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A little thing I wrote.Category: (general)
Saturday, 4 June 2011
10:48:00 PM (GMT)
I remembered this TaeminxMinho fic I read and was really inspired by it. So this is
heavily based off Only More Human by... dun remember her name ;~; Sung-ah is me,
Wanmin (is it weird that both my crushes have the same Korean name when generated) is
Armen, Ha Seung is Shay, Kyo Eun is Kyle.


Sung-ah felt a nice breeze as the transparent glass doors slid open to the building.
Her black flowy tee blew back but not too much that it would show her bra. Not that
anyone would care. The workers here were laid-back but serious about their work. She
breathed out a sigh of solemn and gave a bright smile to herself. Cube Institution
was quite the interesting organization. 

Despite being a young high school senior, Sung-ah was chosen to work due to her sharp
observations and intelligence. Cube Institution was a huge white building, separated
into different agencies. Sung-ah was assigned to the Projects Department, more
specifically the Figures Development Unit. Figures were basically life-sized dolls
with humanly features. They still have flaws but the management of the unit continues
to work hard. She looked forward to seeing him. First, she needed to put on the right

Sung-ah instinctively greeted the charismatic men behind the Admittance counter, as
they gave bright white smiles in return. She also greeted every worker that walked by
her as she took the hall upwards the Project Department. She stopped and grabbed her
white lab-coat off one of the racks, pulling it on while tying her long black hair in
pigtails. Choi Sung Ah was labeled on a plastic name tag pinned on her coat. 

Sung-ah greeted her friend and co-worker, Park Ha Seung. The girl replied with a
quick nod. 

"Headed to your Figure?" the two asked in unison then laughed. 

"Yeah. The Research Department requires our status reports on our assigned figures. I
don't want to go Kyo  Eun. All he does is talk and talk about the latest animes,
although he likes to snuggle his head into my neck. I think he enjoys the recent
installation of his voice box more," grinned Ha Seung. 

"Aw, don't be worried. At least your Figure talks. Despite him being the most
human-like out of the Figures, mine just stays silent even though he has a perfectly
good voice box to use. Although his actions speak louder than words," Sung-ah

"Well, we should get going. See you at lunch, Sung-ah."

Sung-ah nodded and walked to the assigned room with a clipboard in hand. She took a
quick glance at the other Figures behind the small bullet-proof glass window on their
doors. She gulped, noticing that some of them were either short-circuiting or
glitching and their caretakers had worried expressions. What if her Figure ever
reached that fate of failure?

Sung-ah shook off that thought and fumbled in her skinny pant pocket, taking out a
key card that would soon break the glass barrier between her and her figure. She
stopped in front of a black door, raising an eyebrow. How can the management allow
him to paint on his door? She had admit. He had quite the artistic skill.... of an
elephant. She should give him art lessons if the Research Department gives consent.
Or she could teach him some basics. 

She swiped the key card down the side of the small monitor next to the door, typing
in a complicated key code. The door slid open as Sung-ah took careful steps in order
to not make him fear her. If not for the door slide closed the second she took a step
into the white room, she would've been blown across into the wall and cause attention
to the other workers. She dropped her clipboard and cringed at her back roughly
brought against the cold surface of the door, but relaxed when a strong warm pair of
arms snaked around her waist. At least he improved on his self-control on his touch.
Music blared all around the pure white room. Was it... screamo? Punk rock? She closed
her eyes, her breath hitching when she felt a familiar soft nose burying itself into
her hair. 

Sung-ah stroked the strands of dark brown hair in order to soothe him. "Did you miss
me, Wanmin?" He took a step back and stared at Sung-ah while flipping his bangs to
show his eyes. Sung-ah shivered at the feeling of his dark blue eyes gazing into her
own. He even had his hair straightened and a bit longer. It was a bit curly and short
when he was first created. He nodded vigorously. Sung-ah chuckled and ruffled his
hair, which was easy since the height difference was only about an inch. He smiled
brightly, enjoying the familiar warm feeling. 

