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Beauty and the Beast FanFic 8D Chapter 3Category: Organization 13
Tuesday, 1 February 2011
01:40:55 PM (GMT)

(the video sometimes goes back to a particular scene, but that's near the end. And
I've mentioned somewhere in the story here when that happense, so don't worry XD ^_^

When Xemnas was launched out the door, and fell into the puddle of mud, Saix struck
up the band, the band now l=playing 'here comes the bride'. Xaveria threw out Xemnas'
shoes, and shut the door quickly. Saix noticed Xemnas in the puddle, and bent down
lower to take a look.
"So, how'd it go?" Saix asked, moving a part of Xemnas' wet hair out of his face,
with the conductor stick.
Xemnas stood up and got Saix by the throat.
"I'll have Xaveria my wife, make no mistake about that!" Xemnas told Saix, throwing
him into the mud, as he walked away.
"Touchy!" Saix muttered, now sitting in the mud puddle.

Xaveria walked out the backdoor, looking around.
"Is he gone..?" she asked out loud, before stepping out on the steps.
"Can you imagine? He asked me to marry him!" she said out loud in disgust.
She walked down the steps, holding a wooden bucket. Spreading the chicken feed that
was in the bucket, and feeding the animals. (song that I can't be bothered typing out
the lyrics for XD )

Phillipe suddenly ran up to Xaveria, out of the woods.
"Phillipe! What are you doing here? Where's Papa? Where is he Phillipe?" she asked
the horse, calming him down.
"We have to find him! You have to take me to him" she told the horse, mounting him
and riding off into the woods.

Xaveria and Phillipe stood outside the tall gates, staring up at them.
"What is this place..?" Xaveria mumbled.
Phillipe started backing up, getting very afraid.
"Phillipe! Please! Steady!" she told the horse, getting off him.
She noticed Vexen's hat lying in the grounds of the large castle. She opened the
gates and picked up Vexen's hat.
"..Papa.." she mumbled, looking up at the castle.

Inside, Demyx and Zexion were standing on a table, Demyx keeping calm, and Zexion
pacing backwards and forwards.
"Couldn't keep quiet, could we. Just had to invite him to stay, didn't we? Serve him
tea, sit in the master's chair, pet the pooch!" Zexion mumbled.
"I was trying to be hospitable!" Demyx argued back.
Just then, Xaveria opened the large castle doors.
"Hello? Is anyone here? Hello? Papa? Papa, are you here?" Xaveria's voice echoed
around the halls, as she explored the dark castle.

"Xiannon. There's a girl in the castle!" Xena said happily to Xiannon.
Xiannon was standing beside a large basin full of water.
"Now, Xena, I won't have you making up such wild stories." Xiannon told Xena off.
"But really, Xiannon, I saw her." Xena told Xiannon.
"Not another word. Into the tub." Xiannon told Xena, pushing her into the basin of
Suddenly, Shexia, the Featherduster, entered the room.
"A girl! I saw a girl in the castle!" Shexia smiled happily.
"See? I told ya!" Xena giggled.

"Irresponsible, devil-may-care, waxy eared, slack-jawed--" Zexion started but got cut
off by Xaveria's voice echoing through the halls.
"Papa..?" she called out.
"Did you see that?!?" Demyx asked Zexion.
He jumped off the table, followed by Zexion, and ran over to the door, peering around
the corner.
"It is a girl!" he grinned.
"I know it's a girl!" Zexion sighed.
"Don't you see? She's the one. The girl we have been waiting for. She has come to
break the spell!" Demyx smiled, running after Xaveria.
"Wait a minute, wait a minute!" Zexion called as he ran after Demyx.

Xaveria advanced down a narrow hallway. Zexion and Demyx sneaked up behind her and
opened the door that led to the tower where Vexen was being kept. The door creaked
open and Xaveria heard the sound.
"Papa..? Papa?" she called, walking into the room that the door lead to. She walked
up a spiral staircase, looking around.
"That's funny... I'm sure there was someone..." Xaveria talked to herself as she past
Demyx who was sitting still on a ledge, watching her.
"Is anyone here?" she called.
"Xaveria...?" Vexen called from the cell he was in.
"Papa!" Xaveria called back, running up to Vexen's cell, grabbing a lit torch, and
kneeling down beside Vexen's cell.
"How did you find me?" Vexen asked her.
"Your hands are like ice... We have to get you out of there!" Xaveria muttered,
holding Vexen's hand.
"Xaveria! I want you to leave this place!" Vexen told her.
"Who's done this to you?" Xaveria asked Vexen.
"No time to explain... you must go, now!" Vexen said hurriedly.
"I won't leave you!" Xaveria told him.

Just then, Lexaeus turned Xaveria around to face him, growling and glaring at her.
"What are you doing here?!?" he growled.
Xaveria dropped the lit torch to the side in shock.
"Who's there? Who are you?" Xaveria asked, not being able to see anymore, since the
light from the torch had been extinguished.
"I am the Master of this castle!" Lexaeus told Xaveria, moving around in the
"I've come for my Father. Please, let him out! Can't you see he's sick!" she told
(if your watching the video as well, it copies all of that whole scene again, so skip
to the time 8:21 ^.^ )
"Then he shouldn't have trespassed here!" Lexaeus growled.
"But he could die! Please, I'll do anything!" Xaveria pleaded.
"There's nothing you can do...! He;s my prisoner!" Lexaeus muttered, moving away
"There must be someway I can... Wait!" Xaveria told Lexaeus.
Lexaeus stopped and turned around, growling. Xaveria sat back, thinking hard.
"... Take me instead..!" she told Lexaeus.


‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says :   1 February 2011   300040  
 Ooh, intense! 


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