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Aliens could be realCategory: my random thoughts
Thursday, 8 April 2010
10:32:13 PM (GMT)
So i've been thinking why is it we say that aliens most likely dont exist? I mean
scientist have said things like this planet doesn't have what it needs to sustain
life blah blah blah! What i don't get i that they are looking at it completely in the
wrong perspective. I don't think that we should be looking at it as could organisms
from earth survive on this planet. Wwe need to be thinking if an organisms was to
live on this planet what would their body and composition need to be able to
withstand and go with out. I know am borrowing this from a syfy movie but in signs
the Aliens were hurt by water so obviosly they didnt need water or very little of it
to survive. Everytime i think of it i'm like yes i watch syfy a lot and I llove
starwars but sometimes i think they are heading int the right direction with aliens
and what not. What if these other planets or galaxies have materia that our planets
dont and chemical that we dont posses. That would make they're life a lot different
than ours. Maybe if we started thinking outside of could we survive on this planet to
what type of organism could.


1000000_Light_Reflections says:   9 April 2010   376875  
Mmm hmmm. Yeah that's deep.. Maan. =]
Decipher says:   9 April 2010   974172  
We've been through our periodic table. If theres anything were
missing its radio active, and would cause any matter around it to
they look for Carbon, not water.
Carbon is the building block for tissue. Even trees are made of
Without carbon life CAN NOT exist,  there is no way to substitute it.
Sorry kid.

And if anything, the aliens might be LESS advanced than our pathetic
human race.
GreenBox says:   9 April 2010   656459  
I know what you mean. No one knows how big the universe is and theres
no telling how many other life forms can be out there. They can be
made of some substance that we haven't even come across yet. I don't
dout that there are aliens or whatever, out there. Space may be
infanitly long and earth can't be the only planet to sustain life.
Biihtei says:   9 April 2010   847457  
ohh wow sonny boy :o i don't know how to reply to that XD so i'll
just say your right, errr yes yes  agree completly x3
‹♥ImJuStMi&yourAveragePrincess♥› says:   10 April 2010   388048  
I dont believe in aliens :/ LOL its just a religion thiing, but yeahh
this 'universe' is massive! I believe thaat theirs something else out
there but not another life on a planet  but no onee can really tell
but I'm suree in the future everyonee will find out.
Biihtei says:   25 July 2010   401462  
owls are aliens XD
"look mom, i got my acceptance letter to hogwarts! OHMYGAWD
*frying pan'em suckers >XD
‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says :   25 July 2010   499126  
Way I see it is, the universe is way too big for our planet to be the
only one with life. And they can only really look at planets in our
galaxy, because we're only that scientifically advanced. There is just
no way we are the only ones.


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