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Saturday, 23 October 2010
01:33:49 PM (GMT)
Favorite crayon color? sea foam. Should waffles be the National Food of America? totally, forget this hamburgers and apple pie crap. Do dog barks make you cry? no, i shoot the dog. What are your thoughts about mac and cheese? um, it's only absolutely amazing. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character? hm, that dog that can't talk but is really, really fluffy. Ever talked to yourself? duh. What mood are you in right now? uh, slacker-ish, kind of really missing someooooone. Is your cell phone dead? nope. Can peas really talk? duh, of course they can. i hear them talk to the celery all the time. When was the last time you applied deodorant? this morning. Ever eaten soap? I HAVE A STORY ABOUT THAT. i thought it was white chocolate, okay? we all thought it was white chocolate, i just happened to take a bite. What are your thoughts on Spongebob Squarepants? he's a freaking beast. Do you have a crush right now? guess. What is your favorite color? turquoise. What about your favorite animal? whale. Choose one ... =) >:D :-{D :-{D Did you ever have an F on your report card? naw. What about straight A's yes. If you could go back in time and change one thing that you did, what would it be? nothing. Do you enjoy singing? totally. If so, has anyone ever told you that you can sing well? yeah. Again...Choose one...<3 , ><> , * , @(^_^)@ * Who's the last person you hugged? jonathan. Last person you kissed? aha, sophia. Are you listening to music right now? nope. If not, what song do you WANT to be listening to? i don't really want to listen to a particular song. What is your favorite subject in school? oh loooord, i don't know. my favorite class is history, but favorite subject is probably spanish. What is the month of your birthday? july. Do you like country music? only some. What about rock? yeah, but not all. ....rap? yessums. If you had to eat one fruit for a month straight...what would it be? oranges, bananas, grapes, apples, or kiwi? bananas. i guess. Do you like roses or tulips better? roses. QUICK THINK OF A NAME!!! jonathan. Was the name that you just thought of a member of your family? he should be. What about a close friend? will be. Ok...what about your crush? bingo. Do you watch SpongeBob? naw, i used to be in love with him though. best sponge ever. What is the name of your best friend? raina. Do you like fish or chicken more? uh, well i don't eat either. Are you a vegetarian? haha, there you go. What about your steak...Rare, Medium, or Well done why ask that right after the previous question? Did you like this random survey? totally. Last thing.....Pick a # out of these... 1,2,4,7,14 seven.

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