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Monday, 29 March 2010
07:03:21 PM (GMT)

“NOOO” why is Naruto in a pool of blood on the floor? “Why did I go back to the
past,” she said. Then she heard a door open. She just couldn’t place where she
had felt that chakra signature from before. It had felt familiar, so she went and
checked it out. Then she was looking right into the eyes of Sasuke Uchiha. “Why are
you here?” “ I wanted to ask you the same thing.” “No, why are you alive?”
“Naruto in the future gives me the Kyuubi. So he dies like he is now. I was trying
to stop it. And the Kyuubi killed him from inside out because I have the Kyuubi
too.” “So there can only be one Kyuubi?” “I guess it is true.” Then Sakura
teleported out of the stone cold fifth hokage’s statue head.
“I have to find Neji-kun. And not to be mean, but I need Shikamaru and Hinata-chan
too. So she went to search for them.” “Oh, Sakura, what do you need me to do?”
said Shikamaru. Hinata popped her head out from behind Neji. “I need you three to
follow me please.” 
“Oi, what is the rush, Sakura-chan?” said Shikamaru. “Naruto-kun is dead
because of me. I’m not really going to tell you guys why… okay Naruto has or had
the Kyuubi in him, but when we are two years farther into the future. You three put
the Kyuubi into my body. And Naruto dies from the Kyuubi being taken away. So I need
the Kyuubi’s power and for you guys to send me back in time to stop this. And it
starts when we were genins.” “Okay Sakura-chan, I will help you if you promise to
help Naruto-kun and save him.” “Yes Hinata-chan, I will. But the thing is… I
will need my memories to help them. So Shikamaru has to hold me, because Byakugan
messes it up, not to be mean.” 
(I don’t know how rituals go, but Sakura goes back five years to her genin level…
and she has everything that she has and knows into the past. But she gets put into
her genin body. So she knows how to remove curse marks and has super strength and
everything. She also has the Kyuubi in her body.)

“Ooohhhhh, I would love to have your body Sauke Uchiha.” Orochimaru purred.
“You can’t have Sasuke-ku---------- Woah…Wait… Sasuke move now!!!”
“What. Why should I move? Ugggghhhhn.” As Sasuke was bitten and started to fall
to the ground, Sakura caught him and used her super strength to hit Orochimaru. Then
she started to run away “I have gotten you Sasuke Uchiha…wait. You, young girl
with the pink hair… have you ever met a woman named Tsunade?” “So what if I
have?” “You have. Oh good child. Maybe you could be a host body too.”
	“I will never work for you, Orochimaru.” “Young child, you have no choice.”
“What are you talking about? Sasuke, why did you get in the way… why did you have
to get bit?” “Because I have a reason. It is because I want to know how you knew
what he was going to do… I want to know why you want to save me so badly…and I
want to know why you have the deadly/lovingly gleam in your eyes like you have seen a
great friend die or someone you didn’t think would die at a young age.” 
“Yeah, about that, when you wake up, don’t hurt anyone because I can take care of
myself Sasuke. But I have to tell you something when you do… and follow Naruto
around because he tries to open the scroll.”
“O-ooook-ayyy.” Sakura caught Sasuke as he started to fall off the tree. Sakura
thought, ‘wow, Sasuke-kun is really heavy, wait, did I just call him with a
–Kun?’ ‘I only did that when I liked him as a genin’. “ Sa-ak-ur-aa…. Can
you tell me why you know so much about Orochimaru?” “No…. but check me with
your Sharingan.” “Why, is there something wrong?” “No, but I want to see if
you can see a difference in my chakra levels.” “Okay… wait, why are they at a
hokage’s level?” “I have been training.” And Sasuke had to believe her
because Naruto caught up to them. 
“Hey guys, why is Saukra-chan carrying Sasuke-teme?” “We were…mfrmmmm.”
“What Sakura-chan is saying… I mean Sakura is saying is that we were attacked by
bugs, and I tried to stop a big bug from getting to Sakura.” “Ya, and Sasuke
(stopped calling him –kun) is really mean and wouldn’t let me kill it.” Naruto
was thinking why Sasuke was calling Sakura Sakura-chan, and why Sakura wasn’t
calling Sasuke Sasuke-kun. “ Uhhh Naruto, are you there?”

