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From My Alter Ego's Mind;; February 27th, 2010Category: (general)
Friday, 26 February 2010
10:13:14 PM (GMT)
(Author's Note: EVERYTHING in the title is completely, utterly real. It all
happened, just not EXACTLY like this.... This is just how I would've done things if I
had been the least bit braver...henceforth, it's my brave alter-ego. Thank you and
read if you want!)

Place: A school in a small town in Louisiana. The gym, more precise.

I stared over Mama's shoulders, watching as the Cougar boys dribbled the ball, shot,
and goofed off, enjoying the hour they had left before having to actually get dressed
in their uniform and start playing. Mama worked here. I, on the other hand, attended
an all-white private school where I had two of the best friends, and was currently
single. (A/N: for privacy purposes, I'm not putting the real names!) My best friends
happened to be Rita and Becky. 
  The boys didn't take much notice of us, which I was a bit put out with saying that
I had put on my most sexiest skinny jeans that had received me a lot of looks at
MArdi Gras two weeks before. So I chatted with Mama, telling her how hot they
looked...and talking about her personal favorite on the team, Darryl, who looked
hella good at the moment. A boy caught my attention, one of the second cutest on the
team, Shane. He was four years, my junior year of fourteen, but sexxxxyyyy! As they
shot around, I was tempted to yell out things that would probably get a few crazy
looks, but, I didn't.
  Shane walked over to us, ball in hand, smiling. "Mrs. Vickki, you wanna shoot?" he
asked, holding the ball out to her.
  Mama shook her head. "No, baby, I'm tired right now." Please ask me...please,
please, please ask me!
  "How 'bout you?" he asked, shifting it in a barely perciptle shift in my
  I grinned and stood up straight. "Why not?" 
  He threw me the ball. "Alright."
  I dribbled in, catching looks from the boys shooting. My smile had disappeared.
This was serious. I had to make an impression. I stood just out the three, the ball
in my hands, poised just like it's supposed to be....I wasn't strong enough to shoot
without jumping, and I jumped like I was crazy, but I was going to make this shot. MY
determination set in, along with that hard look in my eyes I got when focusing on
something I wanted so bad. The boys had stopped playing. They were watching me. And
so was Mama, a grin on her face. Crazy flirt...but I love and believe in you,
it said. I knew her so well. Hell, we were two peas in a cloise, tight-knit pod.
People often joked it was ashame for us to be so much alike.
  I had a weird jump, I knew that, but I didn't care how I jumped....well, I did a
little. But making it was more important. Especially when I had only started shooting
from there recently. I took a deep breath, focsuing, willing the ball to go in, and
praying hard....It left my hands, sailed through the air in that perfect arc, but
seemed to go too far to the left...
  My face fell, but then the swish that came to my ears when it went in, brought a
smile to my face. I ran off the court, smiling my 'Yay' smile, happy as hell. You
know what? I did it! 
  When I got close, Mama turned around, heading towards the kitchen.
  "Mama!" Darryl called, but Mama was, Darryl. Instantly piqued my
  I turned after Mama, calling her name, thinking about him. "Mama, DJ called you!"
  "Who?" she asked, turning around.
  "Hey, Mama!" Dj said, coming from behind us.
  "Hey, baby," Mama cooed. You would think that her tresting about nineteen other
kids like they were her children would bother me...not really. Gave me a chance toget
her off my back sometimes. And I was an only child.  "How you doin'?"
  He hugged her. "Good."
  She laughed. "This ashame, for you to be that tall," she said. "Kae, look that
  I glanced up for the first time. I was really shy around cute boys. And Darryl
acted like I wasn't there most of the time, so I didn't bother. But today....hmm...I
cocked my hips to the side, smiling up at them, still thinking about my vistory shot
which all the boys had seen.  But when I looked up at Darryl, he was staring at my
butt giving a 'yeah, I'm not paying attention, so I'm just gonna do what you do'
laugh, while Mama was geniuly laughing at the fact that he was so tall. And, I,
I was laughing because I had finally found a way to get his attention. It
wasn't a hug, or a hello, but it was a glance at my butt.
  Damn. I love these jeans.

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