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Thursday, 15 July 2010
05:06:51 PM (GMT)
full name: Shall not be divulged on the internet!
age: I'll be fifteen in fifteen days 
height: Five foot, two and a half inches there abouts.
eye coluor: Grey green
glasses: Unfortunately
contacts: Uh huh.
if you have contacts, what's the longest you've worn them?: About twenty
hours. The resulting headache made it difficult to diagnose that I got the flu the
next day. 
hair color: dirty blonde/ pink.

favourite place: That's a good question. I don't know really. The Internet.
favourite band: I don't beleive in bands. I prefer to choose indivigual songs
that appeal to me, without the bias of loyalty to a group or artist.
favourite song: "Lietuva". It's so cheerful that it's like being beat over the
head with rainbows. I love Lithuania now.
favourite style: Lolita/ gothic lolita/ gothic. But I like it when girls
clothes embrace old gender traditions more than I show.
favourite food: Oh, I love raw salmon! Sashimi, sushi, whatever. I don't like
it when people ruin it by adding vegetables to the sushi though.
favourite genre: Fantasy fiction- but only if there's humour.
favourite coluor: Pink or bright green.
favourite country: Japan 
favourite movie: I have no idea.

last time grounded: I can't remember. I'm pretty straight laced. 
last time hugged:  Uh. A few days maybe. Dunno.
last time you cried: I only do it when nobody can see/ hear me. Maybe a week?
last time you missed someone: On going.
last time you drew: Yesterday.
last time you went camping: One year exactly.
last time you saw a deer: Yesterday. I don't live in suburbs so much as
last time you saw the mountains: Under two minutes ago
did you see them up close: Yeah! 
last time you danced: Does a seated happy dance count? Yesterday.

longest time you've stayed awake: Three days, I think. Then I started dozing
longest time you've held your breathe: Two minutes
this time without cheating: I timed it! Admittedly, it took me awhile to get
it up there. (That's what he said.)
longest time in the hot tub: Half an hour
longest time in the water: Six hours.

current shoe colour: Barefoot! My toe nails are painted though. Blue and one
Ukranian flag.
current fav shoe stlye: Never thought about it. Flats, I guess.
current fav shoe make: I just got my first real pair of running shoes, so I'm
leaning toward reebok
current poster in your room: I'm not a poster person.
current colour of your room: Pink
current fav show: Oooh, so many. Criminal Minds, Unnatural History, Glee,
Phineas and Ferb, iCarly, and anything with Michio Kaku in it.
current style: Uh. Hats with bows on them, pinkish hair in pig tails, I layer
brightly coloured shirts, and almost always have international flags on my
fingernails. Is that a style?
current shoe size: Right foot is six and a  half N, left is six and a fourth
W. Go figure.
current amount of people in your house: Four. My step dad is back from the
hospital. Bastard. 
years left till pre-drivers license: One year, fifteen days. Not looking
forward to it.
years till drivers licnese: Two years, fifteen days. Bleeeeeeck.
years till high school: I'm already a Sophmoron! So glad to not be Freshmeat.
years till graduation: Class of 2013. Whoo.
years till allowed to go to clubs: *shrug* I don't care.
years until college: Three, if all goes according to plan.
future job plan: Owning a research friendly nature preserve in Asia.
future picture of how big of a family you want: I don't plan on having a
future wedding age picture: At wedding age, I will be the brides maid who
ducks for cover when the boqoute is tossed.
future dream house size: Hadn't thought about it. Something that can be self
sustaining. I hope solar technology gets better.

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   15 July 2010   403874  
Thank you for introducing me to those songs. :D

I know what you mean by individual songs. I don't have any actual
favorite bands, just songs.
Kirti says:   16 July 2010   529811  
Thanks for making me not the only person to like them! 

We seem to be alone on that. Everyone else seems to really beleive
that music is their life. That would make me sad... 
‹SqueeneyTodd› says :   16 July 2010   887437  
The weird thing is that, when I go by song and get introduced to other
bands, I don't look for other songs by them. I just happen to find a
song by them and think "Woah, I didn't know they performed this song

I do like listening to music, but I've never worshipped a band or


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