ish, but is always a gentleman.

Name: Kai Lancaster
Age: 18/200
Grade: Senior
Sex: Male
Orientation: Straight 
Occupation: Librarian 
Species: Fallen Angel
Origin: Northern France
Accent: None
Languages: English, French, and Ancient Greek and Roman
Abilities: Able to find any type of supernatural being in a 20 mile radius and can
Weapons: Sniper Rifle and Twin Desert Eagles
Likes: Kids and Music
Dislikes: Liars and Wanna-bes
Personality: Gentle and harmless to anyone that is fragile and can die easily. Deadly
and unforgiving to anyone that hurt the harmless.

Full name; Kai Aiden Lancaster
Nickname/s; Aiden
Gender; Male
Age; 17

Date of Birth; July 22, 1994
Place of Birth; New Orleans, Louisiana
Previous place of residing before being sent to the unknown; New Orleans, Louisiana
Sexuality; Heterosexual
Career/Talent; Cook at an Asian Restaurant.
Power; Water; This person is often calm, and can clear their mind of worry.

Hair description; Dark Brown
Eye description; Brown
Height; 6'3"
Weight; 140 pounds
Tattoos; [If any.] None
Piercings; [If any.] None
Typical clothing; School Uniform
Anything else; Very Athletic. 
(the picture is 345x460, so can you resize it?)

Personality; Kai is a cool, calm teenager on the exterior, but is soft and mushy on
the inside. During school, he puts on a mask and ignores most of the people around
him. He occasionally helps people pick up dropped books or stop some bulling.  Though
when he is alone, he reads romance novels and watches chick flicks, often crying to
them.  Also, he is too nice to hold a grudge and tries to move on from things that
happen around him. 
Strength; Cooking, Playing the Violin, Sleeping and Martial Arts.
Weaknesses; Girls, His emotions, Bugs, and Clowns
Interests/Hobbies; Reading, Cooking, Video Games, Coin Collecting, and Violin
Dislikes; Bullies, people that talk a bit too much, Bugs, Clowns, and messy rooms.
Bad habit; Perfectionist when it comes to cleaning. 

Kai was born in the ghetto, not wannabe, straight-up ghetto, where someone got shot
every hour. His father was a drinker and a drug dealer. He came home to drink, then
pass out, after he woke up, he ate , then went to go sell drugs and start over again.
His mother on the other hand was an accountant for the deals, she measured and
package the drugs, then counted the money. If someone didn't pay enough, they never
live to see another day, unless they pay. When Kai went to school, he was bullied a
lot, for his Asian background. They yell Banzai! and Ching Chang Chong to him
everyday, and when he didn't laugh or flinch at the remarks, he got beat up. 

After Kai finished middle school, his family, who just had a little girl, moved to a
high-end neighborhood. To his father, it was big bucks. To him, it was paradise. He
learned martial arts before he moved, and loved showing off. Until he accidentally
hit a girl in the arm. Although it wasn't very hard, the girl asked the principal for
him to be expelled. Right before that, Kai submitted a transfer report to a private
school where he built his mask. After he finished junior year, his father was caught
with drugs and was arrested. Kai then had to take care of his sister and mother, who
is strictly ill. After work, he was ambushed and brought to the Zera Kingdom for a
experiment with superpowers.

Form A
Name: Xavier Coeurs 
Height: 6'1"
Eye color: Light Brown
Hair color: Silver
IQ :179
Any birth marks: Scar along his back.

Form B
Personality- Doesn't talk much unless he's giving out some information. He likes to
but people start to annoy him, he will get pissed and you don't want to know what
next. Though his anger is large, he has a soft spot for certain things
Likes- Cats, His computer, and Romance Novels
Dislikes- Supernatural horror, idiotic annoying people, and ketchup.
History- Xavier was born in the US in a small city in North Dakota. His family are
France which explains his last name. When Xavier was born he had a serious problem
the alignment of his spine. The doctors performed a surgery that align his spine the
way, but one of the doctors accidentally injected him with an experimental drug
instead of
anesthetic. Xavier's movements and reflexes were extremely increased. Also his
are far superior than normal humans. But for every positive, there are negatives. He
to slowly weaken and can only run a mile maximum a day. Also he began to show
symptoms for
a rare type of gynophobia. When he first touched a computer, at age of 9, after a
whole 30
minutes he already knew how to crack his own firewall, and because of his
reflexes he can type over 200 words a minute. When he hit freshman year, he cracked
Pentagon, The United Nations, Russian Government and North Korea's Defenses. 

Form C
Hometown- Minot, North Dakota.
Mom and Dad occupation: Mom-Lawyer Dad: Secret Service  
Spy ability or skill: Computer Hacking
Codename: Lightning

Last edited: 16 June 2012

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