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Breast cancer and I.... ALSO! Dyslexia!!!Category: (general)
Wednesday, 29 September 2010
05:15:50 PM (GMT)
I've been meaning to write a diary entry for quite sometime now but you know what
they say, ahahahaha,
it's the life of a procrastinator!!
that's not what i wanted to write but whatev~
I seriously think i have dyslexia... so dose my father...
and i found out why I couldn't open up my locker!!!
I mixxed up my left and right.....
yup, i'm being serious here-i got so fed up i went down to the guidance counselor and
complained and she went to my locker with me and she told me to try to open it then
she started laughing and said "SWEETIE!!! That's your LEFT!!!!" i was like-looking at
my hands.... Fcukk. 
I wanna know why it's "disrespectful" to say the pledge of allegiance with your left
hand- i have a habit of using my left hand when saying this and people were getting
angry at me while i was all "wtf dudee?? calm down-take a chill pill or sumthin'"
AND! they said your not suppose to say it fast-which is ANOTHER thing i do-first of
all- my right hand over my heart feels so weird! i dun like it, now my left hand
feels more appropriate and closer to my heart anyways so blehh. i'd love it if
someone could explain that thx~! <333 much love. one of my friends was all "i hate
saying the pledge of Allegiance, (phft i do too :x )  i don't even say it sometimes,
it's so stupid- why do i have to worship a friggin piece of fabric????" to some
point- i understand and agree with her. on the other half-it's what it represents. I
still think we shouldn't have to say it though. Only if you want to. but that's just
me, sorry if i'm like- really making someone angry right now xD I'm just saying what
i believe. 
now that THAT'S through with xD
oh yeah about my "dyslexia" i was reading a page in my social studies book; about the
industrial revolution- and i read this sentence and thought it said this-
(somethin-sumthin.. gose here-uh-blahbla bla_ anal celebration (blabla). and i was
liek-wuttT????? then i re-read it a few times and it actually said "ANNUAL
Celebrations" i started laughing in class "haha herp-derp-i really DO have Dyslexia
maybe!! hahahaa. derp." XD im so RETARTEDDD.
I'm gonna fail this school CLEARLY.
and they said i was a genius ;0
alright- again...
Lovin' APH dawgs' it's hilarious.. 
I love Russia and Lativa :>
teehee <3
STILL havn't finished all of Iron man 2...
(inside joke muchh)
anyways-about persona 3 :'D
yess i'm obbsesed i KNOW! XD
well there were a few parts i found rather amusing. ohkay here goes.
1.) I joined the art club, and we were all 'drawing' a realistic pic of a statue, and
everyone's was really good-then i look over down at MY characters canvas and i see
this weird-buggy-cartoon guy with big collar and random hair pieces sticking out ((he
was bald)) I nearly DIED from laughter XD
then i took a pic. of it to remember it always ) and so i can laugh my arse off at
it XD HAHA BRIAN YOU SUCKK AT DRAWING!! yes, i namesd him that too xD <333
ok! and #2.) i was hanging out with Kenji(?) >the dude that is dating the one
teacher...yeah i know-wtf?< and we hung out at that wild-duck-buger mcdonalds place
and he got mad at me"him" because he was being on Lovey -dovey saying he saw a "bride
to be" mag. on his gf teacher's table and then he was acting all "WE'RE GONNA GET
think your rushing things" then he got offended "SHUT UP YOU DON'T KNOW TRUE LOVE I
EFFING LOVEE HERRR BLA BLA BLA((insert words here C: ))" and everyone turned their
heads 'cuz he was standing up yelling at me then WHAT HAPPENS?!?! OF COURSE!! a big
red "?!" pops above my head and i get a card!! and it says our relationship has grown
stronger!!! LOL i just found that funny XD
LOL; i have 2 lifes with this game XD
OH , and i dunknow if i said this befoer- but about 2 weeks ago or so i friend
punched me really hard in the boob accidentally and i started crying. then TODAY!!!
you'll never guess what happened?? </>>opps I lied :x <<
I start driving school ed whateva in October :'D 
ALSO- homecoming is coming up and me and a BUNCH of friends are going to Spain's
house to eat and hangout until we go XD
im excited o3o"
NOWWW that's it!!!
that i can think of anyways!! 

‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   29 September 2010   411403  
You don't get cancer from being punched :T
Biihtei says:   29 September 2010   820481  
@  KawaiiKoneko  :
wahh!! REALLY?!?? gawd why am i so gullible???( and stupidd ;A- my
friend told me that :x 
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says :   29 September 2010   117429  
It would have to damage the cells so they would's
generally the result of toxins and/or genetics... 

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