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Saturday, 14 August 2010
08:18:12 AM (GMT)
 This doesn't have a title because... i couldn't think of one.

Lily and James flung their school robes into the air, mounted their waiting
broomsticks and flew as high as they could into the sky above Hogwarts. They had just
finished their final year at the school and were leaving to rejoin the muggle world.
It wasn’t that they wanted to leave Hogwarts- it had been like a second home to
them, but it was good to be free. They were supposed to walk down to the station, but
Lily had never broken a rule at Hogwarts and James had finally twisted her arm.  They
could even have caught the carriages like the other 7th years, but they were a
qualified witch and wizard now- and determined to start taking as full advantage of
it as possible.  The headmaster of the school- Albus Dumbledore- shortly joined them
in the air and began chasing them- trying to tell them that they’d miss the train
if they didn’t hurry. The pair exchanged glances, and then started firing snowballs
at their headmaster from the tips of their wands. Having a decent sense of humour,
Dumbledore drew his own wand from his flowing purple robes and started firing back,
and before long; half of the school- including teachers- had joined them in a mid-air
snowball fight. Snape- who hated James due to all the bullying he had been subjected
to over the past 7 years- sent a large ball of ice directly at his enemy. It hit his
head directly above his ear, knocking him unconscious and causing him to fall off his
broom. No one except Lily and Snape saw what had happened- Snape was too busy
gloating at finally getting his own back, so it was up to Lily to save him before he
hit the ground. She caught him with seconds to spare- after dodging endless balls of
snow and ice herself- and lay him down on the grass in front of the castle. Lily
stroked the large lump on the side of his head from where the snowball had hit him.
His eyes flickered open at her touch- he looked up at the fight still going on above,
down at his fallen broom and wand, and then sideways at Lily. “You saved my
life...” He smiled, picking his glasses up off the grass beside him and putting
them back on. Before he could say much else, Lily had placed one of her slender white
fingers on his lips, leaned forward and planted a quick kiss on his forehead. She
pulled away, but James pulled her back and kissed her lips. “I love you.” He
“I love you too…” It was at this point, James Potter and Lily Evans became more
than just friends. Lily stood and helped James to his feet. She picked up his fallen
belongings, and then they walked hand in hand to the station; whilst flakes of snow
from the continuing fight fell down around them.

A few years later.
Both Lily and James’ parents hadn’t liked the idea of them being together, so the
pair ran away and started a new life in Godric’s Hollow. It was a quiet little
seaside town where muggles and wizards were able to live side-by-side in complete
harmony. Sirius, James’ best friend, also moved to Godric’s Hollow to get away
from his awfully evil family and controlling mother. On James’s 20th birthday, Lily
discovered some very exciting news, but didn’t dare tell James until he’d gotten
home from work that evening and they had a few friends round for a drink.
	That evening, James arrived home from work to a chorus of ‘Surprise’ and
‘Happy Birthday!’. Lily had invited a few people from around the village-
including Vernon Dursley- who was the most miserable young man in the town. He also
hated anything and everything to do with magic, but had come anyway with the promise
of free drinks and Lily’s sister. She’d also invited Petunia (her sister, as
promised), Dumbledore, Snape and Sirius. Lily stood in the centre of the room- with
James and their 5 guests sitting on the sofas and chairs along the wall facing her.
“Everyone, I have some very exciting news, which I’m sure you’ll all agree is a
wonderful birthday gift for James too. I’m pregnant!” James stood up and hugged
his girlfriend, then faced their guests. “And I actually have a little something up
my sleeve too…” He pulled his wand from his sleeve, pointed the tip at his
outstretched hand and conjured a wonderful ring from thin air. “Lily, I love you.
Will you marry me?”
“Oh…” She was crying with happiness “Yes James, I will!” The guests
cheered, clinked their glasses together and continued their conversations. The couple
walked over to Sirius and requested he be the godfather of their child. “Of course-
when we left Hogwarts I told you that you could count on me to do anything for you-
and I’m a man of my word. You know I am.” Lily hugged him in thanks, thinking
about her unborn child and what a wonderful life it was going to have. Dumbledore
walked across the room to congratulate them, then pulled Lily off to one side so he
could speak to her in private. “Lily, you know how much I have always looked out
for you, James and every other pupil in the school. For most, I stop looking out for
them when they leave the school, but you’re special Lily. I’ve got a funny
feeling about your unborn child. He or she will have a very important role in the
wizarding world- I’m sure of it- so you and James have got to put everything into
protecting him or her.”
