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Pan's Labyrinth, Organization 13 fan-fiction Chapter 8Category: Organization 13
Wednesday, 19 January 2011
01:19:46 PM (GMT)

Axel, Marluxia, and Xigbar walked up the hill, and stopped in front of two wounded
men. Frixie and Xomasth. Xomasth looked dead already, lying beside a rock, a large
bloody graze on the side of his face. Frixie was breathing deeply, looking close to
death. He held onto the side of his neck. Axel walked up to Frixie and kneeled down
beside him.
"Let me see" he told Frixie, pulling Frixie's hand away from his neck.
Frixie had large bullet wounds in the side of his neck.
"Can you talk?" Axel asked Frixie.
Frixie tried to talk, but all he could do was groan in pain. Axel smirked evilly to
"Damn it!" he muttered to himself, and stood up, holding a gun to Frixie's head.
Frixie rose his hand to the gun, trying to bat the gun away. Axel shoved Frixie's
hand out the way, but Frixie kept on raising his hand back up to the gun. Suddenly,
Axel pulled the trigger of the gun when Frixie's hand was over the barrel of the gun.
Frixie lay back down on the ground, as Axel fired his gun numerous times at Frixie,
making sure he was dead. Xigbar and Marluxia then started walking around, shooting at
the men who looked dead, making sure they were dead, just in case if they were still
"Captain! This one is still alive!" Marluxia shouted over to Axel.
Axel and Xigbar walked over towards Marluxia and stared down at the man who was still
"Shot in the leg" Marluxia told Axel.

Xiannon ran down the stairs into the kitchen, running into Alexis.
"What happened?" she asked Alexis.
"They've caught one! They took one of them alive, and they're taking him to the
storeroom" Alexis told Xiannon quickly.
Xiannon walked outside the Mill, her eyes wide with fear. She walked outside into the
cold, wet atmosphere. The rain pouring down. Alexis followed Xiannon outside and
opened up an umbrella. Xiannon ignored the umbrella, and walked quickly towards the
"Xiannon!" Alexis called after Xiannon, but she ignored Alexis' call.
"Dexion... Dexion..." Xiannon mumbled in fear, as she saw two guards dragging a
wounded man into the storeroom.
She stared into the storeroom, trying to see who the man was. Axel approached Xiannon
quickly and turned to her.
"Xiannon?" he asked her.
"I need to go into the storeroom" she told Axel.
"Not now" he told her sternly, and then turned to enter the storeroom.
"Move away" Xigbar sternly told the other guards, as he got to the wounded man, and
took off his hat. Xiannon stared in fear, but then in slight satisfaction. It wasn't
Dexion. It was Xanthe.
The storeroom doors shut, Xiannon still looking into the storeroom at Xanthe.

Later on, Xiannon was back in the kitchen with Alexis and Brix. They were cutting up
vegetables for a meal.
"That's plenty, dear" Alexis told Xiannon softly.
Xiannon rose her head and looked over at Alexis with sad eyes. She wiped her cutting
knife on her dress, as Brix approached Xiannon with a tray of drinks and some food.
"Should I take this up?" she asked Xiannon.
Xiannon simply shook her head, and carefully took the tray away from Brix, and left
the kitchen.

She placed the tray down on a table in Shexia's bedroom. Vexen was busy stirring up
some medicine to give to Shexia. He walked over to Shexia, who was lying in bed with
Arie, playing Cards.
"Here, half the dose." he told Shexia, holding out the medicine.
"I don't think I need it. I feel better, much better." she told Vexen.
"I don't understand. But I'm glad." Vexen told Shexia, smiling.
He walked out of the bedroom, leaving Shexia and Arie to get back to their game of

Meanwhile, Marluxia was tying up Xanthe's hands together. Xanthe stood still, blood
dripping from his mouth. Axel was busy smoking on his cigarette, and looked over at
"Damn, this cigarette is good! Real tobacco is hard to find." he said, waving the
cigarette in Xanthe's face, and then bringing it up to Xanthe's lips.
Xanthe pulled his head away from the cigarette.
"G-G-Go to hell.." Xanthe stuttered.
"Damn, Marluxia. We catch one and he turns out to be a stutterer. We'll be here all
night." Axel said, walking up to Marluxia.
"As long as he talks" Marluxia mumbled.
Xanthe was quivering with fear, sweat dripped down his forehead, blood still dripping
from his mouth.
"Marluxia is right" Axel said, smoking on his cigarette again.
"You'd better tell us everything. But to make sure it happens, I brought along a few
tools." he told Xanthe, holding up a hammer.
"Just things you pick up along the way. At first I won't be able to trust you, but
after I use this, you'll own up to a few things." he said, putting down the hammer
and reaching for another tool.
"When we get to these, we'll have developed... how can I put this? A closer bond,
much like brothers. You'll see" he smirked, holding up a pair of pliers, and then
setting them back down again.
"And when we get to this one, I'll believe anything you tell me" he told Xanthe,
holding up a long, sharp knife.
He placed the knife down, and picked the hammer back up, walking slowly over towards
"I'll make you a deal. If you can count to three, without st-t-tuttering, you can go"
Axel told Xanthe, smirking slightly.
Xanthe just stared at Marluxia, shaking like a leaf.
"Don't look at him, look at me. Above me, there's no one." Axel told Xanthe.
"Marluxia!" Axel then called.
"Yes Captain?" Marluxia asked Axel.
"If I say this asshole can leave, would anybody contradict me?" Axel asked.
"No one, Captain. He can leave." Marluxia answered almost straight away.
"There you have it. Count to three" Axel ordered Xanthe.
Xanthe took deep breaths, looking down at the floor.
"...One.." he muttered after a hard time trying to pronounce it.
"Good." Axel told him, staring straight at him.
"T-T..Two.." Xanthe managed to say afterwards.
"One more, and you'll be free" Axel told Xanthe.
"...T-T..T-T-T...." Xanthe stuttered, and looked up at Axel, tears forming in his
"Shame." Axel simply said, and swung the hammer at the side of Xanthe's head.

