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The new girl next door part 4Category: warning
Friday, 7 May 2010
03:00:15 PM (GMT)
Max's mouth stayed there, her lips stationary, the sweetest kiss imaginable. Jenna's
eyes closed, her body's senses taking over. How long that kiss lasted she would never
know, a second, a minute, and hour. She wanted this feeling of sweetness of warmth to
last forever. Soon however Max's lips left hers, Jenna's eyes flew open. She looked
up into Max's wide eyes, they were shining. 
'Jenna' she wispered
'I really like you' Max answered, 'I know you didnt like me at first....'
'I dont dislike you' Jenna said carefully
'I know....' she paused 'I am a lesbian, I like girls, I've liked girls, some I've
kissed and gone further with, but I've never felt like this, never'
gone further sent a shiver down Jenna. Her arms came up in goosebumps.  'I....I....Do
you feel the same way?' Max asked, Jenna realised that Max, super-confident Max was
Jenna didnt know, her mind had somehow disappeared, or had it been locked away, the
key stolen by Max? All she knew was that she wanted to feel Max's lips on her again.
She lifted her head and kissed Max's plump lips suare on. Max let out a small groan
and pushed Jenna back onto the bed, her hand resumed clutching Jenna's breast. Max's
lips began to move on Jenna's forcing her lips to open, soon Max's tongue started to
lick Jenna's lips and then enter the small gap between them. Her hand slowly massaged
Jenna's breast, soft at first but as the passion between the two girls rose, harder,
and harder, Jenna couldnt feel any pain, only a longing for more of Max. Their
kissing became more and more voiced, Max moaning and murmuring 'Jenna' between
breaths, Jenna too was emmiting noises of passion, of longing, moaning too when Max
leaned backwards, breaking the kiss. 'Im uncomfortable' she said 'It shouldnt be'
Jenna was breathing heavily. Her thoughts all came rushing back. lesbian, Lesbian,
LESBIAN!! Jenna sat up, almost groggily. Max was on her feet in front of Jenna. Panic
started to kick in.
'What am I doing? she thought
'What?' asked Max, unknowingly Jenna had uttered her thought outloud.
'I...I....I...' Jenna's head was reeling..she was repulsed, a lesbian was wrong, how
could she, how could she have let herself? She looked up at Max, an unrecognisable
feeling welled up inside her, was she falling for her? she had this compulsion to
kiss her again. what was with that? Jenna was battling within herself, but her body
won over her mind. She locked her mind away somewhere deep inside her and said
'I really like you too' 
Max's whole face lit up. 'You do she asked? Then lets make it more comfortable shall
we?' she asked 'If its okay with you?'
The new carefree Jenna just nodded and said 'That's fine'
Max pulled Jenna up and shoved all the clothes from the bed onto the floor. Jenna's
heart was thumping, but her whole being was aching from not touching Max, she had to
touch those lips with hers again. The two girls sat on the bed, Max pushed Jenna so
her head was on the pillows and she sat straddling her.
'Do you want to go further?'she asked 'We wont do anything you're not comfortable
'What about your mum?' Jenna asked
'She's at Rick's tonight' answered Max. Jenna didnt know who Rick was and she didn't
care. Her one worry out of the way, that they wouldnt be interrupted, she was able to
'Relax' said Max
'I dont know what to do' said Jenna
'I'll show you, but just do anything that feels good' she assured.
She lay her body down on top of Jenna, careful that not all of her weight was
squashing her. She moved Jenna's hair away from her face and said
'Shall we begin?'
'Yes' whispered Jenna, with all her being.

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