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Poor Abrahamic God...Category: (general)
Saturday, 14 November 2009
01:53:51 PM (GMT)
I'm learning about the history of the Abrahamic Religions in school, which is good
because as I have mentioned before, I've never been able to just read the Bible
straight through. And, I mean, I've been in a church before... for about ten minutes
while my dad and I picked my sister up from a sweet sixteen party she had been
attending at the church. (The girls parents wanted to make sure nothing went on at
the party, I think.)

I'm familiar with the stories of Christians and Jews, but that doesn'y mean I've
studied them. So I'm really pysched about this unit. I was thinking "Yeah! Now I can
hear all sides of the story, and form a educated opinion."

Thus far, all I've learned is to feel really bad for that God. I mean jeez, I
hope it isn't blasphemy to say "Poor dude..." in relation to Jehovah. My teacher was
just explaining the whole Creation of the world/Adam and Eve thing from the
prospective of Christians, Jews, and Muslims, and I was like, "Interesting but
nothing I haven't heard. Yep, yep, and all the creeping creatures which creepith
along the ground,  and it was good, read that online..." But then Mr. B said
something so obvious that it never occurred to me to wonder about.

"And originally Adam and Eve were created to be companions to God. The weren't
supposed to age, or die, or feel pain..."

Hold up. Companions? Like, Adam and Eve and God were friends? Man, that sucks, dude!
I mean come on. I've always kinda thought that the whole Tree of Knowledge thing was
sorta bogus, and everyone involved could have reacted to the situation better. 

But God subjected his only friends to pain and torment, and sent them away? Like, God
was left all alone afterwords? Except for the angels, but they were his servants, not
just his friends, really. 

Plus, the angles weren't very nice- like the whole Lilith incident, and killing one
hundred of her babies every day, what's up with that? And does God even trust the
angles? His favorite angel tried to kill him after all (I sort of question
that whole story too.) 

I mean, people wonder why God leaves so much suffering in the world. The Christian
God is like a modern latch key kid, those poor saps who comes home to an empty house,
they just have like a hamster or something, and they watch reality T.V for company.

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   14 November 2009   935132  
I don't really know much about my religion seeing as I never really
look at my bible, but that makes complete sense.
I always speculated that God was sleeping all this time. >.>
Kirti says:   15 November 2009   372623  
I mean, if watching us work things out for ourselves keeps him
occupied, who could blame him? It must be lonely, being the Abrahamic
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   22 December 2010   811383  
Actually, it was god who kills Lilith's children. Also, Adam and Eve
were made to be servants. In the bible, God states he forbade the
eating of the tree of knowledge because he wouldn't want Adam and eve
to be as smart as him.
tiggerlemon101 says:   22 December 2010   597501  
Which was dickish of Him.

We're still probably not as smart as whatever God's out there; we just
know what sex is.  The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was not
about booksmarts; eating from it gave you the ability to commit the
Seven Deadly Sins, but lust was the main focus.  It should have been
called the Tree of Carnal Knowledge. 
lunasan says:   22 December 2010   176662  
Lu Ri Likes your comment.
Yes, because a mighty, omniscient, and all-powerful God really needs
anyone or anything to serve him. Excuse me while I play atheist, but
companion makes way more sense. 
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   24 December 2010   527789  

God has done even more horrible things.


Luna, the bible never made any sense, so why should it now?  Besides,
God obviously has hordes of angels worshipping him 24/7, so why does
he needs humans to worship him or be his "companion? 
‹TonTon› says:   24 December 2010   187113  
maybe hes lazy?
If I could have an army of winged minions, I wouldn't let them lounge
around >.>; 
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   24 December 2010   704986  

EXACTLY DRAGO.  God is a lazy son of bitch. He never wants to get off
his fat ass, except for revelations. Then he'll kill everyone who has
found solace with the Antichrist. 
‹TonTon› says:   24 December 2010   890589  
I'm an atheist. To debate what he would do or will do is of no use to
me. I was just philosophizing on what ifs, not what could be, or will
be, or might be.