“Of course! I always trust you Dumbledore- you’ve never been wrong in all the
years I’ve known you.”
“Well then Lily, I trust I’ll be invited to the wedding?”
“Yes professor, you will be.”
“Thank you Lily. I must be off now- I need to get back to the school and make sure
it’s still standing!” He closed his eyes, spun on the spot and vanished. Lily
looked around the room- Petunia was deep in conversation with Vernon, James was
talking to Sirius, and Snape was sitting on his own in the corner- so Lily went over
to him for a chat. She sat on the armchair facing him and brought her knees up to her
chin, hugging her legs and thinking of her unborn child- just a tiny little dot at
that time. “Hey.”
“What’s up?”
”You sure? You look kind of lonely.”
“You didn’t care much about my loneliness at Hogwarts.”
”I care now, Severus. What do you do now? What have you been doing since we left
school? I invited you here so we could catch up.”
“Ok, well I… you know in the last 2 years of school, I was quiet and always busy
and sensitive and stuff?”
“Yeah, I remember. What was that all about?”
“I got involved with you-know-who. I became a death eater…”
”No! Severus! What… you gave your life away? How can you do that?”
“You started getting really close to James, I wanted you for myself and I knew
I’d never get you the way I was going.”
“That didn’t mean…”
”I didn’t want to hurt you, but I felt that without you life wasn’t worth
living. You-know-who just appeared one night… offered to make me a death eater-
said I’d be above the law; I could do anything I want. I said I’d do it if he
vowed never to harm you. It wasn’t his sort of thing, but he said I had potential.
He wanted me so bad, he accepted.”
”Severus… you’re basically saying that you gave your life away so I’d be
“Yeah. I guess so.”
”That’s so stupid!”
”I guess so, but I can’t back out of it now.”
“Oh Severus.” She wanted to hug him, but his greasy hair was a turn off- and then
there was knowing that he’d joined the most evil group known to anyone. She took
his hand in hers and squeezed it tight. “Severus, remember when we were little
kids? You used to hang around on the park by my house… Petunia and I used to make
fun of you… then you told me you could do magic. I laughed, but only because I
thought you were joking. Then you proved it and suddenly it wasn’t so stupid
anymore. You became my best friend Severus.”
“I know.”
”Remember that first time… you were showing me the things you could do, and I was
showing you. We made a promise.”
“Friends until the end.” Snape looked into Lily’s green, cat like eyes and
smiled. “Look… Lily. I’ve got to go… I need to get back.”
“Sure, don’t let me keep you… I would say that you could spend the night but
Tuney’s already staying with us.”
”It’s fine Lily, seriously. Until next time, farewell.”
”Goodbye Severus.” He walked across the room, opened the front door and left-
he’d never liked apparating. Petunia and Vernon stood and also walked towards the
door. “Lily! I’m spending the night at Vernon’s. I’ll pop around in the
morning to see you before I go, ok?”
“Sure thing Tuney. Have fun.” Lily watched them walk arm in arm down the garden
path, then closed the door and walked back over to James and Sirius. “I’m off to
bed guys- I’m really tired. Night.”
“Goodnight sweetheart.” James stood and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. “I
love you.”
“Night.” Sirius nodded from his chair.
	Upstairs, Lily got changed and lay on her side of the bed. She was tired, but far
too excited to sleep. She was going to be a mother, and she was going to get married!
Pulling the covers up to her chin, she closed her eyes and waited for sleep to come
to her.

4 months later.
Lily walked down the aisle of the small church that was situated in the centre of
Godric’s Hollow. She was wearing a beautiful, flowing white dress that her sister
had worn at her wedding the month before- Petunia and Vernon had fallen in love at
first sight and got married as soon as they could. James was standing at the altar
with Sirius at his side, and Lily’s parents were sitting in the front row next to
Vernon and Petunia. None of them were very happy to be there- as they all disapproved
of magic entirely- but they all went anyway simply because Lily had turned up at
Petunia’s wedding and they felt obliged to return the favour. After half an hour of
listening to the Vicar drone on about how the couple were to stick by each other
through thick and thin- no matter what, until death do they part- they exchanged
vows, placed the rings on each other’s fingers and then finally got to the part of
the ceremony they had all been waiting for, “Do you, Lily Evans, take James Potter
to be your lawfully wedded husband?”
