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River Lights Ch 2 Pt1Category: Chapter Book
Wednesday, 28 April 2010
12:14:56 PM (GMT)
Chapter Two: Dealing With It

     Raven woke suddenly to find herself gazing right into a pair of cerulean blue
     Most people would have jumped, but Raven just stared onward. Testing him. It
was like a game to see who blinked first. After a few moments, she gave up and sat
up, stretching. From the corner of her eye, she watched Nef.
     He was laying on top of the covers, which earned him some slight amount of
points. However, he hadn’t moved when she got up. Instead, he continued to stare
straight ahead--as if the wall yielded some secret that he had been waiting a
lifetime to learn and was now unwilling to let it go. Still laying there, he asked,
“Do you always wear black?”
     Raven glanced down at her silk black pajamas and shrugged. “I don’t suppose
you would actually have any scruples with sneaking uninvited into others homes and
onto their bed while they sleep, would you?” She shot him a musing glance that
concealed her contempt.
     “Well, it wouldn’t exactly be sneaking if you invited me in, now,” Nef
replied off-handedly. He blinked then, sitting up. “Good morning, my beautiful,
lovely, heart-warming murderess. You seem to be particularly vicious this morning.
How endearing. I think I’ll make us some breakfast. How do you like your eggs?”
     “Vicious? Oh, darling, you haven’t seen vicious yet. I’m sluggish and
actually kind of sweet at this time. Give me ten minutes and a hot shower, and
I’ll happily disembowel your lungs in no time.”
     Nef grinned at her, white hair even more wild than yesterday. His stark white
skin, which would have been repulsive on anyone else, glinted tantalizingly under
the light coming through the third story window. His pale lips were pursed slightly
on his face just so that they made Raven want to leave forward and trance them with
her index finger, breathe on them and taunt him until he open them and pressed them
forcibly on her own--
     Raven jerked back, shaking her head of the confusingly intimate thoughts. Nef
seemed to notice her confliction and arched towards her, smiling sweetly. “How
considerate. Too bad you didn’t answer my question.” He reached up to trace her
jaw line with a gentle touch, flaring anger in her limbs just as it made her shiver
in hated pleasure. “I really hate being ignored.”
	Then he went to kiss her. It was a swift movement, comprising less than a second of
space. Raven tilted her face in just the instant before his lips would have hit
mark, instead grazing the skin of her cheek. He caught himself, head turned away,
radiating anger and discomfiture. Harshly, Nef wrenched himself upright and glared
at her.
	“Well, then,” he said hotly, glowering as if it had been he who had suffered
the great offense. “I suppose I’ll just improvise.”
	As he climbed off of her bed, Raven’s temper flared once more, rising furiously,
she shot a bar of water in front of him, immediately sending it up and down, so that
when it reached ceiling to floor it froze, a sheer wall of ice. He paused, shirtless
and barefoot, and stared at it with the austere expression taken with defenseless
pests who mistakenly cross one’s path.
	“You won’t kiss me.” Raven glowered pointedly at Nef. “You won’t cook me
breakfast. You will leave my house immediately and never return. You will acquiesce
to my term or I will kill you horribly. Am I clear?”
	Neferentanti smiled then, a cold, wicked thing. He flung up a hand and in an
instance the ice had shattered, flying into the wall with jagged points. They melted
there, Raven’s hold weakened dearly. Then he turned to Raven, and in a flash, he
was next to her, kneeling less than an inch away on the bedspread. His eyes were
wild. “Oh, honey, you really don’t want to play that game. I have lived for
millennia. That’s a hell of a long time to practice. And remember, sweetest,
though I may have said you were passing before, that doesn’t mean I won’t
suddenly decide to change my mind and kill you. That’d be all it take to end your
life, Miss Glissen, so I recommend you shape up.”
	“Oh?” Raven arched an eyebrow. “What exactly would that entail?”
	Nef’s smirk widened. “Glad you asked.”
	In another blinding second, Raven found herself clasped to Nef’s body by the iron
cage of his arms. His breath was heavy on her hair, heating her scalp with its warm.
Then she felt his nose nudging her face up with more force than Raven would have
believed possible. She restrained a gasp as she met his beautiful blue eyes,
fighting to withstand the sudden threat of emotions battered her defenses. In a
flash of fury, she threw him away from her and against the wall.
	Enraged, Nef’s eyes flashed again. Yes, anger was good. Anger was some thing she
could deal with. Anger was one of the few emotions she had allowed to remain,
whereas weaker feelings such as remorse and pity she had long ago eliminated,
crushed underfoot, and trapped behind a locked door.
	That was suddenly warning of breakage and betrayal.
	“Here we are again,” he twitter in sarcastic pleasantness.
	“I told you before; I do not take kindly to your approaches. What you may think
to gain--well I honestly don’t care. I won’t ever respond, and in attempting to
raise feeling that don’t exist, you are merely wasted your time.” Raven paused
for effect, turning to her closet. “I suggest a more feasible route in the
	“Oh?” he replied, the malice still thick in his tone. “Darling, pray share
what exactly you would consider that to be.”
	Raven searched through the clothes until she selected an ensemble that she
preferred. Black jeans, a studded belt, a black bodice, and ankle boots--which were
just her style for hunting, really. She could feel Neferentanti’s boring into her
back. “Address some other, much weaker girl with these so-called charms so that
she can fall all over you. Or perhaps engaging a different emotion if your desperate
for my attentions. Something like fury, hatred, or cold disdain.”
Last edited: 28 April 2010

cobalt_angel11 says:   29 April 2010   874721  
i like it.
‹NeverThoughtLoveAndLossFeltSoMuchAlike› says:   29 April 2010   499753  
You already read most of that already, girl. 
cobalt_angel11 says :   30 April 2010   978163  
not the last part, though =D


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