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BEST DAY EVACategory: fun stuff
Sunday, 14 February 2010
09:36:15 PM (GMT)
so it was homecoming for my school tonight. like, almost all the 7th graders were
there. IT WAS SO FREAKIN FUN. i went w/ my friend Katie. at homecoming, its a bunch
of basketball games that end with the 8th grade boys playing against the coaches. AND


first of all, me and casey were running around in this huge hallway and katies little
sister was STALKING US! she even gave casey a note that said she was going to get
her. this is a fourth grader we are talking about here! some other girls were there
too and we were having a good ole time! then the 7th graders game ended and
they(jonathan, micheal, ryan....all o' them) left. OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!! b4 that one of
the refs was standing by the bleachers where a bunch of the girls were sitting. the
ref asked what grade we were in and we said 7th. he was like, "oh, so your all here
to watch the boys. Can you go talk to them? they are dumber than a bunch of rocks!"
and we all burst out laughing!!!!! CUZ ITS TRUE!!!!

so anyway. me and casey were dealing with being stalked for a while....and at one
point katie's sisters and some other little kids came over to me and casey and threw
their stuffed animals at our faces and casey got REEEEALLY pissed off. so they
finally finally FINALLY FINALLY stopped.

THEN. katies friend gabby came by too. she graduated school last year.  when the
coaches game started, me, casey, katie, and gabby went up in this place above the
bleachers and katie was texting gabbys friend, adam, who was also there. he asked her
who her bf was and she said ibrahim, this guy she likes. IT WAS SOOOOOOO funny bcuz
they were texting back and fourth and then he said that he told everyone what she
said and she got all mad and called him a bunch of names and it was hilarious seeing
what was happening! then he said he was joking. eventually he came out into the lobby
place and talked to me, casey, katie, and gabby and we were all laughing about how
katie can't spell.  

and the whole night me and casey were praying that jonathan and his best friend
michael, who is also caseys friend, would come into the hallway with us so we could
talk and hang out and stuff. (they never did.) he was there for a while talking with
some other girls and boys but then almost everyone had to go and be broing and sit on
the bleachers and watch the game, and text and wisper to each other about stuff. 
when me and casey were in the hallway we were talking about jonathan and i was like,
"aaahhhgggg! why wont he come!!!!! jodafunnnnn!" casey covered my mouth as i was
screaming his name lol.

oh, yeah. and guess what? seriously, guess! GUESS PEOPLE!!!!!

i'll give u a hint. its about jonathan.

have u guessed yet?!

I MEAN IT! GUESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

apparently, jonathan told some people that i like him. and now almost the whole 7th
grade knows.   !!!!!!

am i mad?

actually, not  realy.

but am i betrayed by him? 

yes! a little. bcuz on fb that night when i kinda started liking him, and casey said
how i think hes cute,  he promised MULTIPLE TIMES not to tell anyone. yeah, you can
definately keep a secret jonathan!!!!!!

but the weird thing is that i dont know when he started telling people. bcuz no one
has said anything about it to me, and i just found out at homecoming. WHAT IS GOING
ON?!? at least now i know he doesnt like me pretty sure he just likes me
as a friend. bummer.

and then the game had to end....  the coaches won. so sad too bad.

well, thats it. i mean, a lot of stuff happened inbetween but it would take me
FOREVER to tell you all of it so i just said the big stuff. anyway im mostly excited

and after the game, katie was taking me and casey home. jonathan was going home w/
micheal and they came out at the same time we did. casey said to me, "ok, ready? on
the count of three we're gonna scream his name!" Im like, uh, no! so casey yelled
"Bye Jonathan!!" he didnt hear her so then she, like, screamed, " BYE JONATHAN!!!"
then he turned around he waved. 

IT. WAS. SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last edited: 15 February 2010

‹HeDreamsAboutMe♥› says :   21 February 2010   589930  
That's so cool I'm happy for you! About the whole seeing your crush


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