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Monday, 1 February 2010
12:13:50 PM (GMT)
Stem cells are cells that have the ability of growth, to reform, and create. 
Because no other cell can do this in the human body it makes these extremely special.
They are found in embryos. Some are also found in adult humans. 
	The Three main types of stem cells are Totipotent, Multipotent, Pluripotent.
Totipotent can for all other cells in the body, and is found in embryos. Multipotent
can produce only certain types of cells. Pluripotent can produce all types except
those needed for fetus. 
	Stem cells can help stop cancer and birth defects. Since these are both caused by a
defect in cell division and development. Stem cells can also waste our money, and
that’s what we all want right? However, some good can come out of the stem cell
research that depletes our money for an unlikely discovery. The fact is if by some
miracle of a chance they can control stem cells then they could be used to test out
new drugs.
	The biggest controversy over stem cell research is that in order to get embryonic
cells it is extracted from human embryos, and in turn kills the baby the embryo could
have been. Another argument is that it’s a waste of money, Though Bush had
illegalized any public funding for the research it’s still stupid to waste any
money on it. Other people find Stem cell research a good idea because of what could
come out of it. The thought of the ability to stop cancer, and birth defects thrills
many people.  Because adult stem cells are available many people believe that that is
the right choice, however, adult stem cells are not in an abundance at this time.
	It’s still legal however during Bush’s presidency he illegalized public funding
for stem cell research. Obama however, has overturned Bush’s order, so that now
public funding is allowed.

STEM CELL ASSIGNMENT,8599,167245,00.html


You will research and write a report about stem cells.  You can use the websites
above and search for some of your own to complete the assignment.  

Paragraph 1:  This paragraph should be an introduction to stem cells.  What are they?
 What do they normally do?  What makes them special?  Where are they found?

Paragraph 2:  What are the three different types of stem cells?  How are they

Paragraph 3:  What can they be used for?  What can they treat?  Have there been any
successful tests?

Paragraph 4:  Why is there so much controversy?  Why do many people think it’s not
okay (pro-life)?  Why do many people think it is a good idea?  Why do some think
it’s okay as long it’s not embryonic stem cells?

Paragraph 5:  What is happening right now?  Is it legal?  What laws have been passed
or not passed to allow it or not allow it (you should mention Clinton, Bush, and
Obama)?  What do they allow?  Is it legal anywhere in the world?  Where?  

Paragraph 6:  Decide what you believe and explain why you believe it.  Also address
the other side and tell why you do not agree with them and why they think it should
be legal.

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