“I do.”
“Do you, James Potter, take Lily Evans to be your lawfully wedded wife?” James
looked away from Lily- into the faces of everyone in the church. His family, Lily’s
family, Dumbledore, Snape and several other people from Hogwarts were watching him
with great interest. Turning back to Lily, he looked into her bright green eyes and
smiled- he really did love her, more than anything or anyone.
“I do.”
“Then I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Almost 5 months later.
“James…” Lily was standing in the middle of the living room, bent over, holding
her swollen stomach. James looked at her, took hold of her arm and apparated them
both to St Mungos.
	After hours of intensely painful labour, Lily lay exhausted on the bed- her ginger
hair sticking to her forehead- drenched in sweat.  A nurse placed a small, towelled
bundle into her arms and left the couple to it. “He’s beautiful…” Lily
sighed, stroking the child’s rosy red cheek and gazing into his bright green eyes.
Lifting the bundle from Lily’s arms, he held the child carefully and rocked him
back and forth. He noticed it had a small, fluffy tuft of messy black hair on top of
it’s head- just like his own. “What shall we call him?”
“He looks like a Harry, don’t you think.”
”Yeah, Harry. Harry Potter.”

A year later.
Harry sat on a miniature broomstick and whizzed around the living room. Sirius had
given it to him as a first birthday present and he loved it. Lily picked him up and
hugged him- and was shortly joined by James (who had abandoned his
muggle-birthday-cake-making and just come back having bought one from the corner
shop). Sirius took his camera from his pocket and took a few photos- but then went
home because his mother was supposed to be calling around. (Sirius couldn’t stand
the woman anyway, but she was even worse if she was kept waiting any more than 10
seconds.) Lily put Harry to bed, then went back downstairs and sat on the sofa with
James. “He’s such a lovely little boy- he’s going to make a wonderful
”I know.”
”You know, on your birthday last year- Dumbledore told me something. He said Harry
will grow up to ‘have a very important role in the wizarding world’. What do you
think he meant?”
”Maybe he’ll be the headmaster of Hogwarts when old Dumbledore retires?”
“Maybe…” Lily stopped short when there was a knock on the door. “It’s
probably Dumbledore- he said he’d come round to drop off a little present for
Harry.” James stood up and walked over to the door- leaving his wand on the table.
Lily heard shouting- and a high pitched, hissing, unfamiliar voice. She couldn’t
make out what was going on so walked closer to the door- but she hadn’t thought to
pick up her wand either. Poking her head around the door, she gasped at the scene in
the hallway. Kneeling on the floor was James- begging to the stranger. Lily could
tell from the way he stood that this strange man was none other than the dark lord
himself. James was crying with fear- panic etched on his face. The stranger pointed
his wand at James’ chest and almost shouted, “CRUCIO!” James’ body went into
spasm, jolting and twisting in pain. Lily cried out from the doorway- alerting the
dark lord to her presence. “Ah, what do we have here?” He hissed, raising his
wand and looking at Lily. “No! Lily- Harry. Protect him. I love you. I love him.
Just go.” Knowing what was going to happen, James closed his eyes and sunk to the
floor. The dark lord glared at Lily, then turned back to her husband and pointed his
wand at his chest. “GIVE ME THE BOY!”
“No! Take me, but leave my wife, leave my son!”
“Well you can’t have him!”
“NO! JAMES!” Lily cried out- she’d just seen her husband killed in her own
home, in her own hallway. She wanted to hold him and cry and she wanted to die, but
she knew she had to protect her son. He was only a year old- not old enough to defend
himself. Reaching the top of the stairs, she ran into her son’s room, closed the
door behind her and pushed the wardrobe in front of it. Harry had woken up, and was
standing in his cot- watching his mother. “Mummy?”
“Shh darling. It’s ok…” She whispered, leaning over the cot and stroking his
hair. “Mummy and Daddy love you lots and lots ok?” She was choking back tears-
knowing the same fate suffered by her husband was just around the corner. The dark
lord was stood on the other side of the door. “INCENDIO!” The door and wardrobe
burst into flames- and were nothing more than ashes within a matter of seconds. There
was a ring of fire around the cot- with an opening just big enough for a man to step
through. The dark lord stepped into the circle and faced Lily. “Give me the
“No! He’s my child… and I love him. I will always protect him! I will!”
“No, you won’t. Move out of the way, you silly woman.”
