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GPX+ Guide/How-Tos Pt 1, Exploration StationCategory: How-To/Guide
Thursday, 2 June 2011
01:34:50 PM (GMT)
Here is where I put Exploration Guides and Info. 

Explorations, Generally
Explorations usually have 6 to 12 tasks, requiring normal or exploration items,
clicking/being clicked, leveling pokemon up or giving wild pokemon correct berries,
and that's basically it. Explorations usually have a pretty worthy pay-off 

Incident In Yellow Forest

Total interactions:  	6,000  	
Total Dex entries: 	50 	
Total achievements: 	15 

My Guide Notes
I have no task-by-task guide for this exploration at the moment. The pay-off is an
un-breed-able novelty, Spiky-Eared Pichu. Things of note, if I remember correctly you
will need a level 85 Onix. 

That Burning Desire!!

Total interactions:  	200,000  	
Total Dex entries: 	450 	
Total achievements: 	80 	

My Guide Notes
I have never embarked on this exploration

Mystery Creature of the Ruins

Total interactions:  	9,500  	
Total Dex entries: 	160 	
Total achievements: 	20

My Guide Notes
I do not remember anything from this. The pay-off is an Unown that you probably don't

Punishing a Poacher

Total interactions:  	16,000  	
Total Dex entries: 	190 	
Total achievements: 	35

My Guide Notes
I have never embarked on this exploration, for now reason whatsoever.

Beachside Treasure

Again, no real reason, just haven't embarked. This has no requirements.

A Ripple In Time

Total interactions:  	15,000  	
Total Dex entries: 	150 	

Tour Of Illusions

Total interactions:  	14,000  	
Total Dex entries: 	250 	
Total achievements: 	60 	
Required item: Vs Seeker 	

Notes - I have not completed, so far you will need - A level 35 Ninetails, a Lucario,
2 fresh waters and an Antidote
Task 1/11
 Having decided to broaden your horizons, you’ve traveled to the Johto region to
take part in a historical tour. So far you’ve not only learned a lot but you’ve
also felt a bit more independent being so far from your home. Now on the third day of
the tour you’ve gotten to Ecruteak City where the tour will be going over the
Burned Tower and its history revolving around the famed Legendary Beasts of Johto as
well as the Lugia and Ho-Oh who also played their part in the history of the place
once known as Brass Tower.

“All right, everyone! Now while it’s not much now the Burned Tower was once a
very pivotal place for Ecruteak City! Legends say that Lugia once stayed perched atop
this tower before leaving when the tower burned down.” the tour guide explained,
holding up her flag so that the group continued to follow her as they walked closer
to the once majestic tower. “When it burned down the Legendary Beasts perished, but
Ho-Oh came back and brought them back to life. It’s even said that they remained
here for some time until a trainer from Johto wandered in and they scattered!”

     All in all the tour guide was very energetic in her speaking, and you found
yourself enthralled in learning the legends of the beasts, Lugia and Ho-Oh more than
anything from the previous two days. And things only proved to be more interesting
with the next bit of information the guide had for them. “As a matter of fact, it
seems that people who live here have been seeing one of the beasts around here again!
And that it has been here quite frequently at that!”

     The collective ooos and aaaahs of the group aside, it was pretty interesting
news for you to hear as well. But before you could focus on it too much you suddenly
hear some rustling in the distance that seems to go unnoticed by the people you’re
with. Just as you begin to sneak off to investigate you hear the tour guide call out
to you. “GoddessOfPokemon! You’re not supposed to break off from the group!”
she reminds you much to your dismay. Nodding a bit you slink back to the group only
to see the creature that was making the rustling run past… and it looks to be one
of the Legendary Beasts! You decide there’s no way you’re going to pass up on
seeing one of the beasts you’ve been hearing so much about today for anything and
chase off after it. 
Chase After the Legendary Beat - Get 500 Interactions. Check my interactions how-to
for more info on how to get to 500  

Task 2/11
  As you chase after the beast on foot you hear someone coming up behind you.
Stopping and turning around you see it’s someone else from the tour group. “Yo,
GoddessOfPokemon! The tour guide said I should go with you to keep an eye on you!”
the other tour member seems to be about your age and male with shaggy black hair.
“I used to live in Johto when I was younger, so I know this place pretty well. My
name’s Bryan.” the other youth introduces himself and holds his hand out to you.
“Did you see where it went from here?” he then asks.

