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Saturday, 24 October 2009
02:49:41 PM (GMT)
Hi,I'm Abigal Browns.I am 14 years old.I am Very much like eny other child,but I was
born with a gift.I am psychic.I am allso in the Dragon prophecy.This week is my final
week to live.My mother is gone,same as my father.My dragon is with me.She shall hatch
soon.I can't wait untill she dose.She will be beautiful,soaring through the sky.I
live with my grandmother.Ma-ma is what i call her."Abigal!"Ma-ma called.I'd better
get back to work.

  "Yes,Ma-ma?"I ask patiently."Go outside and start the feilds."She replied.I hurried
out the door and started to work.After a few hours had past I was near
exaughsted."Here."Ma-ma said as I came in.She handed me a plate of meatloaf."Eat in
your room."She addad."Yes Ma-am."I answer walking up the stairs.I sat the plate on my
bed and reach over my shelf.I grab an old book with dust on it and turn the pages.I
land on page 57.Once your dragon hatches it read.I pull out my egg from my
covers.It glistens in the moonlight.I run my finger on the crack.It's smooth like
silk.I start to have a vission,
     A Gigantic dragon is flying with me on it's back.The only light in the sky is
moonlight.I'm gigling as we soar through the open sky.

I gasp at the sight and sat my dragon egg down gently on my bed.I start to read more
of the page,"You need to be in a warm inviorment once it hatches."LUcky me,i live
in the attic.All the cold air i get is from the window. I think.I turn my head
over to the meat loaf.I take a small bite.Ma-ma really did cook good.I slowly got off
of my bed and walked over to my cd player.I put in a mozart cd.Dont judge me,I love
to listen to this stuff.

 It started playing a very soft tune,but got louder and faster.Diferent insturemnts
zoomed in,then back to a soft little tune.I sat down and read a little bit more.After
I finished reading and eating I examined my egg a little bit more.All of a sudden it
started cracking everywhere.I quickly coverd it in blankets and turned on my cd.A
happy tune started to sound,but i kept my focus on the egg.
With the little scraps of meat loaf I had left I got ready to feed it.

 With the music still playing the litle dragons claw came out.It was pinkish red and
it still gleamed though my room was very dark.The next claw came out then it's
nose.Soon it's head was out and then a wing to.I stared at it without blinking.The
little eggi had nursed was now out.

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