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French men with hitler `staches :0Category: (general)
Wednesday, 23 June 2010
01:19:00 PM (GMT)
Hello world and all that inhabit it :3
anyways,  i just got back from the dentist, all thee cavities are finally filled, so
now i only go every 6 months or so to get mt teeth cheecked up on and cleaned YAY >D
and ~ even though i'm 15 the lady let meh choose out a toy.
"Would you like a toy???"
-me- "OF COURSE~!" whut i was really thinking though was "HALE YES LADY!!" XD
*back to reality*
anywho, the laughing gas did not work as well this time.
and no matter how many cushions they put in that big chair, it's not gonna make it
any warmer DX
we waited like, 15 minutes me just breathing in the laughing gas (of course i started
to laugh again =.=' ) and then they started drillin` away! and i could feel it!!
of  course i ended up not becoming numb untill the filling part...really?..gahh...
not only that, but all day i've been hearing screaming children.
In the dentist place like 3 rooms down from me (which really didn't calm me down at
all =.=' )
in the waiting room...(children were laughing really loud too, and growns up were all
"shut up." o_o' )
at the rest stop. ( and a baby was laughing at me XDD it was weird but really funneh
for some reason XD)
in taco bell.... ( i ended up only eating nachos and cheese and they just threw it in
there...gah, no respect for  the customer!)
and so on and so forth...
but!!! any who back on subject, i was gonna choose this ballony girrafe thing but
then i saw it,....
the mustaches!
i just had too =w='
/AHH!~! The pleasure of having a stach` :{D
and a go-tea, and unabrow,....and beard XDD
and i plan on after using the big one im gonna cut it to look like hitlers stach`
oh yeah, 
i ended up drawing till 4-5ish in the morning then going to sleep, because my plan
was ruined..
don't sleep for two days, then the night before your dentist appoitment, go to sleep!
it'll be a lot easier that way!!!
yeah-no..that didn't happen, sure i stayed up  for the two days, but apperently when
i was waiting for the computer to load somehow i made my way towards the bed and
passed out, i slept for like, 2 to 8 ish in the afternoon =.='
woke up-went downstairs
"your dad's in the hospital,-----talktalktalk---"
-me- "..." *looks dead*"..." *nods, and gose back upstairs passes out yet again.
wakes up at 10ish, goes downstairs eats pizza that tastes like cardboard and then
came back up stairs and read a really long manga and i finished it too, well sorta, i
have to wait for the rest of it to come uot but-WUTEVA~!!!
so yup, that leads me to where i am noww

6 in morning-wake up *fall back asleep*
7 "" - take an hour to get up finally and find some clean clothes that "match"
8""- in the car and on my way towards the dentist ( in other words, ... i passed out
again... )
9""-show up at dentist.
9:10ish""-wait in waiting room....forced to watch Pinocchio (NOT the disney version
either... =.=' )
9-10::-in session (getting teeth cavities filled)
11""-back in the car (back asleep)
12""-at TacoBell.
1::-Here i am :{D

i tryd to convince my sister to cross the road to see if i had any mail yet but she
said she wasn't allowed just because semi's and other stuff gose down really fast
down our road >>Countryside<<
Phhfft-she would'a been fineeee
there wasn't actually any french men with hitler staches` so sorry D:
well, B-out :{U

Fareno says:   26 June 2010   511981  
woow what a day o.o ...
they put you to sleep when they fill your cavities?? and they numb

They don't do any of that here C; -thumbs up for awesome dentissst!-
and when they drill it doesn't hurt, and the filling feels

Well on july 12th, im getting a tooth extraction surgery! =D that
means anesthetics, so i'm pretty excited 8DDD
Biihtei says :   26 June 2010   134525  
@  Fareno  :
oh yes , it was quite a day XD
uhm haha yeahh- because i have a LOT of phobia's but my biggest one is
dentists, I mean, I like, reallyyy freak out when they're in the same
room as me, so I have to go to a special place now, and hour away, so
they can give me laughing gas so i don't have a spazz attack XD
although I occasionally have a little freak out and they told me my
leg twitches, and my first time there they thought i was having a
seizure xD

well, i mean i couldn't really feel anything, but you know there
working in there, nd i shut my eyes so i don't see anything but you
can still hear the drill, and no matter how loud they turn up the
radio and sing im still a little scared.
but when numb they work pretty fast.
 and i feel stupid, because the first few minutes when i first smell
the minty or bubblegum gas i can't help but smile or laugh. XD
i don't have to go back till December to just have a check-up, then
they're seeing what they can do, if i can get braces. ohyay~ XD

ahno, im ranting again!! XD 


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