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my story its fantsy fiction tell me how ya like itCategory: (general)
Friday, 19 March 2010
02:15:22 AM (GMT)
“DUCK!”I yelled. “Use your element if you have to!” “But Carmilla.” My
little sister Bethany wined. “Do it if you don’t want to be changed into a
Illithid!” Illithids were mosterist humans with very powerful powers. My sister and
I lived in the spirit world and our city well Damek meaning peaceful. And it didn’t
seem very peaceful to me. Blood oozed from above. I thought it was from the roof. But
it turns out one of those things were above us. Great! He came for me first grabbing
me by the collar of my brand new denom jean shirt. He threw me against the wall as I
heard the cracking sound of my leg braking. I used my element air and made a minnie
tornado and aimed for the monster. He stood there unharmed as the tornado went right
threw him. I was a Sylph an air elemental, and my sister was a salamander a fire
elemental. I looked up to see him coming for me. Then to my surprise he stopped.
That’s when I saw a ring of fire around him. My sister smiled at me with worried
eyes. And then an Illithid came for her making her lose her concentration as the
flames went out. The Illithid turned to me with red eyes and the last thing I
remembered was him coming at me then everything went black.   

Chapter 2
I awoke with my back aching. Then I looked up to see I was in Illithid prison. Go
figure I thought.

“What vill we do with thou”
       Someone said

“Swe can kill thy”
 Another voice said

“Let just change them”
A guy who talked a little more present day who also had blue hair said, Blue?!? Why
blue how cheesy.

“NO! Thy kids are too stubborn to get changed. And we would have to knock them out
again cause one of them are awake.” An old Illithid said.  
“But still I think it’s a good idea to change them. Thy blood is perfectly good
to change.” An blondie girl said.

“Alright but your changing them”
The same old Illithid from before said. Then mumbled something I couldn’t

The blondie girl walked toward my cell first. I got up and fell just now remembering
my broken leg. Then I tried getting up again as the blond chick just got closer. I
dragged myself across the floor away from the blondie. Although I was too slow. And
she picked me up by my broken leg as the pain surged through me. It felt like a
thousand needles stabbing me. I knew this was the end. The Illithid ran at me with
full speed picking me up by the back of my shirt choking me. As I tried to get a
breath I threw a useless punch as the chick barely stumbled. I was thrown against the
wall falling in a heap of red blood. As she ran at me again I tried to kick her with
my good leg. Then she picked up my good leg and broke it. As she threw me against the
bars of the cell I was out dead.

       Chapter 3
I woke up with blood running down my face. And after a while I decided to close my
eyes cause it was too much pain for me to handle. Sooner or later the pain faded and
I tried to talk, but only a cough came out. “Ah…I see you’ve awoken.” A voice
said handing me a glass of icy cold water. “Welcome to your new life. You are now
an Illithid.” Great I thought. Then I turned and said, “Where’s my sister?”
“Over there my dear.” He said while pointing. I looked over to see my sister
blood running down her face. A tear came out of my eye. I looked down at my legs
wondering if they were still broken. I kicked the air. They were surprisingly fine. I
walked over to see Bethany and that’s when I saw she had a mark on her face like
every Illithid. Her mark was “!///♥”a exclamation mark the roman numeral 3 and
a heart. She was still asleep and I did not want to awake her. So I sat by her bed
and waited until she woke up while I watched her sleep peacefully.

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