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Wednesday, 10 February 2010
07:08:05 PM (GMT)
Name: Edward Elric
Age: 16
Birthday: February 12
Gender: Male
Powers: Transforming one thing into another by simply clapping his hands.
Weakness: a bit too compassionate, faulty limbs some of the time, is hot-headed,
forgets himself when people close to him are in danger, has Short Man's Syndrome.
Strengths: Strong-willed, is more intelligent/wise then most adults, stronger then
most his age
Past: Ed grew up in the countryside, but lost his parents when he was very young. His
father left their family when he was two, his mother died when he was five. Not only
that, but a tragic accident happened to him at age 11, causing him to lose his right
arm and left leg. His childhood friend then came to the rescue and outfitted him with
mechanical metal limbs. three years later, he left his country and ended up in Japan,
where he first signed up to become a warrior.
Personality: Edward is Hot-headed, but kind. He's the kind of person who can take on
a lot of pain and not break a sweat, but loses his cool if someone close to him is
hurt even a bit. This goes on to the extent that he would sacrifice his life to save
someone close to him. Enemies often use this to their advantage once they realize it.
When he's not battling, he's often cool-headed, except when his height is refered to.
Ed may not seem like it at first, but he's very compasionate.
Fears: That somebody close to him will get hurt by his enemies/mistakes/actions.

Name: Samantha Stone *not giving away real last name*
Age: 14
Birthday: November 15
Gender: Female
Powers: creating force fields just by thinking about it.
Weakness: Is not very strong, is worriful, can't stand up for herself in certain
Strengths: Is very kind, compassionate, has a good head on her, is very tidy
Past: Sam grew up in the big city, under her mother's and aunt's wing. Her reletives
always had her dress proper when going to school, out in public, or anytime other
people were around. Becuase of their forcive nature, she grew a bit timid. at age 12,
she ran away from home, all the way to Japan to become a warrior in order to gain
courage and strength.
Personality: Sam is like a mother, always caring for everyone and trying to be nice.
She can cook and clean well -most of the time-, and always does her best to help.
However, she can be a klutz, and has a much darker side of her which she lets nobody
see, except those closest to her. It's the side of her that's weak; the side thats
worried about death, the side that hides her deepest and darkest facts.
Fears: Finding herself useless in a time of utter need, seeing those she cares about
most killed before her very eyes

Name: Meaghan Eclipse, sometimes she uses Solange as her last name *Same As Sam*
Age: 13 Going On 14
Birthday: December 19th 
Gender: Female
Powers: Can Fly, Read Minds (Sometimes, depending on her own mind’s craziness), Can
Repair Things and also un-repair things with just the force of her mind, can beat an
enemy with just the flick of her hand, she seems to get new powers every day, it may
have something to do with her past. 
Weakness: Can be to head strong at times, causing words she doesn’t mean to say
come out, doesn’t like harming innocent people unless she’s fully evil. A guy who
can make her laugh, she’ll stay un- concentrated for hours on end. Doesn’t think
unless she’s moving fast, is basically a big improvisation. 
Strengths: Can move fast, mind can juggle a lot at once, isn’t afraid of anything,
yes she isn’t even afraid of death, can scare people with just the look of her eye,
is strong her short size and weight.
Past: Grew up in the city with her mother, two sister, two cats and a dog, her father
has been gone for awhile on some kind of mission so she never really had someone to
lay the law down on her hard, her mother was too kind and let her get away with
stuff, on weekends she would go with her family to her family cabin in the woods and
would explore until three in the morning, coming back covered in mud in leafs, either
from the adventure or fighting wild animals, sometimes from knocking down trees while
fighting, she did this rather than hitting people when she was younger, that is until
she went to school and realised how annoying boys were. Had her first boyfriend at a
young age but had to leave him for another school, which ended up being the academy,
she was only there for four years before, before she was officially accepted and told
she was accepted, started the academy at the age of nine. Was praised a lot for her
ability of fighting, but was scolded when she actually hurt someone badly, has had
lots of incidents with actually hurting people. Liked to cover her face like a ninja
when she was younger, and pretend to play spy, naturally born to fight, hasn’t
remembered anything but fighting.  Always wore jeans, threw a fit when told to wear a
dress or a skirt, and if she did, she had jeans on underneath them.  Was asked to
join the academy when she was six, but not knowing what it was, refused until she
understood at the age of nine, she now proves to be the strong one in her family, but
hasn’t seen them for four years, going on five.  Took Sam in as her sister when she
first came to the academy, then took Ed in as her brother, still rejects Ryoki as
anything to her either than the stupid pedophile partner who always gets stuck with
her somehow. 
Personality: Has a devil and angel on her shoulder, but often listens to the devil,
and ignores her motherly side for as long as she can before it takes over, offence
about her height, but won’t admit it easily, hard headed but can be quite
reasonable, even when she’s hot headed.  Her loyalty knows no end, it won’t stop
until everyone else is safe or she’s the one in pain/dying instead of the others.
Avoid eye contact unless you know her well enough not to be scared out of your pants
and the earth. Hardly ever gets surprised, finds most things boring, unless it’s
fighting or running.  Has learned not to be klutzy, but still gets stuck in sticky
situations that she always fights her way out of.  Has a sinister past that she
won’t reveal to anyone, is quite the devil’s spawn, and mainly likes to walk the
dark side. Even though she always wears black, her real favourite color is purple,
she just wears black because it’s the easiest to not be identified in black. Her
belt and headband are the color of a navy blue/purple; it was the color she was given
when she graduated, two years ahead of everyone. Gets mad/pissed easily, very short
Fears:  Never completing a mission, it will bug her until she goes insane and ends up
going on a rampage, going off in a rampage (She’s actually scared of what she might
hurt along the way because you can’t talk through to her when she’s like that.),
jerks, she’s had her share of them, she’s  just afraid what might happen if they
come near her again.

