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Fleshing out my characters a bit... moreCategory: (general)
Sunday, 20 June 2010
04:02:25 AM (GMT)
Pate was put on a rotation between master philosophers and kept being late. So
eventually he hired an assistant and got a horse, which is how he met...

Name: Vessal Minc

Occupation:  "Personal Assistant" (Loyal servant)

Age: Around fifteen.

Physical description: 5'5, so fairly short. He's thin and wirery. His hair is
nearly chin length, but he keeps it behind his ears. He's a bit feminine
looking on the whole. (The fact that he wears an apron while cooking doesn't help.)

Basic Information: Pates' loyal servant. Ves is obsessively dutiful. To the
bottem of his heart, he has no ambition beyond serving him. He has to be street smart
to keep his master safe, but most of his education is just from being around Pate.

He's bright and observant, but even though he notices small details he doesn't use it
to form an opinion. He doesn't think big, and he doesn't take sides. His side is
always "fulfill my duty to Master". He'll do whatever his master orders, but Vessal
is so fanatical about being a good servant, and he's been working for Pate for so
long that he doesn't really need to be told to do anything, unless it's
something that could put Pate at risk. Allowing Pate to be in danger is something
Vessal would only do on Pates' request. Only the request has to be more of a demand,
and the allowing is very reluctant.

Although it can seem like Vessal is cold hearted, it isn't that he's not
compassionate towards others. Pate says that he devalues his own pain so much that he
has trouble empathizing. Vessal really does care for people. Sorta. 

Greatest fear: That something will incapacitate him when Pate needs him.
(Lesser fear? Asymmetrical things.)

Greatest desire: Vessal wants to find a replacement to serve his Master in
case something happens to him.

Greatest regret: He never learned to write. 

Extra information: Vessal can use magic, but doesn't like using
it. He will use it for his Master though, and ends up being a guinea pig for Pates'
theories sometimes.

Extra extra information: He doesn't have any actual weapons or hand to hand
training, but he's a decent fighter owing to the fact that his own safety means
absolutely nothing to him. It's hard to win against someone who will endure anything
to make sure you can't reach the person behind them.

More extra information: Vessal does everything for Pate. (Pate can't really do
anything for himself, not that Vessal would change if he could.) He cooks, he cleans,
he carries, he keeps schedules, and he protects Pate. He also has a thing for
rechecking the supplies three and a half times, and making sure saddles are perfectly
straight. His skills aren't unusual, and he doesn't perform them spectacularly, but
Pate doesn't complain and his perfectionism helps.

Side note: Vessal could get a wife (Pate encourages it, actually) but
he doesn't want his focus taken off Master Reevey. Pate also thinks he should take
some time to study magic more seriously, but Vessal won't unless he's ordered. 

Background: His father was an odd jobs man with no magic and practically no
money. His older half sister was lazy and just waiting for marriage. Vessal had to
figure out that his sister is only his half sister for himself. His father made it
pretty clear that someone with magic should be able to take care of himself. 

Vessal couldn't see how his father was wrong, so when he was twelve he started
working at a public stable. He was soon able to identify everyone who came regularly,
but one person stood out, a boy around his own age, and that boy was named... Nelk.

Nelk was the petulant servant to a cheerful teenager, but Vessal didn't care about
that. He cared that this Nelk could not saddle a horse properly. One look at
the uneven straps made him squirm. He justified the discomfort because he thought
anyone who tried to sit in that saddle would surely fall. And apparently, Nelks'
master did, and lost conciousness for almost a day. So Vessal took it as his
responsibility as a stablehand to resaddle the horse every day.

Every day until Vessal saw Nelk steal something from the bags. Vessal had never liked
Nelk so didn't hesitate to return the trinket to its place with magic. Realizing he
now had no proof made him angrier. Really Vessal is an irritable person in general,
and not good at planning his actions. But he had to stop the kid somehow. 

So he told Nelks' master to please be at the stable early the next morning. Pate was
concerned when he saw his assistant steal, but worried that the stablehand had framed

Vessal saw the thief confronted and calmly asked if he had stolen anything. Pate was
then knocked to the ground by a flying wad of mud, and Vessal was cleaning him off by
the time he stopped seeing double. 

This was the first time Vessal saw the extent to which Pate really, truly, could not
take a hit. Nelk was gone, and Pate was too dazed to stand, so Vessal readied the
horse, grabbed a lead rope, and started taking Pate to his appointments. 

By the time Pate was fully aware of his surroundings Vessal had been prodding
addresses of philosophers out of him and guiding him accordingly for long enough to
pretty much assure that he had lost his place as a stablehand. When Pate offered him
a job as his assistant, Vessal knelt before him and promised his absolute loyalty.
Three years later, Pate has started to catch on that he meant it.

Ta-da? Well, that's not everything about them, but the rest will make more sense
in context. 

Are they okay? Comments make me happy to an almost alarming extent!
Last edited: 4 October 2010

‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   20 June 2010   980541  
Just read both your characters. I like Vessal more then Pate, but
that's a matter of personal opinion. I like what you did there.

I don't think you missed anything in your character creation, all
looks good to me.

I like how Vessal fears asymmetrical things. Reminds me of Death the
Kid. (Even though I've never really seen where he's from. *shot*)
Kirti says:   20 June 2010   610019  
I'm worried I didn't show how Pate is though... {insert lengthy
comment about Pate that I think I should just add to the previous
diary here}.

I like Vessal and Pate equally. I can't even seperate them in my mind
enough to judge them, but maybe that's because they're mine, huh? Pate
is a good person though. Just... Incapable.

I have those two friends who love Vic Mognona-they also love Death the
Kid. Do you even know where he's from? 
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   21 June 2010   135527  
If Pate Is Scared Of Death Yet Wants To Die, Isn't That
Contradictioning Each Other? 

Actually I Like Pate More. Maybe It's Because I Like Dudes That Dress
Up Dramatically Because I FInd Them Hilarious Or The Fact That he's
Plain Looking Which Makes Me Picture Him Wearing Glasses (For Some
Reason Thinks Boys Look Cute WIth Glasses XD)


Ohh I Do That Too, But Recently I've Been Able To Pick Which
Characters I Like More. It's A Hard Thing To Do, But Very Useful When
Kirti says:   21 June 2010   738605  
Pate isn't suicidal, he's just a philosopher. He fears death and aging
and that other stuff because they are unknown and out of his control,
but at the same time he secretly wants to know exactly what it is that
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   21 June 2010   721541  

Ah I See Well Then, That Makes More Sesne For Me =) 
Kirti says :   4 October 2010   486263  
Yeah. Having Pates' character around is making mortality much more


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