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70 ThInGs MoSt PeOpLe DoN't KnOw AbOuT mECategory: (general)
Thursday, 7 October 2010
08:05:19 PM (GMT)
1) I'm obsessed with waffles. :D
2) I hate sweatshirts and still wear them.
3) I take my iPod into class with me so I can listen to it while the teacher is
talking. ((i think almost EVERYONE does this :3))
4) I love Degrassi.
5) *censored*
6) Some of my other favorite color combos are silver and blue, black and white, hot
pink and black, and white and red.
7) Lots of people call me girly-- I say im just different~
8.) I use Japanese Honorifics A LOT ^-^ ((so watch out for that >:D))
9)  I defy authority.. just cause i can
10) I stapled my fingers together in 4th grade and laughed.
11) Until I was 9 I couldn't feel pain. (no joke)
12) I've made 28 voodoo dolls in my past.
13) I know a lot about hospitals and I know how to diagnose a patient.
14) I learned how to draw anime when I was 10.
15) I play the drums.
16) I don't have a favorite song.
17) I know how to make a cosplay of every Akatsuki member.
18.) I use to try to do rituals to get rid of hated teachers ((tch i was in like the
4th and 5th grade... who could blame me?))
19) For my most painful ritual, I stabbed myself in the hand.
20) I believe in black magic.
21) I use candles to represent the five major elements.
22) I wish my name was Aaron
23) I hate soda.
24) I love coffee.
25) I never wear shorts to school anymore.
26) I work out.
27) I almost cried while watching Eight Below. ((if you laugh at me because of this
ill run you over with a lawnmower. if seeing suffering animals in pain makes me a
girly-boy, then so what, im a girly boy.))
28.) I tried to kill a kid in kindergarden.
29) I believe that when we die, our soul escapes from our dead body and sacrifices
30) I've never attended a wedding in my family. I went to my first grade teacher's.
31) My dream companion Is creative and spontanious.
32) Quotes I say the most:
"I didn't do it!"
"That's golden!"
"Go eat a dick..."
33) I lack patience and control.
34) I want to see Saw 3D
35) I don't have a very good relationship with anyone in my family but my dad and
36) I want to be an actor or singer.
37) I once raised 750$ by singing in a local fair
38.) My personality depends on the weather.
39) I don't date much~ too much effort ((nahh actually for a different reason but
40) My rolemodel is Jeffrey Star.
41) My whole wordrobe only has the colors black, red, dark blue, and white.
42) I write dark poetry.
43) I started cooking when I was 4.
44) My favorite numbers are 13 and 52.
45) I'm afraid of public speaking.
46) I almost made my mom run a kid over. xD
47) In my free time, I throw rasins and Fig Newtons at fat joggers.
48.) I love to ride my bike.
49) I use to name everything I own.
50) I'm not good with remembering people's names.
51) I'm a republican, ((not that it matters, our government's been reduced to shit))
52) I ((obviously)) care about politics and keep up to date with them.
53) I sometimes scream at the TV if my video game isn't going out as I plan.
54) I give people the cold shoulder.
55) I don't know how to save my money. ^_^'''
56) I sell iced tea and kool-aid with my friend.
57) I tend to drink my own blood...
58.) I laugh when places get hit with tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and
59) I get annoyed when my mom watches stupid game shows and screams the answers. Then
when she get's it wrong she acts like she knew it all along... -_-'''
60) My favorite store is Hot Topic.
61) My second favorite store is GameStop.
62) I wrote 5 lemons so far...too embarassed to post them.
63) I plan to publish my own HidaxKaku doushiji (forgot how to spell it) and sell it.
64) I LOVE yuri and yaoi, and have written quite a few fanfics.
65) I've eaten a bug before ((on a dare xD))
66) I don't have expectations of getting married.
67) It's a secret ;]
68.) I love hamburgers. :3
69) Whenever someone grabs me from behind/touches me from behind I scream:
70) Well, why don't you just find out on your own??
Last edited: 8 October 2010

‹Arissaxx› says:   7 October 2010   509737  
JEFFREE STAR AND WAFFLES ARE BOMB... fuckin creepy man... so much
pointless stuff i dont even put on my profile is on here...
‹XxXImHis_Pretty_RaveGirlXxX› says :   7 October 2010   171723  
wow reading this we have A LOT in common... O.o

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