  *               *               *               *               *   *              
*               *               *               *

“The Chuunin Exam Preliminaries will begin!” The proctor was being very serious.
The first match will be SASUKE UCHIHA v KABUTO. “Lion’s Barrage.” Kabuto was
knocked unconscious instantly. “ Sasuke is victorious.”
The second fight was SAKURA HARUNO v INO YAMANAKA. “Cherry-Blossom Power Strike.”
Ino was taken aback. “Mind Transfer Jutsu.” “Too late Ino-pig. How about this
Ino, Chidori Rasengan.” Ino was knocked way more than unconscious. She had three
broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a broken leg. Sakura said, “ Wait. I can heal
her.” They set her down and Sakura had a lime green chakra flow move to her hands.
She started to heal Ino. After about five minutes, Ino woke up perfectly fine.
“Sakura is victorious.”
The next fight was NARUTO UZUMAKI v KIBA INUZUKA. “ Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu.”
Then Naruto farted and Kiba was knocked unconscious. “Naruto is victorious.”
“There will be a final set of battles one month from now.” 
“Hey Sakura-chan.” “Huh, oh it’s you Naruto…. What do you want?” “Well
me and Sasuke are going to go to Ichiraku Ramen, do you want to come?” “Umm…
well I was going to go train but why not, I have nothing else to do.” “Hey
Sakura, do you think you can show me how to do the Rasengan part of your Chidori
Rasengan?” “Why not Naruto. But you have to not be a baka (idiot) when I show
you.” “Awwww come on Sakura-chan. Don’t be mean. But I will not be a baka when
you teach me that cool Rasengan. Wait, are you going to teach Sasuke Chidori?”
“No, I wasn’t planning on it.” Sasuke was behind a tree next to the ramen shop.
“Why won’t you teach it to me. I bet Kakashi-sensei knows Chidori.” “Yes,
that’s where I learned it from.” Kakashi jumps to the rooftop.
“Sakura, where did you learn Chidori from?” “And where did you learn to heal
people like that?” Wow, why were people asking so many questions. “I have to tell
you guys something… Well I want you guys to meet me at the Hei Bridge at noon,


(At the Hei Bridge)
Sakura saw Sasuke, Naruto, and Kakashi-sensei walking towards the bridge where she
was. She was going to show them what she looked like from the future. “Hey
Sakura-chan.” “Hey Naruto.” “What do you want to want to talk to us about
Sakura?” “Well, it started when you, Sasuke, were bitten by Orochimaru. You
leave, and leave me asleep on a bench. I think that I can’t go on. Tsunade trains
me and I learn the stuff I know now. I learn Chidori from Kakashi. I become a
legendary Sannin with Naruto. Sasuke kills his brother Itachi and he kills
Naruto gives me his Kyuubi and Shikamaru, Hinata, and Neji die sending me back here
with my knowledge, body, and chakra support. I was devastated when I saw Naruto on
the floor with his blood going everywhere. And now I guess I should show you guys
what I look like from the future. But it could endanger you guys. Orochimaru somehow
found out about my mission, and will do anything to get this information. I will be
forced to show you what I look like. I will look like this even during the second
round of Chuunin exam fights.” She did a few hand signs and there was a big puff of
The first thing you see is black toenail polish and thigh-high ninja boots. A red
short skirt with the Haruno emblem and Uchiha emblem mixed at the bottom right
corner. A white cloth that ties to her black belt that falls to her knees. It is
swaying in the breeze. Her brown elbow-high glove. You see her above-the-bellybutton
shirt. The fishnets covering her stomach. Her right arm is fully covered in fishnets.
She had eyes that looked sorrowful and looked like they had seen too much to explain.
Her headband was back around her right arm. And last but not least, her hair that
fell all the way down to her ankles.
“Wow, Sakura-chan, is that really you?” “Yep Naruto, this is really me. Just
don’t die yet. You do become hokage.” “Yahooooooooo.” “Dobe, will you shut
up? Well…Sakura-chan, will you tell me why you have the Uchiha symbol on your
outfit.” “Well, when you come back, you ask me to hold the symbol, not as
marriage, but to hold the Uchiha symbol if you died, it wouldn’t be forgotten.”
“Well Sakura, I will not leave you guys, and I will not die, and I will not abandon
you, ever.”
*           *         *           *          *         *
   Time skip 2 years
Saukra: Sannin
Sasuke: Chuunin
Naruto: Sannin
*		*		*		*		*	    *      

