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I still love himCategory: poems
Friday, 4 March 2011
07:07:46 PM (GMT)
I do hate him. Hate is a four letter word. So is like. Want. Need. Care. Keep. Miss. So lets take hate out. And substitute that four letter word with another one. I do like him. I do want him. I do need him. I do care for him. I should have tried better to keep him. I do miss him. Love is also a four letter word. I do love him.
Last edited: 24 March 2011

‹♥My Sweet Wonderland♥› says:   4 March 2011   391092  
I love it
‹Scarlet_Scandal› says:   4 March 2011   895368  
thank you angie...advertise.  advertise this poem! 
‹♥My Sweet Wonderland♥› says:   4 March 2011   917114  

I got one 10 can anybody do better?
I got a 15..anybody?
I got 40...
I got a 90..
I got all the numbers in the unive...ohh wait..sold to that girl right
there lol

I'm soo lame (yes I know thats not how u do it) 
‹Scarlet_Scandal› says:   4 March 2011   201993  
I know thats not how I do it but it made me smile  
‹♥My Sweet Wonderland♥› says:   4 March 2011   470335  
good..I did that to make u smille 
‹Scarlet_Scandal› says:   5 March 2011   673799  
it worked.
hey, you know when I told you Emily would get all upset that I'm
ignoring her and junk, well she has and is.  mwahaha 
‹♥My Sweet Wonderland♥› says:   5 March 2011   182506  
haha thats wat she gets..she needs to learn to be nice
do u think she is a whore? 
‹Scarlet_Scandal› says:   5 March 2011   316050  
I'm not gonna answer that until you tell me this, are you telling her
the stuff I tell you? 
‹♥My Sweet Wonderland♥› says:   5 March 2011   390390  
everything we say stays with us 
‹Scarlet_Scandal› says:   5 March 2011   955895  
Yes I think shes a whore.  Thats like the main reason I don't hang out
with her anymore.  I mean, she only said what she did because I was
taking attention away from her slutty ass 
‹♥My Sweet Wonderland♥› says:   5 March 2011   532248  
that bitch
she gets everything she wants
ugly ass whore 
‹Scarlet_Scandal› says:   5 March 2011   397782  
she tried to "make it all better" look:
Nemo Heartkiller March 5 at 1:31pm Report
Becky Lee March 5 at 1:44pm 
 Nemo Heartkiller March 5 at 1:45pm Report
are we even gonna try to work this out or not?   
Becky Lee March 5 at 1:48pm 
I don't have a clue of what you're talking about.   
Nemo Heartkiller March 5 at 1:56pm Report
we don't freaking talk anymore, u don't even look at me at school, and
u have deleted me off facebook.   
Becky Lee March 5 at 2:04pm 
Don't take it personally. Look heres the reason in a nutshell:
I have abandonment issues. So when all "that" crap happened last
Friday (Not yesterday the Friday before that) you were kinda the first
person there, so in list I sorta started to 'cling' to you. And in
admiting, I'd say that I was kinda clingy before but anyways...At the
start of the school week on Monday when I was sitting with you at the
breakfast table, you acted pissed, when you were asked what was wrong,
I was playing around when I said it was because Carly and I were
there. You then smiled and said yeah. Then your face twisted and you,
"Destiny you don't have to be up my dang butt all the time!" after
that you helped me realize my problem with abandonments. So, I'm using
you to help me get past my issue, if you can be honest enough with my
clinging I figured, I can be modest enough to use you as sorta like a
medication to it. If I can stop hanging around you, I figure loosing
someone else won't be so hard and I won't cling to anyone else. I also
thought you wouldn't notice the change in friendship or even if you
did that you wouldn't care, because in the words from your mouth, 'I
don't have to be up your dang butt (or anyone else's) all the time.'  
Becky Lee March 5 at 2:08pm 
And in comparison, I didn't believe you'd notice I deleted you.  
 Nemo Heartkiller March 5 at 2:10pm Report
i do care and i didn't/don't ever want to lose u. but sometimes i just
need to b around different people.. but yea i do admit that u r
clinging, but it never mattered to me if u were or not. I miss u a
 Becky Lee March 5 at 2:12pm 
It never mattered to that I was clingy, bull crap. You're the one who
was mad that I kept being around.   
Becky Lee March 5 at 2:12pm 
And you're also the one who told Kyra and Carly I was a bad friend and
that I cuss too much and that I need to grow up.   
Nemo Heartkiller March 5 at 2:13pm Report
like i said sometimes i need to b around other people.   
Nemo Heartkiller March 5 at 2:14pm Report
i didn't say that u were a bad friend or cuss to much or u need to
grow up   Becky Lee March 5 at 2:17pm 
Whatever, thats what Kyra said. She also told me all the sh!t you
talked about me after I left with Carly's bookbag >:|   
Nemo Heartkiller March 5 at 2:18pm Report
i just said that u were pissing me off  
 Becky Lee March 5 at 2:26pm 
I also heard you said I talk too much, I put "curse" words into
sentences unneeded, and that I talk about Gabriel to much even though
he and I don't go out.
But, now you don't have to worry about me pissing you off. And I am
deathly sorry if me just being me, makes you mad.   
Nemo Heartkiller March 5 at 2:32pm Report
no,no thats All wrong. I never said that and i know ur still trying to
get over him. i wouldn't say that anyway. and u being u is like..
normal to me so it don't piss me off   
Becky Lee March 5 at 2:35pm 
Look, like I told Mrs. Satu, maybe you 
‹♥My Sweet Wonderland♥› says:   5 March 2011   947366  
K1_Biznitch says:   16 March 2011   222727  
That is so sweet..........................................The poem
‹✜Garry-Ib✜› says:   16 March 2011   643068  
On a scale of 1 to 10 i give it an 8.  Almost perfect...
‹Scarlet_Scandal› says:   17 March 2011   186888  
why is it 'almost' perfect? 
‹✜Garry-Ib✜› says:   17 March 2011   448775  
Because I said so. Duh!
‹Scarlet_Scandal› says :   19 March 2011   959823  
mhhhmkay then lol 


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