Sides, Neapolitan was the antichrist. or Hitler. Or That one
protestant guy that nailed stuff to church doors. I dun really care. 
lunasan says:   24 December 2010   115972  
Because humans are more godlike. Angels weren't made in his image,
according to bibles. Or at least as far as i get in the Old testament
God.... is.... lazy... tehee x3 
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   24 December 2010   507250  

Humans are actually more apelike. We shore 95% of our DNA with
lunasan says:   24 December 2010   265793  
I thought we were talking God, not Chimps -_-; 
‹TonTon› says:   24 December 2010   265579  
well if you could create existence, and be all-powerful, and make life
from dirt, do you think you'd need a rest day, or only be able to do
1-2 things a day? 
lunasan says:   24 December 2010   915721  
depends on my level... LMFAO.

OOOOh, jeez, I love all these arguments that what people think about
God isn't real and all, and yet I have a God that glares at me as I
type... oh, this is hilarious... teeheeeee.... anyway. Don't you think
most of the energy he had now goes to his people? I mean, not all
powerful he was, but powerful. And then he used power to share the
power, and then used power to eerase most of those people/animals, and
then he had a son (that is so sapping on energy, even as the dad
thingy.) and now he gives power to us magical people who tap into what
he gives the Earth.
I mean, there's a limit, don't you tink? 
‹TonTon› says:   24 December 2010   744894  
rpg reference? <.<

and meh, I personally have no intrest in the matter, and since I
don't, I can actually just as likely to say evidence for both sides. 
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   24 December 2010   753081  

We're assuming he even exists right? 
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   24 December 2010   780222  

Well, we humans can regain all our energy so if god exists, he should
be able to too. 
lunasan says:   24 December 2010   435233  
regaining it still takes time. And if we're doing this nice assumption
thingy with logic, then we'd have a small fraction of the equivalent
of his power, and a lot of our energy is HIS energy in the first place
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   24 December 2010   588108  

The earth has been around for millions of years, I think that's enough
time to regain a lot of energy. 
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   24 December 2010   246692  
Oh and, this diary said Adam and Eve were made to be companions. Eve
was made because Adam needed another wife after he raped Lilith.
‹TonTon› says:   24 December 2010   670127  
even according to the myth, adam never raped lilith. She left cause
she didn't sleep with him. 
lunasan says:   24 December 2010   311595  
and what, the energy just stuck there? I don't think so. there's been
a lotta life on this planet, and humans take a lot.

Yush, RPG reference. and you still aren't on Vyew D: 
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   24 December 2010   730331  
Actually, it said Lilith wanted to be on top, Adam refused and made
her submit. Then she left. 
‹TonTon› says:   24 December 2010   558196  
it won't load.
which rpg?

lunasan says:   24 December 2010   894631  
Just RPG's in general. No idea what you and 123 are talking about now,
so... yea.
GRRRRR. can you get to Box? D: 
‹TonTon› says:   24 December 2010   120385  
even less likely.... 
lunasan says:   24 December 2010   744513  
Twy? -sparkly ginger kitteh eyes- 
‹TonTon› says:   24 December 2010   185933  
Kirti says:   27 December 2010   607987  
Pardon me, we share 98% with chimpanzees- but 93% with mice. Little
percents make a big difference.

Actually, a genetic defect which prevents our jaws from reaching full
strength is a main cause for us developing higher intelligence. In
other ape species after about three years the skull stops growing so
that we can really bite stuff. Then one mutant gene, related to a
selective form of muscular distrophy, made it so our bite stays weak,
but the skull doesn't harden fully until we're in our twenties. (Not
that I watch educational television in my free time >_>

I find it very interesting that even though the Adam/Eve thing is
bull, our attenment of thought really was related to biting. (We
weren't literally biting apples, mind, but it's just neat.) 
Kirti says:   27 December 2010   575030  
He didn't rape Lilith in the story.
They were carved from one hunk of clay and didn't appeciate being made
into two seperate beings, so they decided to make themselves one
again, but Lilith refused to let Adam be on top. They were formed "Of
the same clay, on the same day" so she felt he shouldn't be superior,
so she left to go have herself some demon babies in a cave. Also, it
is angels who are meant to be killing them- there's one particular
angel who parents are supposed to have written on pendents they give
to their babies so that Lilith is too afraid of what Mr. Angel
will do to her litter to kill the thing. 
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says :   27 December 2010   771207  
That's actually really interesting.
Who knew a bite could make all the difference. 


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