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Sex is a Sin Chapter FourCategory: (general)
Friday, 19 February 2010
11:41:53 AM (GMT)
Nyl POV.

I had to put up with the glares from Jace. Inside, I was smiling inside--laughing
even. I had stopped kissing, right in the middle of when we were about to go oral.
First base, second base......he got out at second. Poor sha didn't make it to third.
Maybe next time. Sly wink.
  I felt something against my back as I was pushed against my locker. I gasped and
whirled around, a frown on my face and my hand stretched to slap the ugly motha fucka
who had pushed me against this damn thing. I glared as I took in Jace. Tall, muscled,
shaggy black hair, tanned, burnt honey-golden skin. Beautiful. His expression was one
of sly annoyance, or, maybe, something like a face of
haha-I'm-about-to-aggravate-the-shit-out-of-her face. The fact that I had come to
dislike with a hot, burning, fiery passion....sounds kinky.
   "Hey, sexy," he said sweetly, pressing against me with a sexy smile. My breath
caught, then regulated back to normal as I tried--unsuccesfully, might I add--to keep
my anger.
  "Oh, thank you. And I thought this skirt made my butt look big," I joked lightly.
"Now, can you move please?" Before I lose my mind, throw up, or go crazy?
  "Doesn't take much," he muttered under his breath. His breath smelled like
peppermints and honey. You'd think that wouldn't smell good, but damn, it smells
sexy. "Anyway, I came here to ask you something."
   "And you couldn't do it in a civilized way, as in stand next to my locker and ask?
But, no, you had to come push me against the locker, and try to dry hump me," I
snapped. "I oughta kick you in da balls."
   He backed away a few steps. "Wanna come with me on a date? Just you and me? And
finish what we started?" He grabbed my waist.
   A sense of dizzing exhileration passed through me. I wasn't the girl in those
books and movies who are ignorant to the guy's hotness until they fall in love with
him. I'm way too boy crazy to be ignorant of anyones hotness. I sighed against
him.....why was I angry with him again? It took me a moment...."Of course not! Get it
through your head, Jace, I don't want you!" I pushed him from in front of me and
walked away.
   I walked into the bathroom, checked the stalls, and leaned against the wall,
sighing. "Oh my goodness. This is gonna be hard." He has a wish for me now, I know.
I'm gonna be in his Game.
   Not the Game in which you think about it, you lose (btw, you and me have both lost
by now!). But the Game that is his. If you don't sleep with him, you get into the
game. There's one simple rule, though.
   You have to not fall prey to his charms. 
   Which, by the way, is harder than it seems. 
"Hey, Nyl!" Jason Croe shouted over the loud, head-banging, heavy metal music. Which
made me want to do some head-banging. Against a wall. "Wanna drink?" He held up what
looked to be snoking Sprite.
  This is why I don't go to high school parties. You get drunk, you have sex. Your
name goes on the List. I shook my head no and sipped on the water I hadn't let go of
since I got here. And, I had brought it with me. Therefore, unless by some weird
mysterious way that gophers come out of the floor with needles filled with alcohol, I
shall not get drunk. 
  "Baby," he teased before dissapearing into the crowd.
  "Come dance!" someone shouted, and I was pulled away from the wall and into a crowd
of drunken high schoolers. Who in the hell was I dancing with anyway? Whatever. I
danced and shook what Mama gave me. Goodness. I think she gave me a little too much.
  My water bottle was ripped away and was replaced by some of that smoking Sprite. I
gingerly took a sip. It burned my throat and sent me to coughing spasms which cleared
after I took another sip. 
   An hour later, I was still dancing. The crowd had gotten thicker, and I was sweat,
along with, oh, about a hundred other teenagers. Everything was spinning, my head
felt heavy, and I had the oddest urge to throw my arms around the closest boy and
make out with him.
  I set out to find one. I disappeared into a room....a bathroom. Some girl was
draped over it, throwing up. 
  I walked away. Some people are so weak. I opened another door. A bedroom. Two
people were in....some chick and.....Jace. I wrinkled my nose. He's so hot. Maybe I
should...hmmm....nice thought.
  "Nyl?" Jace asked warily. His voice was deep and he made the word go like
thiiiiiiisss.....what's that word for it? Drawn out. Yeah that one....I wanna be a
crackwhore when I get older! Oh yeah! I'll be all on crack.....and a whore. Yeahh...
  "Why are you talkin' like daat?" I giggled, putting my hands on my hips.
  "Are you drunk?"
  "Of course not! What would make you think that? I'm perfectly--" hiccup--"sober.
Silly boy." I giggled again. Thenn hiccuped. How funny is that? I bust out laughing.
  "Because, you have an alcoholic beverage in your hand and you're acting weird."
  "You must be crazy as hell! Look at him! Crazy as hell!" Wait, what'd I say? 
  "I'm takin' you home." He got up and slipped his shirt one. "Let's go."
   He grabbed my wrist. I grabbed his hand and pulled it towards my skirt, lifting up
the band around it. "You know you want me!" I sung, shimmying. He liked this. He know
he did. 
  "You want me, my druken comrade," he said, pulling me through the door. "Where's
your truck?"
   I have a truck?
  "I came wiff a friend!"
   I jumped on his back. My feet hurt. "CArry me, Jace."
   He sighed and put me in his car.
   I leaned across the seat and kissed him. Fuck his stupid game. Fuck being on the
List. Fuck everything. Including him. He kissed me back, a slight moan coming from
his lips before he pushed me away. "You're drunk. That's taking advantage of you.
Let's go home. It's one in the morning."
   I growled unhappily.

‹NeverThoughtLoveAndLossFeltSoMuchAlike› says :   19 February 2010   861785  
heh. ehehehhehehhe you stupid Kupika filter that says 'heh.' is too

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