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#1-PWNED by a backpackCategory: Rant entry of the week
Sunday, 8 November 2009
10:09:55 PM (GMT)
Rant #1
Hey non-existant readers! Welcome to my first rant entry!
Each week I plan on writing a rant entry (yes, I know that's weird, but I'm a weird
person so I have the right X D)
To begin...

Have you ever bumped into someone by accident? You know, just a small knock on the
arm or something? A sorta non-personal thing.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure you all have...

So, when you do bump into someone, do you apologize? I mean, does anybody say "excuse
me", "sorry", "my bad", "whoops" or even a "forgive me"?

What I'm trying to get at is, when someone gets in your way and you accidently bump
into them, say sorry or something! Geez!
Also, none of this is to YOU personally, but as a society, we have to be nicer
to people.

So, the other day I was walking through my school, the halls are packed and everyone
is pushing their way to their next class, and I get hit in the face with someone's
backpack (PWNED because of my height -.-'').
It was crowded and all, but I kinda yelled out "OUCH!" in pain, and I saw the person
look back at me... And you know what really ticks me off? The fact that they kinda
laughed and walked away... I mean seriously?! Laugh?! I know I'm short, and I did get
hit in the face with a backpack (and that is kinda funny). BUT STILL!

So I kinda give the guy this look like "you hit me in the face and laughed? really
nice of you...TT_TT" and turn to leave when some girl crushes my foot with her own..

Great day I'm having, eh?

But, what made me feel better, was the fact that she apologized after I yelped in
pain (my foot hurt really badly and of course my face did too...)
The moral of my horribly depressing story is:
1. Please apologize to short wimps like myself if you hurt us by accident... In fact,
apologize to all people if you hurt them by accident.
2. If you PWN someone in the face with a backpack, you can laugh AFTER you

Thanks for listening to my rant entry of the week~~ Join me next week... if you
want... Iono.... X  DDD!
I'll try to make it happier next time (though most of my rants aren't very happy are
they? Oh wells :  DDDD... You wouldn't know that anyways ;  D)


DevilishPixie says:   9 November 2009   638243  
thank you for making my week (:
Roundtherainbow says:   9 November 2009   685886  
Devilish: No probs ;  D~ Thanks for reading!
alocacoc says:   10 November 2009   806519  
I would have cracked up if I accidently hit someone in the face with
a backpack, but I probably would've said sorry, too.
Seiseimonster says:   10 November 2009   752593  
Awwww!!! that would have hurt! made my day though x3
Roundtherainbow says:   12 November 2009   502045  
Alocacoc: At least you would've apologized though X  DD
Seisei: Yeah... It did hurt ><' But It gave me something to write
about, and I'm happy you enjoyed reading about it ^^
‹The Fool› says :   8 September 2011   376170  
This is basicly my life...


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