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Wednesday, 21 July 2010
12:53:00 AM (GMT)
When I originally got here, I thought that there were just a bunch of 12 year olds
and pedophiles here. After going deeper into the site I realized something. I don't
think the pedophiles are the real problem for these people strangely enough. When you
see an 11 year old describe themselves as "Single and looking", you know something
has gone horribly wrong. I'm no prude but Jesus Christ (1) there has to be a line you
don't cross and fucking at that age has to be a crime where the punishment is being
stuck in a room with a TV, DVD player, and only the first 2 twilight movies, and you
can't turn the volume down. And yes you can say, "That is only a few people." but I
clicked the Simple Match button for about 20 minutes and thats almost all I got
besides Anime Loving Emos(Which btw I love). Then I saw a 12 year old who's user name
had the word "sexy" in it. Jesus (2). 

In retrospect, it more then likely isn't that big a deal. Unless these girls are
inviting people to their house, it is just text. Except that in one profile I found
an Address and Phone Number! 

So two things:

1: Scientists must conduct research on why such young girls get so sex crazy on this

2: How many of those young girls who "LOVE TO CYBER" are actually young girls and not
40 year old men looking for a fix.

Just something I had to say. Now once again I am no prude. Sex is awesome and
everything, but it is just something that does not work better when you get an early
start. 15 or 16 fine (hell I had sex when I was 15) but 11. No.

‹Horror Enthusiast› says:   21 July 2010   648300  
wow i agree strongly
Oroborus21 says:   21 July 2010   481000  
i dont think that there are many 11 yr olds doing it..of all of my
friends and i have a lot, 14 seems to be the magic age when they are
gettign started..

i waited til i was 21 but then i was under more religious dogma at
that time..without that i probably would have done it in my teens as

but the 11,12yr olds are just expressing their sexuality...not acting
upon it and thats a healthy and normal thing...just startingto find
themselves and their online interactions are a safe way they can start
to figure things out.
Salvador_Nero says:   21 July 2010   754451  
I'm not saying its not a logical way of finding out, but it is a
disturbing way. And an 11 year old should not have a sexuality! Cause
that means that their are children out their fucking, or people out
their fucking children, both of which is wrong and creepy.
Salvador_Nero says:   21 July 2010   980017  
Forgive my poor grammar. There instead of their.
Salvador_Nero says:   21 July 2010   744996  
And I just realized, you are a dude. A pretty old dude at that. You
really want little girls to start expressing their sexuality. You
creepy bastard. I guess this is where the pedophile part of the site
comes in to state his piece.
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   23 July 2010   419392  
1: Scientists must conduct research on why such young girls get so sex crazy on this site.
Well, the answer to this might just be because their, the young girls, parents aren't watching them, no moderators are watching them, and creepy old pedophiles are encouraging them to behave inappropriately. So their parents won't know, there are no consequences, and they're being showered with compliments by these ripe old perverts. The question is more how could this sort of crime NOT happen? And trust me, despite there being little evidence of addresses being leaked publicly, it's happening. So in my opinion, the pedophiles on this site ARE a real threat. :X
2: How many of those young girls who "LOVE TO CYBER" are actually young girls and not 40 year old men looking for a fix.
Haha, and I wish this were true! :'D But I apologize, I'm ranting and rambling again. :O
Akiba23 says :   5 August 2010   491574  
Sal perhaps not in your time in bishop
but when I was in sixth grade there where exactly seven sexting
And one arest.
What makes everything else you've just written about so

Believe it or not there are people who masterbate at the age of five
don't know what they're doing, just that it feels good then they learn
about sex and give it up gladly.  It's scary to know but that's up to

Honestly it's a culture thing.
Music is beyond suggestive always has been but now it's even more
and god knows little bitty kids are singing "All that ass hanging
Music is fine but kids ages ten and under should be singing Land
before Time not  hardcore rap.

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