"I'm glad you miss me, Wanminnie. But be more gentle, will you please? Take a seat.
I'll examine you like I usually do and it'll be fine." Sung-ah gave a soft smile and
Wanmin twirled a strand of Sung-ah's black hair around his finger curiously. He
looked at Sung-ah before nodding obediently and sitting on the black office chair. 

Sung-ah noticed Wanmin staring at the television the department provided in amazement
and more curiosity.  He had a video game system plugged to the TV, turned on
as always.

"You like Kingdom Hearts too, Wanmin?" She asked.

The figure nodded happily, keeping his eyes on the monitor while picking up a stray
wireless controller nearby. Sung-ah was delighted at the fact that he enjoyed the
same games she did without knowing what she'd like. 

Sung-ah looked through the CDs the research team provided for his interest. Blood on
The Dance Floor. That was the band playing at the moment. They have... rather
explicit lyrics. She does what to his lollipop? Other screamo bands adorned the rest.
He seemed to be the emo/scene type. She noted that down. 

Sung-ah went over the usual statistics and evaluation on his body, checking for any
flaws. As she wrote on her clipboard diligently, she felt a soft pair of lips
pressing against her right cheek. She felt her face heat up and her eyes flutter
closed. Wanmin lifted his head and looked up at Sung-ah with a mix of innocence,
confusion, and adoration. Sung-ah blinked a few times then grinned at him, her eyes
back on the clipboard. "Control yourself, Wanmin." He sent her his infamous wide
smile and chuckled a bit. 

"That should be it. I'll be back tomorrow, Wanmin," she promised before standing up.
She felt Wanmin grabbing onto her lab-coat roughly.... desperately. 

"P-Please.... d-don't.... go...." Wanmin pleaded, his body shaking. Sung-ah's eyes
widened at the scene in front of her. 

It wasn't a surprise that Wanmin acted this way. It was a natural thing for Figures
to want to be attached to their Caretaker. Typically, Caretakers would shrug off the
love but Sung-ah was different. She couldn't resist the love Wanmin gave to her and
couldn't help for the love she had for him. Honestly, she didn't want to leave. 

In a split second, the two fell onto Wanmin's bed. Wanmin pressed his lips against
Sung-ah's neck. He wrapped one arm around her waist and used the other to fumble
under her lab-coat. Sung-ah's breath hitched and she shivered as Wanmin's fingers
touched the faint silvers of her skin showing underneath. She traced his jawline and
couldn't do anything but whisper. "This room is monitored, you know." Wanmin smirked
against her neck as a sign to say he didn't have a care in the world. Sung-ah sighed.
She could pretend that she wasn't in love with a project but a human. 

They rolled over so that Wanmin was hovering over Sung-ah, their faces having a short
distance between each other's. He closed his eyes, savoring the hot breath Sung-ah
breathed onto his face. Sung-ah lifted her head and placed her lips on his. They
tenderly kissed for a few seconds before Wanmin parted, his eyes opening widely. 

"That was what you desired, correct?"
Last edited: 6 June 2011

‹~(Shaywee)~› says:   5 June 2011   594080  
Dude. So cool.
Are you gonna continue this?
And I get the whole figure thing and how he's a mix of Armen and Adam.
Sneaky sneaky 
And who the hell is Sungbyul and why's she snugglin' mah boyfriend??
‹~(Shaywee)~› says:   6 June 2011   957829  
Yeah, I'm crafty like that xD 
Hahahaha it's all good. I was all, "WHUT."
But this is really cool. Are you gonna continue it, or was it just
‹VanChan› says:   6 June 2011   486924  
You've noticed. xD I decided to make his looks more like Adam's while
his personality a mix of Armen and Adam.
Oops, forgot to change that to your name! D: It was supposed to be
but I put in Gabby's name instead. ;~; 
‹VanChan› says:   6 June 2011   840787  
Sorry, accidentally deleted it so posted my reply again.
I might continue it. I started the second part on Saturday since I was
bored at this party, so yeah. 
‹~(Shaywee)~› says :   6 June 2011   792092  
YAY. lD 

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