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100 things to do before I dieCategory: (general)
Saturday, 17 July 2010
02:25:54 AM (GMT)
1.Become an accoplished writer
2.Write three full series of books
3. Read a three hundred and seventy five book in an hour
4. Read a three hundred paged book in thirty minuits
5. Run a marathon
6. Meet DaKarra in real life
7. Become fluent in greek
8. Write a book that is later made into a movie
9. Meet Payton in real life
10. Be DaKarra's biggest fan [as if I'm not already!]
11. Bring DaKarra and Payton to Japan
12. Prove the shakespear conspearacy
13. Study three extra years in college for numerolgy
14. Be a proffesser for a college for at least a year [or more]
15. Have a cooking show on food network
16. Go to thirty Papa Roach concerts
17. Spend a year traveling the great mountains and lakes and forests on foot and
alone, searching for a higher meaning
18. Develop a certain style
19. Dye my hair copper
20. Make a CD
21. Find a cure for cancer
22. Learn to be less emotional
23. Chenge the views of having to be skinny! Any size is fine, as long as you like
24. Run an orphanage
25. Make sure everyone has a warm place to stay and good thigns to eat for
thanksgiving, christmas, valentines day, and al holidays
26. End abortion
27. Change the ways of asylums
28. Complete surgery
29. Cure blindess and other dissabilities
30. Have a day where no one dies
31. Float away into the ocean for a week
32. Prove that dragons are real
33. Study symbology
34. Teach
35. Be one of the seven judges on the supreme court
36. Cook a meal and serve it at the soup kitchen
37. Spend a year in Virginia
38. Take a trip with Hayes to Nebraska
39. Be there for DaKarra on her first audtion for the lead
40. Be on set while her movies are being filmed
41. Learn brail
42. Build a huge orphanage
43. Build a hospital
44. Work around the insane
45. Help the insane find saity
46. Help the insane find ways to forfill their dreams
47. Paint a picture that's put into the national Art gallery
48. Deliver stuffed animals to every patient in a childrens hospital
49. Deliver a gift to every patient in a regular hospital
50. Become a legend
51. Get a tatoo of a dark tree with a bride and a groom hanging on it, dead, holding
hands, and under it saying"Till Death Shall Thy Part"
52. Go ot a renisance fair
52. Adopt a kid from every continent in the world
52. Preform a live concert
53. Shoot a gun
54. Burn half of my face off and see if the skin grows back
55. Save someoen in a fire
56. Die
57. Live my life
58. Live in a large suite apartment in new york
59.SAve someoens life
60. Turn a serial Killer to the good side
61. Sleep half way through a window
62. smash an ice cream sunday in an exes face
62. Kiss in a tree top
64. Get a photograph take into the top ten
65. Bathe in scorching water, and come out pale
66. Cut my eye brow down and see if I go blind
67. Live on the sea for a year
68. Get a perm
69. Have a victorian summer house
70. Design an outfit
71. Live in Africa for a year
72. Donate a thousand dollars to helping Africa
73. Hold fundraisers for more to donate to them
74. Create a line of organic clothing
75. LIve on a farm
76. Join pottery class
77. Be a head cheer leader
78. Finsish the books I've started writing
79. Become a therapist for a few years
80. Have a live speech
81 Teach Greece
82. Write a dictionary
83. Meet DaKtoa Fanning
84. Ride a bike through France
85. Meet Leonardo DiCaprio
86. Kiss him
87. Paintball the Playboy manison
88. Plant a garden
89. Do a rain dance
90. Create a light show
91. Go to a carnival and become a kid again
92. Create an ice scupture
93. Walk across the Earth in one direction and than walk back
94. Break my clavicle
95. Scream at the top of my lungs, than fake sleep
96. Talk loudly on the phone in the elevator to a fake person with a crazy
97. Stand up to Bre when she puts me down
98. Become fully calm
99. Go and colect coral from the bottom of the sea
100. Grow up to be six foot five

‹Dαʞαяяα ♡ τhε Gεnεsιs of τяαgεdʎ› says:   17 July 2010   831621  
"22. Learn to be less emotional"
I like you that way. Its cute. 
"66. Cut my eye brow down and see if I go blind"
"87. Paintball the Playboy manison"
Im going with you. =]

That was a good list, hope you succeed.
‹hypnohsis› says:   17 July 2010   579754  
Yeah, but I don't like it. Ha, thanks.
It means to cut from my eye brow too my chin and see if since I cut my
eye getting to my chin, I'd go blind.
Awesome! Bring any color, as long as it's not pink. They may enjoy it
if it is! 
orangecherrysoda says:   17 July 2010   794792  
I'll be living in Japan by the time I'm 28 anyways. :3
I shall draw manga there, and you will all buy my books. Sound good?

Make sure to bring eggs, too. :D
‹hypnohsis› says :   17 July 2010   245122  
Course I will. And I'll yell at anyone who doesn't like them. I'll buy
every book and be waiting outside the store the day before the arival. 


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