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The Heart CollectorCategory: (general)
Saturday, 29 August 2009
03:03:47 AM (GMT)
Chapter one
The Heart Collector.-

There was an old myth that there was a girl called "The Heart Collector",Many
thought she existed,and some thought it was just a stupid prank.But i saw her,She
had a Razor blade in one hand,And a jar in the other.Came for me one night,not long
ago.Wanna know why?,Cus i was one of those stupid idiots who tried to find out if
that girl was real or not.Everyone else was to scared,I think I was the only one who
tried it,Out of all my friends,Dean dident try it,Noz didn't try it,Nor did my
boyfriend brad.But i did.I'm to curious for anything.I should have nine life's.My
names Holly if u should know.But as i was saying,I was the one who tried it,To try
it you have to go to some old abandon toy junk house and go to that girls room that
lived there,That is ,before it burnt down.She was the life of that store,Everyone
knew her by name,Everyone loved her.In till she started experimenting with the
toys,She got very destructive and changed her ways.The girl liked cutting up her own
dolls and "Cutting there hearts out", That's why they call her "The Heart
Collector",She kinda went physco and killed some girl who went in her room while she
was doing that.She didn't want people to know what she did.
So she killed her,And thought it would be fun to try it out on a human,Well she
liked it.Started putting her victims heart in jars to collect them. Luckily I
escaped before she tryed to collect my heart.But she always leaves a mark.

It all started when Brad my friend Dean , Noz  and I,were walking down the road at
night going out to pick up some pizza,To bored ,Noz's pinto was broken down and
nothing to do so we just said screw delivery,And walked there.And of course dean and
noz always fighting and naggin at each other like an old married couple made my head
fucking hurt.Noz stole deans glove and Noz said"Dean your a midget you cant reach~
har har.While waving the glove above deans head.Dean replied"FUCK YOU!",I told them
to shut up and they just kept going on,But me and brad just kept walking,I looked to
my right and i saw that old burnt down toy store that everyone was talking about,I
told brad i wanted to go in and see if she was really real,He said "Nooooo your not
going in without me...",So i replied.."alright lets go guys"
,As noz and dean were still bickering back and forth.We all came up to the door and
whipped off some dust that was around the window and peeked in,I nudged the door
handle a little to see if it was unlocked,It was.Me and Brad stepped inside along
with Noz and Dean,There was broken glass everywhere and burnt toys all over the
place.We seen a door that lead to the girls room,It seemed normal,But it was kinda
dark and we were all kinda cautious.I tripped and hit my leg on some glass,It
started bleeding quite a bit,Noz laughed at me and brad gave him a little
glare.Then, noz said "gayy . . .".I got up and whipped the blood off ,We herd a
noise and the lights started flickering on and off,Didn't know what it was and we
all got scared they guys started runnin and i started to but i fell agaiiin.When i
fell i seen something under that girls door,It was a little silk sown heart,i picked
it up and decided to walk in the room,to have a peek..,I peeked though the door and
seen a shadow with a razor blade coming toward the door,i started to freak out and
run as i was running i seen a bloody glass jar in her other hand,I  fell again but
brad came back for me and garbed my hand right as the girl was putting the razor
blade to my heart.He pulled me out of the store and we started rushing home scared
as hell.We finally made it home and ran though the door and up the stairs to my
room.We were all freaking out talking and shuddering back and forth,I noticed
something on my chest,It was an X mark,"i duno how it got there"i said,Dean looked
over to me and said,What got where? "This X mark..."i replied.Brad rushed over to me
and touched it "What the fuck?" brad said,Noz pushed dean out of the way and looked
he said"nice job molly you made that bitch mad".

Chapter two
Next time.-

Everyone went home after a while,And me and brad went layed down.He started looking
at the mark on my chest again,Wondering why it was there.He said"Baby im worried
about you,And i'm worried about that mark,something isent right about it. . .,I
replied," fine,ill be okays don't worrie" as i rolled on my side and covered
up.Hours later about three in the morning i started waking up screaming in pain and
grabbing my chest,The pain was so intense and i didn't know what was going on,I
started walking around and i wasn't controlling my body it felt like someone else
was,It finally stopped and i dropped to the floor.Brad rushed over to me in panic,I
past out.He picked me up and layed me on the bed and started crying,worried about
me.I woke up gasping for my breath,Brad screamed "ARE YOU OKAY?!! OH MY GOD DON'T DO
THAT DON'T LEAVE ME I THOUGHT U DIED!!",I said in a whisper ". . .I..I'm fine,I herd
a scream in my head that said. . ."ILL GET U NEXT TIME!",And that's when i
just..past out i guess.",Brad held me thought the rest of the night,I herd him
whisper,I told u. . .something wasn't right about that mark.

Chapter three

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