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Kupi-test! Responce to Role.Category: (general)
Sunday, 30 May 2010
07:44:33 PM (GMT)
When did you join Kupika?
Summer 2007, officially. But I was obsessed with runescape then, and didn't actually
start going on until my laptop stopped loading runescape that winter.

And how many friends lists are you on?
53, but I've never spoken to a lot of them. To put it in prespective, I only have 13
people on my friends list, and three of them quite in 2008.

And what about blacklists?
Three, but their all people who say that being gay is evil, so I don't even think
they should count. (Oh no! Romantic love! It's evaaaaaaail!)

Do you have any dedicated haters?
Nah, I'm not well known enough.

Who is the best person you've met on here?
Oh gosh, let me list them.

But everyone who actually made it on to my friends list is close to me! (In an
emotional sense, not a creepy way.)

Out of every single member, which one would you like to meet up with?
Role, deferdoodles. I've known her the longest, and I can actually picture meeting
her and it being fun, not just weird.

Name your favourite five Kupikan artists?
Maybe Haku12 and <fullstopped>? I don't know the names of any others off the top of
my head.

What is your favourite club that you're a member of?
After that drama last year, I don't really want to get involved with clubs anymore.
The ones I'm still a member of just sit ther and rot.

What is your favourite part of your avatar?
I like that it's so familiar. I've have this same avatar for three years.

Do you know who Hina is?
Of course I do! And I thank him for his dedication.

Are you part of the large 'Tokio Hotel' cult on Kupika?
No, my sister really likes them, but she's not a Kupikan.

Are you part of the even larger 'Anime &Manga' cult on Kupika?
It's a cult? There a few animes I watch, and I do love reading manga, but... It's
more of a fill in passion. I do love it though, more then novels, though I read those

Have you listened to, or were you part of the 2007 Kupika Xmas song?
No, I s'ppose not. I guess I didn't know enough people to hear about it back then.
But ah, good ol' 07. Kupika was a community then. I feel old.

How did you discover Kupika?
A friend forced me to make an account, but quit right after. It's been like a second
life ever since!

Are you part of the KupiBeta club?
No, never bothered joining.

How many roleplay clubs are you a member of?
Don't laugh- I don't really know how to role play.

How many stars are you?
5 stars. I am so proud of myself! Even though it probably means I need a life.

Do you know the secret of how to get 5 stars?
It's just like with people who reach Enlightenment. They always start off starving
themselves, then say starvation is stupid, then BAM Nirvana. To get five stars,
obsessively pursure the fifth one, then give up and forget about it. And suddenly,
poof! There it is.

How much KP do you have at the moment?
162, because I'm always giving them away.

And finally, do you know me, Bootheghost?
We spoke once or twice.

tiggerlemon101 says:   1 June 2010   922476  
I feel special!  
Kirti says :   1 June 2010   518601  
You deserve to! 


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