“AVADA KEDAVARA!” Lily fell to the floor- eyes still wide open, pleading to the
ceiling. “Darn over protective parents.” The dark lord muttered, cursing wildly
under his breath. “Ah, finally. The main attraction. Good evening, Harry Potter.”
He spat, hissing at the child. Harry just blinked at the strange man, and rubbed his
“Mummy? Daddy?”
“Oh, don’t you worry about them. They’re just dead… it’s nothing I’ll
ever even have to think about… you however- should probably start worrying… right
about now. I’m going to kill you Harry Potter.”
Harry just blinked again and sat down- he wasn’t scared. “Idiot. Just like your
parents.” The dark lord laughed, raising his wand and pointing it at the
defenceless child. “AVADA KEDAVARA!” The room glowed green, the circle of fire
was extinguished, the dark lord was thrown backwards onto the floor- but the child
lived. “But… I’m Voldemort. I have never been beaten… especially by a
child!” He walked forward, leaned over the cot and tried to touch the child’s
forehead- there was a deep, jagged cut where the spell had hit him, but nothing more.
Before Voldemort could even get near the child, he was zapped by some kind of
protective force- and the air around the child glowed blue. He’d been beaten by his
only weakness, the only thing he’s never had- love.
	A tall, very round man with a long bushy brown beard entered the room and bent over
the cot, gazing in awe at the child. “Y’ alive.” He gasped. Picking up the tiny
orphan, the giant turned away from the cot and looked down at the body of Lily.
“Such a beautiful woman, so much ahead of her. Such a lovely child… Well, we
better get going Harry. I’m Hagrid by the way. You’ll probably spend a lot of
time with me when y’ get to Hogwarts. Y’ a very special young lad. Shame
really… James ‘n’ Lily ‘ave always been good people.” The giant sniffed,
sighed and wiped his nose on his sleeve. “Dumbledore sent me ‘ere to tell y’
parents that he’s very sorry he couldn’t make it… I get here and I see the dark
mark over y’ house, an’ I’m tellin’ y’ now, that’s never good. So I come
inside an’ there’s y’ dad in the hallway, an’ I thought, Jesus. Then I
remembered the whole reason I was ‘ere y’ know, an’ I come upstairs an’ I see
y’ mum lyin’ on y’ bedroom floor- starin’ up a’ the ceilin’. Then you was
lyin’ in y’ cot, not movin- that massive bloody cut on y’ fore’ed. I jus’
thought, Dumbledore ain’t gon’ be happy. It’s obvious he-who-must-not-be-named
has been here y’ know. Hey- you… y’ the boy who lived! Y’ gonna be famous
Harry! So anyways, I saw the dark mark an’ owled Dumbledore- he’s gonna meet us
by y’ aunt Petunia’s house. I’d much rather y’ go to Sirius’ but his
mother’s there an’ that’s not a woman y’ wanna mess with. Plus- Dumbledore
reckons you’ll be safer with the Dursleys ‘cus they isn’t magic like us-
you-know-who’ll never think to go looking there for y’.” They were standing
outside now- and it was snowing. The dark mark cast a green glow over the whole of
Godric’s Hollow. Hagrid unzipped his massive jacket and placed the now sleeping
Harry inside to keep him warm. “Eh, you hang on in there with the Dursleys for the
next 10 years an’ then y’ can come to Hogwarts an’ learn some magic. Make some
friends too- I know y’ will. Y’ll be famous, an’ everyone’ll wan’ a be y’
mate. Don’ worry lad, Dumbledore’s always liked y’ parents- an’ you for that
matter- he’ll look after y’.” The giant mounted a huge motorbike and took off
into the night sky- towards Privet Drive- where Dumbledore was waiting- to start
Harry’s new life.

- Sirius discovered James and Lily’s bodies the next day. There was a note in
Harry’s cot explaining that Harry had been sent to live with Lily’s sister under
Dumbledore’s instructions. Sirius arranged a funeral for his best friends, to which
Harry, Petunia, Snape and Dumbledore were invited- but only Dumbledore and Snape
turned up. After the funeral, Sirius and Dumbledore went back to the house and picked
through the belongings that weren’t destroyed. Dumbledore took James’
invisibility cloak- to give to Harry when he arrived at Hogwarts. Sirius took
everything else and stored it in his old room at his mother’s house- then locked
the door and didn’t return until years later, after h

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