     As you look around you remember the direction you saw the beast run towards and
point there as you try and get your bearings. In the wake of its sprinting it would
seem that a number of branches and leaves have been disrupted which only proves to
lead you to believe that the two of you are still on the right path. “Maybe if we
had a good Pokémon for tracking we’d have a better chance of seeing it.” you
suggest, thinking what would be good. “Lucario should be a good idea!” you then
realize, figuring that the Aura Pokémon might be able to sense the beast.

Get a tracker to help you (Have a Lucario in your Party) - Note: Go to other GPX+
how-tos such as : The Shelter, The Safari Zone, Happiness, Items, Clicking, and any
others that might help. You need to have obtained this guy AFTER the exploration

Task 3/11
     After letting your Lucario sense for the Legendary Beast the two of you seem
like you might just be on the right path again. The Aura pokémon leads you off the
path from Route 38 as you head into the tree covered area beside the route in your
search where the disturbed grass ended. “A dead end?” Bryan asks as it seems the
leaves on the ground are now too heavy for one to notice any kind of Pokémon tracks
beneath them. But despite that your Lucario still seems to be following something as
though it senses where the Pokémon the two of you are searching for is.

“I’m sure we’ll get to see it!” you assure Bryan as you follow closely behind
Lucario who then abruptly stops. Before you question the Pokémon it grunts and looks
to its left and gets into a defensive stance as if worried of something.
Instinctively you go on edge as well, and you quickly find out that Lucario's concern
wasn’t needless as you realize that a swarm of Beedrill seems to have found you.
Realizing it might be due to the Legendary Beast running past their nest you try to
figure out a good course of action, since Lucario wouldn’t be well suited to fight
this many Beedrill.

“Don’t you have a fire Pokémon you could use?!” Bryan asks frantically as he
starts to back up as if he’s going to run off. You quickly search through your
Pokeballs before you find the right one. Even with all your trust in your Pokémon it
seems like this is going to be a tough battle you’ve unwittingly gotten yourself

Defend yourself (Have a Ninetales at level 35 or higher in your Party) — You may
want to see: Shelter, Evolutions, Clicking guides

Task 4/11
     With the Beedrill inching closer and closer you let out your Ninetales from its
Pokéball and take a step behind it. “Ninetales, use Flamethrower!” you quickly
instruct as the Pokémon goes into battle with almost reckless abandon to protect its
trainer. “Lucario, do what you can with Aura sphere! Don’t get too close
though!” you add to your other Pokémon as you watch them fight their hearts out to
protect you and your traveling companion. The two Pokémon quickly make short work of
the Beedrill and you sigh in relief until you notice something wrong…

     While unleashing your Ninetales to battle the Beedrill seemed to be the best
course of action as it took down the swarm seemingly without much effort, you notice
that it took a few good stings to its left side. Kneeling with your Pokémon you see
that a few of the Beedrill managed to sting your Ninetales pretty badly and it seems
to be poisoned. You quickly pull your bag out and begin looking through it for
anything that could cure the hurt Pokémon but nothing seems to be jumping out at you
that could help..

     Your concern only grows more so when the Ninetales groans in pain from its
wounds and the poison afflicting it. As you try and figure out what to do Bryan comes
and kneels with you, now rummaging through his bag for some supplies that might help
the afflicted Pokémon. However with all the time he’s taking searching you begin
to worry that he might not be any better prepared to handle this than you were….

Heal the poison (Have two Fresh Waters and an Antidote in your Inventory) — You May
Want To See: Inventory, Shop

Task 5/11
    Just as you begin to fear the worst Bryan produces two fresh water and a spray
bottle of antidote. “All right, first wash the wound off with these…” he
instructs you as he hands you the fresh water. Doing as you were told you quickly
pour the water over the wound which causes the Ninetales to shriek a bit in surprise
but it seems no worse off other than its surprise. “All right… now we apply
this…” Bryan mumbles more for his own benefit as he sprays the Pokémon down with
the antidote. The Ninetales whimpers a bit more from the spray but instantly begins
looking better. “All right.. You should recall it for now though and let your
Pokémon rest.” Bryan adds which you quickly do by putting the Ninetales back in
its Pokéball.

