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taken from ronnie♥Category: surveys
Friday, 11 December 2009
06:20:38 PM (GMT)
Bold what you like: 1. Striped socks. 2. Winter vacation. 3. Minty breath. 4. Warm hands. 5. Sublime. 6. Proving people wrong. 7. Sketching. 8. Steel drums. 9. Tampons. 10. The Sims 2. 11. Kissing. 12. Backpacks. 13. Cloudy weather. 14. Picking out presents for people. 15. Kevin Flamme. 16. Boys. 17. Old movies. 18. Reminiscing. 19. Mario Party. 20. Orange juice. 21. Interesting people. 22. Late-night texting. 23. Cool teachers. 24. Levi jeans. 25. The city bus. 26. Cardigans. 27. Sneezing. Drinking cold water. Finding money in my pockets. 30. Making connections. Books. 32. Bolding surveys. 33. A clean bedroom. 34. Collages. Meeting people. Comfortable positions. 37. Headphones. 38. Marathons. 39. Packing to go somewhere. 40. Mascara. Daydreaming. Possibilities. 43. Ramen. Notepads. 45. Burt’s Bees. 46. Babysitting. 47. Actually getting homework done. Feeling good about myself. 49. Complimenting people. PostSecret. Confiding in people. 52. Themed things. 53. T shirts. Gentlemen. 55. Singing harmonies. Being surprised. New clothes. 58. Target. long eyelashes. 60. Bright Eyes. 61. Naps. Nicely-dressed boys. 63. Barack Obama. 64. Tweezed eyebrows. Inside jokes. Eye-contact.[/b 67. Acronyms. Thinking. 69. Animals. 70. Collecting turtles. Understanding. 72. Friendship bracelets. Meaningful items. 74. Simon & Garfunkel. 75. Silly pictures. Raspberries. Not going to school. 78. Star Trek. Reading blogs. 80. Showering away problems. 81. Worn-in shoes. 82. Paranormal televison shows. 83. Facebook chat. 84. Baked ziti. 85. Visiting my elementary school. Soft blankets. Big words. Staying up late. 89. Second chances. 90. Piggy-back rides. 91. Saying words over and over until they sound really strange. Surrealism. The feeling of relief after going pee. 94. Home videos. Unusual names. 96. Diving boards. 97. Smilies. Cats. Feeling better. . Considerate people. Bold the things that annoy you: 1. Shopping carts with one bad wheel. 2. Having an unexpected light turned on when pupils are fully dialated from darkness. 3. People who still think saying “your mom” after questions is funny. 4. Having the television left on when no one is watching it. Especially at high volume. 5. Drivers in the left most lane going slower than those in the right most lane. 6. Waiting ten minutes for a single webpage to load, when every other webpage you’ve visited that day has loaded quickly. Period cramps. 8. The feeling just before you know you’re going to puke. 9. People who complain about being fat to you, when you’re obviously fatter than they are. 10. People who yell at each other outside of your house, in the middle of the night. When people get offended when you’re trying to be as polite as possible. Feeling fine all day, until just before you go to bed you begin to feel sick. Making you stay up all night, hugging the toilet. Kids with no manners at all, and then having their parents act as if they’ve never witnessed them being that way before. 14. Bathroom training a dog. People turning on water somewhere in the house when you’re having a shower, causing the water to turn ice cold. 16. ^ Especially after you’ve told them specifically to not do so. Starting your period without any sort of protection available to you (pads, tampons, etc). Bad hair days. Stubbing your toe. 20. Having an eyelash in your eye that just won’t go away. 21. Doing the dishes. 22. Being told “you don’t get it” just after telling them “you don’t get it”. Paper cuts. 24. Pimples. 25. Having your stomach growl loudly in a quiet room filled with people. 26. Having religion shoved down your throat. 27. Forgetting your ID at home after just traveling to a place only for adults (bar, club, etc). Most rap and hip hop music. 29. Infections. 30. Getting a flat tire. People spelling “you’re” as “your”. 32. Finding out that that brand new item you bought was broken just after opening it. Laziness when you know you need to get something done. 34. Drivers who honk at you for something *they* did wrong. 35. People who text and drive. 36. People who don’t clean up after themselves. 37. People complaining that their house is a mess after they’ve obviously just cleaned it. 38. Guys who leave the toilet seat up. 39. People who apologize for something, and then don’t proceed to fix the situation at hand. Women who suffocate themselves in perfume and makeup every, single, day Bold what is true: I think my friends are beautiful and they make me feel ugly sometimes 2. I wish I was an only child 3. I want the world to be as it was when the Native Americans lived 4. I wish I could tell people how I really feel, instead of running scared 5. My best friend is fake, and sometimes I don’t know why I’m friends with her 6. The person I’m currently infatuated with has me more confused than any other individual I’ve ever met 7. I’ve only been kissed by two boys, and I’m sure both of them regretted it later 8. I’ve thought about getting surgery to get rid of my gut I wish I was Alice from Alice In Wonderland so that I have somewhere to hide I’m lonely 11. I have no friends 12. I wish I didn’t post some stuff on the internet 13. I always find ways to make myself the center of attention 14. I hate most of my family for being so closed minded 15. I hate the town I grew up in for being such a bad influence I’m scared of being alone 17. I hate my dad 18. I wish I could stand up to my dad 19. I wish I could be who I really am wherever I am 20. I wish I could tell someone something 21. I want to have a baby 22. I want to know what love feels like I know I spend way too much time on my own, but I don’t feel I have enough social skills to do anything else 24. I have cut my wrist and hidden it under a wrist brace 25. I have had three consecutive dreams about one boy 26. I hate my mom for leaving my dad 27. College scares and confuses me I am afraid to get romantically close to people even though it’s one of the biggest dreams I have ever had 29. I truly have NO idea what I really want to do with my life 30. I never want to disappoint anybody 31. I think all the little things that I don’t say anything about are building up again 32. I want to get out of this town 33. I’ve spent so much time pretending that I don’t know who I am anymore 34. My boyfriend thinks I’m suicidal. He’s right. 