Name: Ryoki Yoh
Birthday: January 13th *Is actually only 3yrs older than Meaghan*
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Powers: Can make fire come whenever he snaps his fingers
Weakness: Candy, it tempts him too much, some say it’s his doom, that or Meaghan.
Strengths: The fact that he’s the only one that can put up with midget attacks for
as long as he has doesn’t seem to do much in a fight, but really is watching and
calculating everyone’s moves to make sure they don’t get hurt/attacked/die. Is
very skilful with a heavy bamboo wood sword.
Past: Much isn’t known about his family since all of his family except for his
younger sister are dead, his younger sister also attends the academy (She’s the one
Meaghan accidently cut.), he joined the academy at the age of eleven.  Has taken care
of his younger sister for a long time, but hasn’t seen her since he graduated two
years ago, she also seems to have a brother complex that creeps him out. He
wouldn’t dare tell anyone this, but he begged the master to let Meaghan be his
partner because he thought she had the most potential out of all the females, but
later regretted the choice because she was too strong/evil/mean/she hurt him too much
for him, and asked the master to make Sam his partner, but the master thought he
worked too well with Meaghan so he denied the partner switch, and has kept them
together ever since, thus being the reason why they’re always together, it almost
annoys him as much as it does Meaghan, but he can’t deny that he likes having a
powerful, ahead of everyone/astonished everyone kind of person for his partner. Has
been bitten by wild wolfs accidently, but he doesn’t turn into a wolf for some
strange reason, a physic said it was because his love for someone was too strong for
it to affect him, he said he wasted money on her. After graduating the academy at the
age of fifteen, he got his wish to room with the master Aoi of karate and to live
under his house, but didn’t expect Sam, Edward and Meaghan to join him too. The
four of them have been together ever since, but he still hates regrets begging the
master that one time. 
Fears: Spiders, well anything with many legs really, they just creep him out, he also
secretly fears death, but won’t ever tell anyone it. Is scared that people will see
that his light side is the only reason he doesn’t resort to beating Meaghan all the

*EDIT MON.FEB.22.2010*

This Is A Chacter Yet To Be Interdouced, She's Ryoki's Sister.

Name: Aki Yoh
Age:12 And A Half (Gets Mad If You Leave Out The Half, Which Ryoki Does Often To Make
Her Mad, But She Still Loves Him)
Hair Color: Blonde 
Eyes: Grayish Blue
Description: Her Parents Died When She Was Five, When Ryoki Was Nine, Ever Since
She's Depened On Him And Has Grown A Brother Complex Towards Him, And Hates Any Girl
Close To Him, (She Even Has The Power To Tell Which Girl He Loves), She Will Attack
The Girl That He Loves, But She Doesn't Often Win Beacuse She Doesn't Have The
Strength To Win. Still Hasn't Forgotten That Meaghan Was The One To Attack Her At The
Academy, She Holds A Grudge, And The Scar.
Personality: Only Acts Cute, Kind And Nice Towards Ryoki, If He Isn't Around She
Becomes Mean (Is Meaghan Her Match For That? XD), She Will Even Bring Out Her Doll
Around Him Just To Up The Act. Her Eyes Widen In Innocene Whenever Someone Blames Her
For Something.
Powers: To Tell The Bound Of Who Her Brother Loves (Only Her Brother), Has A Killer
Screaming Voice That Can Knock You Out Cold.


Name: Asou Kokori
Age: 15 (Two Years Older)
Height: 6'5
Eyes: Unexplainable XD
Description: For generations his family has been going to the academy, they are well
known warriors and are on call all over the world to save people from certain evil.
Asou joined the academy when he was quite young because of his status and abilitys,
he is well known around the world as well.
Personality: Chraming, kind, sweet and caring gentleman. Everything you would want in
a man but it seems like he carries dark secerts. He secertly likes Meaghan back but
would never tell her this. He may not be as physically strong as he should be, but
his abilitys make up for that whenever he's in danger. 
Weakness: Chocolate
Strength: Being able to tell the difference when someone is lying to him.
Past: His past is unkown to the academy and mysterious. 
Powers: Invisbality and Hypnotism. 

So Now You Know Them XP =P
Last edited: 27 July 2010

‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   10 February 2010   353376  
My descriptions look pitiful compared to yours. T_T
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says :   10 February 2010   970681  
Lol Haha Really? I Thought Yours Were Better Than Mine XD
Is It Because Mine Are Bigger?


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