“Thanks.” is all you can manage to say to your companion who seems to just laugh
and wave his hand to dismiss you. Turning to your Lucario you nod at your Pokémon
who instantly begins its aura searching once more. It makes a noise in response
before turning to look in another direction. “Lucario can only barely sense it. I
guess we lost a lot of time fighting those Beedrill…” you muse sadly as you turn
back to Bryan. “I don’t suppose you have anything we could use to catch up
huh?” you ask, to which Bryan quickly produces a Pokéball which he releases to
reveal an Arcanine.

     The other trainer grins proudly “I’m not much of a battler, but Arcanine is
really fast so he should be able to get us there fairly quickly.” your companion
assures you before climbing on its back. “So if Lucario can lead the way there
shouldn’t be any issue with us finding this thing!” Bryan exclaims confidently.
Climbing atop the fiery dog Pokémon you point forward to tell your Lucario to
continue the search.

 Hitch a ride (Have an Arcanine at level 20 or higher in your Party) — You may want
to look at guides for : Shelter/Safari, Leveling Up, Clicking

Task 6/11
     With Arcanine acting as your steed the two of you are able to easily keep up
with Lucario as it searches for the elusive beast you seek. You realize this is far
from what you expected today’s tour to become but you are having far more fun than
you think you would have just learning the history of the region. You’re living it
first hand! Before you can get too lost in your thoughts the Arcanine abruptly stops
behind Lucario who seems to be sensing something from how intently it’s searching
the ground below it. “What is it, Lucario?” you inquiry, worried the two of you
might have lost the trail.

     The Lucario points to the right suddenly before taking off running in that
direction. Bryan instructs his Arcanine to run off after Lucario once more behind
Lucario. However you can’t help but get a sense of uneasiness in how Lucario
stopped. You begin to wonder why the sudden direction change, but with the speed the
Arcanine is running the wind is way too loud for you to even voice your concerns if
you wanted to. And those thoughts are quickly cut short when you realize why Lucario
changed direction as in the distance you see the Legendary Beast again and it’s not
too much further ahead of you!

     With your concerns pushed aside and big swelling of confidence you anxious await
being able to see the Pokémon. And as if an added bonus something suddenly strikes
you as you look closer at the Pokémon… it’s colors aren’t what you’ve seen
in books about the Legendary Beasts. “No way…” Bryan mumbles as he must have
realized the same thing as you. “It’s a shiny!” he shouts excitedly, urging
Arcanine to go even faster. “Stay with it!” he shouts excitedly.

Chase the beast again (Get 2000 interactions) — Guides on : Clicking

Tasl 7/11
     You didn’t think it could happen, but the Raikou has stopped and your group
has caught up with it. Climbing off of Arcanine's back you slowly approach the
Pokémon to see it up close until you feel a hard shove come to your shoulder which
knocks you down. After you hit the ground you see Bryan standing above you with a
determined look on your face, but before you can question him he speaks. “I knew if
I hung around long enough I’d find you… and I even had this sucker help me in
tracking you.” the young man announces as he turns to his Arcanine. “All right,
Arcanine use Extremespeed on this thing!” the other trainer orders as the Arcanine
quickly rushes into battle against the Legendary Beast.

     For a moment you’re left in complete shock. Not only were you used, but now
the Legendary Pokémon is in danger! “What do you think you’re doing!?” you
shout as you stand up and grab Bryan by the shirt and shake him. “I wasn’t
chasing the Pokémon to hurt it!” you shout only to be shoved backwards again.

“Are you an idiot!? It’s the same as catching any other Pokémon! The difference
is with this thing I’ll be famous!” Bryan exclaims proudly before turning back to
Arcanine which has knocked the Raikou back into a tree. “All right, hit it with
Flamethrower! This thing isn’t getting away!”

