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A Dark and Scary Night PartyCategory: (general)
Friday, 5 March 2010
12:02:25 PM (GMT)
One night at a very popular party, Savanna met a dark and scary guy, Jamarcus. He
took her behind the house and started kissing her. Kissing led to a bunch more. 

Savanna had always been the shy one and never seen. Most of the time it was her step
sister, Kayban(yes, it's a strange name), is the one who is seen because she is very
beautiful. Strangly Savanna is prettier than Kayban and Jamarcus is the first one to
realise it(or so she thought).

After that night at the party Savanna had the worst news ever SHE'S PREGNANT. When
she tells Jamarcus, he denies ever even doing anything with her. He claims that he
was with Kayban that whole night.When she tells him she is wrong, he hits her in the
face. Savanna tells Kayban that she is pregnant  for Jamarcus she is in disbelief. 

After going to the doctor, Savanna is positive that she is pregnant. She doesn't
wanna keep the baby because it is part of night that should have never even
happened.It should be Kayban in this situation not her.

Kayban finally admits to Savanna that she is dating Jamarcus. So Savanna finally
realises that all along he thought he was with the one girls he wanted to be with,
Kayban. Kayban has to expain to Jamarcus that it wasn't her that night.

"It wasn't me that night at the party," explained Kayban
"There's no way it was Savanna, I mean she is the ugliest girl in the world."
"WHAT why are you saying this. Is it because she is pregnant for your baby?"
"No thats not why. Its because it is the truth. She will never be as pretty as you

Kayban knows this is a lie. She knows that her stepsister is way prettier than her.

"Thats a lie. She has and always will be prettier than me." 
"No its the truth. She was never prettier than you. I LOVE YOU KAYBAN!!!!!"
"Well I don't love you." 
"Why not?" 
"Because you don't see me as me and because you were to stupid to realise that it
wasn't me that night."
"I thought it was you. I was drunk and you know that. I couldn't see straight. And I
never wanna lose you because I think I would die without you."
"Well then you might as well die. We are done."

Jamarcus can't believe what he just heard and turns away crying. He really loved
Kayban(or so he thinks). Later that night he calls Savanna to check on her and how
things were going. While talking to her he realises that he never loved Kayban. He
LOVES Savanna.

Kayban best friend, Stacy is dating Jamarcus's older brother, Hunter. Hunter tells
Kayban about Jamarcus starting to date Savanna. Kayban doesn't think that its true
until Jamarcus shows up at thier house to bring Savanna to the doctor. They were
making out on the porch. When making out they are spotted by Kayban and she calls the

She calls the cops because she knows that Savanna and Jamarcus are illegal. They are
illegal because Savanna is only 13 and Jamarcus is 15 about to be 16. Kayban can't
get them in trouble though because she is starting to date Stacy's cousin Micheal and
he is 21 and she is 16. 

Micheal goes to Stacy's house all the time but oddly never met Kayban until the day
her and Jamarcus broke up.  When Micheal saw Kayban  crying in Stacy's room, he was
there to comfort her. After comforting her, he told her that he thought that she was
really pretty. She didn't want to believe him because what if he fell in love with

Hunter told Jamarcus,"Kayban is with Stacy's cousin Micheal now!!!"
Jamarcus replys," That's her decision. She left me and now I'm gonna be with the girl
who is pregnant for my child."
"But you don't even want the child. You thought you were with Kayban that night."
"I know that is what I thought, but honestly I'm happy that it wasn't her."
"Why? She is beautiful and smart. What more could you ask for"
"Because I got something even better out of it."
"What would that be? A girl that you don't love PREGNANT for a child you DON'T
"I have a beautiful girl that is pregnant for a child that I do want and love."
"Whatever you say bro. Whatever you say."
"By the way where are you going all dressed up?"
"I have a double date with Micheal, Stacy, and Kayban."
"Well have fun. Later bro."

So Jamarcus tells Savanna about her sister and Micheal but she doesn't care. The main
reason she doesn't care is that she is six months pregnant. When she goes to the
doctor, the doctor tells her that she is going to have twins. Since she going to have
twins they enduse labor. 

Two days later, Savanna realises that the babies, Damien and Daniel, don't look like
Jamarcus and they barely look like her. When she confronts Jamarcus he couldn't
believe it. 

"Then who could they be for?" 
"Micheal," she admits sadly. 
"You mean Stacy's cousin and Kayban's boyfriend?"
"Yes that one."
"Oh well how can we find out?"
"The only way I can think of is to get them DNA tested."
"Then thats what we will have to do."

So the next day they were DNA tested and the result were that the boys were for
Micheal not Jamarcus. This was a surprise to Jamarcus and especially Kayban when she
found out. 

Kayban of course broke things off with Micheal because she couldn't believe he is the
father to her stepsister kids. Savanna  and Jamarcus didn't talk for days he was so
mad at her. But he knew he couldn't stay mad because no matter what happened he will
always love her. She hated to admit it but she loved him back. She really wanted the
boys to be his. 

Micheal came to see his kids for the first time when Jamarcus was there. Micheal told
Savanna after that day that he didn't want Jamarcus around his kids. She didn't
understand that because they were bestfriends before all this happened. 

"Why don't you want Jamarcus around them?"
"Because he isn't there father I am."
"He's more like a father than you are. He had been with them and me since they were
"Well I would have to if I knew they were for me before you had them."
"Well I can't help that you didn't know because I didn't even know. And Jamarcus will
be around the boys whenever he wants."
"Fine let him. They will never get to know their real father now. And if Jamarcus
wants to adopt them let him because I don't want them." 
"He doesn't wanna take them away from you."
"Well I don't want them, but he does."

Jamarcus walks in. 

"Dude you can adopt the boys and give them your last name because I don't want
" I'm not gonna so that. They are your kids."
"So I DON'T WANT THEM. Get them out of my life."
"You are gonna regret this when they are older but fine I'll do it if its okay with
"It's fine with me," Savanna says softly.
Last edited: 10 March 2010

softball_girl123 says:   5 March 2010   957771  
its not complete yet so dnt worry
‹NeverThoughtLoveAndLossFeltSoMuchAlike› says:   6 March 2010   329942  
can't wait to read the rest
softball_girl123 says:   9 March 2010   596363  
im lost dont know what else to write about and thanks for telling me
my grammar is bad (sarcasm)
‹NeverThoughtLoveAndLossFeltSoMuchAlike› says:   9 March 2010   805583  
Well it is. You can't deny that much.
softball_girl123 says :   10 March 2010   885455  
lolz your right. but i can't help it


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