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I Became BulletProof at River Valley RanchCategory: (general)
Sunday, 19 September 2010
09:01:35 PM (GMT)
Over a span of three days, my whole prespective on life has changed completely. Not only making me think diffrently but changing the way people will think of me. - I've been spiritually enlighted after being in the DARK for quiet a while. - I've found myself (sorta, kinda). - And Restarted My life. - Plus made new friends. I'm still your Potential, for people who are wondering.. "What the.." "Where the.." "How the.." "Who are you, what have you done with Poe, and where did you get that awsome picture?" etc. I was at a 3-dayChristian concert/Youth retreat/spiritual enlightenment program. The place i went is called River Valley Ranch. If anyone else has been there (btw its in Maryland) Then you guys should know its one of the coolest olden styled ranch out there! And is APPROVED for that doesn't mind a little excersise and nats. (Its totally worth it even if u don't like those things) and it was just Simpley So AMAZING. I was relunctant to go, but it was hands down the best choice i made since .. I've decided to accept Christ. A LO~NG time ago. lol There was a band, holly fliping floped up falcons they were good :D Their drummer, had hair like edward cullian and a beard like wolverine which was so HAWT. xD The lead singer, Matt, he was cool, and his hate was sweet! I didn't get to meet the guitar player and bass player, but they seemed like pretty awsome people as well! We'd have a concert with about 4 songs each morning before bible studied which got us really reaved up in the mornings. We were all jumping and screaming, and yelling, and acting like a punch'a crazy people saying "PRAISE JESUS!" all day, and "AHMEN" x) but it was so much fun. lol Then we'd get our message and take notes, by our pastor.Waffle. No kidding. Pastor Waffle was like the coolest, and he was irish so he had the coolest accent, and he would talk about all these awsome things, that we could all relate to, and he went to the the same school i'm at know so i could relate twice as much. Basically the school hadn't changed at all. Its still pretty violent.. LOL His actual name was Christoph (cool french name for a french guy) reminds me of the begal they have in france too. But his nickname was Waffle. So we just called him, Pastor.Waffle. =) - There were actually alot of emotional things going on, so it wasn't always whoop-di-doo, like i almost died on their zip-line xD (NOT cool Mr.Dave! xD I almost lost my shoe! But its all good.) Srly though, everyone broke down at the last day, and we all prayed together. - I COULDN'T CRY though. NOT EVER. I hate crying, i hate myself when i'm crying. Its actually a pet-peeve of mine i had for as long as i can remember. So everytime i felt my eyes blurr i'd pinch myself, bite my fingure, and say its just allergies. xD I would never cry. Nor would i ever go up to the front to pray with a consuler. I don't mind going up with other people.. But i just don't want to be a bother...? Did what i just explain make anyscence? Because so far, i think i'm being really confusing... Well to cutt it short. -LEFT a person - Came back a SOLIDER - Now restarting my life - Thanks to the grace of god. - And i'm also giving up a few things- - for instance. I can't watch Yaoi anymore or listen to bad music. D:> Which is fine i guess. Its a big thing now- - but its actually a really small step. But i gottah show love to him some how. >:D and i'm a determinded solider! P.S the band at our retreat was called Remedy. Check 'em out. Their extraoridanry!!

‹XxWolves-Cry-to-the-MoonxX› says:   20 September 2010   341538  
I'm really happy for you, to find a place for Christ in your heart
and to start over for the bettering of yourself is truly an awesome
thing, but remember everyone needs to cry sometimes, and while crying
all the time doesn't help knowing when its the right moment is what
makes you truly strong ^^
Zelda3443 says:   24 September 2010   272344  
Good job, Tori! Your awesomeness has increased, even though it was
originally hugely high.
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   8 October 2010   431866  
Why have i not replyed to u guys? xD
xD i do really feel diffrent, but i don't think my enviorment is
changing very much.
i talk a bit diffrent, and i think diffrently sometimes, and i'm a bit
more respectful.
But i don't see how i'm making a diffrence..
But i'll keep up the christian-ness in me! >:D
psh. I just don't cry. i can't cry, it'll just make me feel weaker.

so what awsome level am i at now-- 
like- - 5 
Zelda3443 says:   9 October 2010   759940  
More like level 10!
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   9 October 2010   464028  

urs is proubly like 85. :P 
Zelda3443 says :   11 October 2010   750769  
Well you just bumped to level 100 for calling me awesome.

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