     You stand there for a few more moments shocked and disgusted as Bryan continues
to attack the Legendary before grasping a Pokéball from your belt. You’re not like
him, you really did just want the chance to see the Pokémon… but now you have a
new mission. You’re not letting a trainer who wants to catch Raikou just for status
prevail. “I’m not letting you hurt that Pokémon!” you yell before tossing your
Pokéball to the ground to release your Lucario again. “You and me, right here!”
Protect the Raikou and defeat Bryan! (Win a VS Seeker match with Lucario) — Guides
Helpful to this - Battle

Task 8/11
     When the dust clears from your battle your Lucario stands triumphantly by your
side while Bryan's Arcanine is beaten back and the other trainer is left in awe.
“Guess you weren’t kidding when you said you weren’t much of a battler.” you
announce, pointing at Bryan. “Get lost before I call a ranger and report what you
did!” you shout at the other trainer who quickly runs off like a dog with his tail
between his legs.

     It’s now that you realize that the Raikou looks like it was beaten pretty
badly, much to your surprise. Recalling Lucario you slowly approach the obviously
wary Pokémon. “It’s all right.. I’m not like him, I won’t hurt you.” you
try and assure it as you kneel in front of it. Its wounds don’t look too pressing,
but it’s definitely in need of some care. Before you can fish through your bag for
anything something far more surprising happens as the Pokémon suddenly changes

     The once shiny Raikou fades into something else entirely and before you now
rests a shiny Zoroark! Baffled at first, you remember that Zorua and Zoroark are able
to cast an illusion to take on the shape of other Pokémon.. Even going as far as to
replicate very real looking illusions of those Pokémon's moves. You quickly remind
yourself that this isn’t the time to feel dejected as you look over the Pokémon's
injuries and then notice something interesting under its paw.

     On closer inspection the shiny Zoroark seems to be holding a Fire, Water and
Thunderstone… but they look different. They look almost fossilized… but they
definitely are the evolution stones they look like. While you want to uncover that
mystery it’ll have to wait as you decide the best course of action is to help this
Pokémon heal first.

Help the hurt Pokémon (Have 110 people feed the Wild Zoroark) 

Task 9/11
     It took a lot, but after feeding it the Zoroark looks to be feeling much better
and seems grateful to you for looking after it. Now able to let out a sigh of relief
you turn to the Pokémon’s strange stones once more, wondering what they are. But
before you can ponder on it too long the Zoroark pushes them towards you as though it
wants you to keep them. And when you pick the items up they seem to pulse with energy
in a way you’ve never experienced, only adding to your curiosity over what they

     Meanwhile the old woman just laughs a bit at your answer. “No need to be so
stiff, I believe you.” she assures you which makes you relax almost instantly.
“Many have come here in search of the Legendary Beasts… Zoroark often wanders out
to throw people off the trail of finding this place.” she explains while the shiny
Pokémon seems to proudly cry out to answer that as being true. “They used to be
here.. A long time ago. Right after the Brass tower burned, in fact. But they
didn’t stay long.” she answers, and you suddenly feel dejected in your quest to
see one of the beasts for yourself. “But, fret not! Zoroark recently found those
fossilized stones… and I think they’re a key to where the beasts went. I’m sure
someone like you could find at least one of them.” she tells you confidently.
“The stones will lead you to them, just believe in them and you’ll find the one
you seek.”

Search out the beasts with the aid of the stones (Get 750 interactions) — Clicking

Task 10/11
     All of this has definitely proved to be a bit surprising, but with confidence
and hope you say your goodbyes to Zoroark and the old woman and make your way in
search of the beasts. Stones in hand you begin to wander away from the shrine as you
try and get a sense of where the Legendary Beasts might be, but to your dismay you
don’t sense anything. You contemplate bringing Lucario out again to help your
search but suddenly decide against it. If Zoroark and the old woman have faith in you
to find at least one of the beasts then you can’t let them down.

     That’s when you remind yourself that you can do this. With renewed faith you
continue searching for the Pokémon when a brilliant idea hits you. If the Beasts
were around here they’d likely have not wandered too far from the shrine and
therefore circling the shrine might produce some kind of results. And just as you th
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