“Sasuke, you promised me you wouldn’t leave.” “I’m not leaving you, I just
have some special training that will take 2 days, but you can’t follow me.”
“Fine, but if Lady Tsunade gives me the orders too, I will.” “Not if I kiss
you.” “You said you would only be my friend. That is the way it is staying.
Because I don’t want to be hurt again.” “I have to give you a goodbye present
for being my good girl.” “I am not a good girl, uke-teme.” “Not you too. Hey
I’m not an uke-teme.” “Why can’t I call you a cute uke-teme?” “Well if
I’m cute, then I guess you might be a good Uchiha mommy.”
Sasuke bent down on his left knee and pulled out a beautiful black velvet box. He
opened it and inside was a diamond cut into a cherry blossom. “Sakura Haruno, will
you marry me?” Sakura got teary eyed and smiled. “Yes, but in one condition, you
have to come back and we have a proper wedding. I want to have a beautiful kimono.”
“Whatever you want, but can you move into the Uchiha Manor. I have Naruto there to
watch you. And our room is a big beautiful black room with red. But you can stay in
the room next to it. That room is black with purple.” “Fine, but I will want my
stuff to be there with me.” “Okay.” The funny thing was was when he went to
kiss her; he went straight across to kiss her.
“Sakura, wow, are you really this tall, I’m 5’9 and you’re as tall as me. I
should be used to you in this position, but I can’t believe that you’re as tall
as me.” “Well I have always wondered why I am two inches shorter than you in the
future. Don’t run into Orochimaru and don’t take the katana from Itachi.”
“How do you know about Itachi-sama.”? 
Sakura went to her house to get her Nightmare Before Christmas and Abby Normal
clothes to move into the Uchiha Compound. Then she was out of her house, and walking
around a corner when she was knocked down to the ground. “Oof. Now my butt
hurts.” “I’m sorry. Wait, Sakura, is that you behind the Nightmare Before
Christmas and Abby Normal stuff?” “Naruto, help me.” In a puff of smoke, Sakura
purposely turned herself into a large black wolf with purple eyes and highlights in
her fur. “Well Naruto, I would like some help with moving into the Uchiha Compound.
Wait, grab my engagement ring too.” “Okay Sakura-chan.”
When they started walking there, they were stopped by Hinata and Neji holding hands.
Hinata said, “Sakura-chan, where are you going? Are you moving in with Naruto-kun?
Wait, you have an engagement ring on your finger and Naruto doesn’t. Who are you
getting married to?” “She is getting married to Sasuke-teme.”(Sakura is a human
again. Just letting you know)
	So Sakura and Naruto were on their way to the Compound. When they had gotten there,
Naruto dropped all of her stuff. “Whew... that was horrible.” “What did you
say? My things aren’t even heavy.” “Sakura-chan, have you lifted your stuff
without your super strength?” “………” “Well?”

Oroborus21 says:   30 April 2010   559490  
its cool keep it up
toshiro_lover says:   30 April 2010   819157  
i cant think of anything else...i need inspiration
Broken_Dreams_angel says:   1 May 2010   133284  
I'll give u inspiration ;D
toshiro_lover says :   1 May 2010   802687  
okay...cuz i need help


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