35. My friends think they know me. They don’t. 36. I stand on my head for nearly 20 minutes every day. It’s very relaxing. 37. I’m a compulsive exerciser. 38. I don’t approve of my best friend’s marriage and I’m her maid of honor. 39. I miss boy bands 40. I don’t think I’ll live past 30 41. I wake up every morning and have anxiety that I have to overcome to get up 42. I miss my ex, I love my ex, I hate my ex 43. I’d rather talk to your sister than mine 44. I love you I have always questioned whether or not I have been in love 46. I hate where I let myself get to 47. I don’t feel like I have done anything with my life I want to truly believe that I am loved. No ifs, ands, or buts 49. I hate that he is so far away and that I’ve already cheated on him twice 50. I’ve got abandonment issues 51. I work all the time to keep my mind occupied, it doesn’t work 52. I wish my ex-boyfriend would love me again 53. I want to lose 20 pounds, but lack the motivation 54. Reading all these secrets break my heart I sadden when I watch the news as well and see all there hatred that has filled the world, but I know the cause for which it is there 56. I’ve always wanted to tell my secrets but have never had the chance I hate having people come to me for advice. I really have no idea what to say to you 58. I’ve came a LONG way this year. It’s a real accomplishment 59. I want to sleep with a guy just to take his virginity 60. I am so glad you and I are not together anymore and I blame you for the fact that I can’t trust anyone 61. I have lost all hope in humanity I feel I am being constantly judged. 63. I worry too much about my weight. Every time I watch the Notebook, I worry that when I get a boyfriend, he won’t be able to lift me like Noah lifts Allie. 64. My ex’s mother and I still talk on a day to day basis without him knowing. She hopes he will realize what he lost, soon. 65. Every song on the radio reminds me of you 66. I don’t have a friend, anymore, than I can tell anything to 67. I am an excellent stalker I act like I don’t care but I really do 69. College is the scariest and most fun I have ever had 70. I am bisexual. I am not accepted for this from my family. It bothers me. 71. When my parents were arguing when I was little, I used to hide in my room and pretend that I had a sister that was there with me and I’d talk to her. I did this so I wouldn’t feel so alone. I’m an only child. 72. I’m confident that if I lost a lot of weight that I would have a better life. 73. When I watch Law & Order SVU, I deeply fear that something similiar will happen to me or someone in my family 74. I can’t pee without the water in the faucet running 75. I would give my life for so many people, but I know half of them would not return the favor 76. I eat something that’s bad for me and then I feel so guilty about eating it that I won’t eat for days 77. Seeing people cry makes me automatically want to comfort them 78. I memorize random license plate numbers in case they’re ever needed in an investigation 79. I’m content with nothing more than one meal a day, love from those around me and the air in my lungs…everything else is just a plus. 80. I want to choose who my organs go to when I die. I hope that they are helping deserving individuals. 81. I travel partly because I want to be able to boast about the places I’ve been and the things I’ve seen and experienced. 82. I dislike married men who don’t wear wedding rings. I don’t know what religion to believe in 84. I fish for complements to make myself feel better 85. Every time a person comes to my work counter still trying to decide what they want, I want to yell at them for wasting the time of the other customers in line. You may not know it, but they get pissed because of you and take it out on me! I feel ashamed of bringing certain friends around other friends I always feel like I’m not pretty enough, even with everyone telling me otherwise 88. I’m afraid she’s going to get him before I do. It’s selfish and I hate myself for thinking that. 89. I made out with my best friend’s brother years ago. To this day, no one knows. 90. I know it’s lame but I still love The Sims 2 91. I didn’t want to wake up this morning, because my dreams were better than reality When I say I want to be left alone, I don’t always mean it, I just don’t know how to tell someone I need them 93. I have been in quite a few relationships, none of the guys were faithful to me, it makes me feel like something is wrong with me 94. He was my first love. I still don’t know if I was his. I hope I made a lasting impact on him as he did to me. 95. I am jealous of girls that have naturally good hair 96. I’m jealous of anyone who has a talent I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. I don’t want to. Get over it. (i drink though) Going to parties make me more nervous than anything else. 99. I read postsecret every sunday hoping for familar handwriting 100. A day usually doesn’t go by without me thinking about him and wondering “What if he had chose me?”
Last edited: 11 December 2009

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