Later that night, Arie was asleep in her bed in the attic.
"Your mother is much better, Your Highness" Lexaeus' voice echoed around her
Arie sat up in her bed, looking around. Lexaeus appeared from the shadow's, walking
up towards Arie.
"Surely, you must be relieved?" he asked her, smiling.
Arie sat up and stared at Lexaeus.
"Yes.. thankyou..." Arie muttered timidly.
"But, things haven't turned out so well." she told Lexaeus.
"Oh, no?" he asked her in surprise.
Arie took out the box Lexaeus had given her. Xena was the only fairy inside.
"I had an accident." Arie told Lexaeus.
"An accident?" Lexaeus asked, taking the box.
"Yes.." Arie muttered her reply.
Lexaeus opened the box, and Xena was the only fairy to fly out it. She landed on
Lexaeus' shoulder, and started whispering in his ear.
"You broke the rules!" he told Arie.
"It was only two grapes! I thought no one would notice.." Arie pleaded, holding out
the knife she had retrieved to Lexaeus.
Lexaeus grabbed hold of the knife, and looked down at Arie.
"We've made a mistake!" he told her.
"A mistake?" she asked Lexaeus.
"You failed. You can never return!" he told Arie angrily.
"It was an accident" Arie told Lexaeus, sounding close to tears.
"You cannot return. The moon will be full in three days. Your spirit shall forever
remain among the humans. You shall age like them. You shall die like them. And all
memory of you, shall fade in time. And we'll vanish along with it. You will never see
us again." Lexaeus told Arie harshly, as he disappeared back into the shadows.
Arie sat on her bed, hugging her arms, and crying quietly.

Meanwhile, Axel was outside in the rain, washing Xanthe's blood off of his hands.
Xigbar and Vexen approached Axel underneath an umbrella.
"Good day, Doctor. Sorry to have woken you up this early, but I think we need your
help." Axel told Vexen.
Vexen walked into the storeroom, and got out some medical instruments. He then walked
up to Xanthe, who was holding onto his wounded arm. Vexen kneeled down beside him,
and tried to have a look at Xanthe's arm. Xanthe pulled his arm away from Vexen,
refusing to let him touch it. Vexen was then able to get a hold of his arm. He held
it out slowly and carefully. Xanthe's arm was covered in blood, and looked like it
was paralyzed. His fingers were twitching, and were bent back.
"My god, what have you done to him?" Vexen asked in horror.
"Not much. But things are getting better" Axel muttered, picking up a bottle of
antibiotics out of Vexen's suitcase. 
"I like having you handy, Doctor. It has it's advantages." he told Vexen.
He then turned to go outside.
"Xigbar, you stay here" he told Xigbar, as he and Marluxia left.
"..I talked.. not much.. b-b-but I talked..." Xanthe muttered.
"I'm sorry. Im so sorry." Vexen muttered back to Xanthe.
"K-K-Kill me. Kill me now, please.." Xanthe pleaded to Vexen.

Axel walked into his study, pulling open a drawer and rummaging around in it.
Marluxia followed Axel. He pulled out the bottle of antibiotics he had found from the
forest. He held the two bottles up. They were exactly the same.
"...son of a bitch..." Axel mumbled under his breath.

Vexen had a syringe, and brought it up to Xanthe's arm, shaking in fear. He finally
injected the liquid into Xanthe's arm. Xanthe looked up at Vexen, blood dripping down
his face, one of his eyes swelling, and his mouth open wide, unable to close it.
"It'll take the pain away." Vexen told Xanthe.


‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   19 January 2011   807211  

‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   19 January 2011   914646  
xD Yup ^.^ I'll try and type it out tomorrow if I have time ^_^
Was this chapter ok? ^^' I feel sorry for Xomasth, Frixie and Xanthe
 Stoopid Axel *pout* 
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   19 January 2011   605544  
Uh huh! It was fine!

But I cried when Frix died, I was like BETCH! 
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   19 January 2011   823944  
I knows! He just blasted at Frixie's hand and then shot him in the
face again and again. And then he tortured Xanthe to the point where
Xanthe wanted to die D8
I'mma kill Axel *pout* 
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   19 January 2011   650935  

que Opal~
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says :   19 January 2011   236298  
xD Deffo an Opal invades moment ^.^' 


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