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NOOO!!!!!! Amazing title gone from my MIND!Category: (general)
Tuesday, 18 August 2009
08:14:25 PM (GMT)
Alright, soooo..... I was showering this morning and thinking about my neighbor
who's a compulsive liar, I kinda realized that I can be too, and then I started
thinking, doesn't everyone lie and BAM! It was there.... And it morphed into a
one-shot about lies. I took a little of this and a little of that and came up with
it.... I hope TJ doesn't mind that I used her scar, or Aleisha that I used her
adopted-orphan-ness. And I don't mind that I used my tongue. Wow that sounds wrong...
It doesn't really mean it like that, read it and find out what I mean....

There are those moments in life where we embellish-no, we downright lie. I mean your
sitting there and you start to think of the lame story of the scar, your past, or the
deformity, and you want to be recoginized... so suddenly-bam. You were stabbed,
abused, and bit by a rabbid animal. My name is Hanna Kraznonk and I have had a hell
of a year....
Hannah giggled and mouthed an insult at Kyle, her latest crush. It was math with the
oldest teacher alive, Mr. Penn. Kyle shook his head and scratched his cheek with his
middle finger, he looked at her and Hannah pretended to be shocked. He scratched his
head and smiled back at her, she stuck her tongue out at him as the bell rang. 
"Hannah, what's wrong with your tongue?" Kyle asked as she kicked at his books lying
on the floor. 
"Oh, uh..." Suddenly Hannah felt 10 years old again. 
"Hannah! You can't bite through your tongue, right?" Jason, her 14 year old brother,
asked of her. 
"Please, of course you can." Freddy, her other brother, retorted. "Tell him Hannah!"
"I won't beleive it unless you show me!" It was then Hannah opened her mouth and
slammed down her teeth, about five minutes later Hannah was in the emergency room as
Jason argued that he didn't know Hannah was stuiped enough to actually try to bite
through her tongue.
"Oh, uh... I had a run-in with my neighbors snake... Ya know? We were teasing it and
it lashed out... I was lucky the poison didn't, um, ya, know, kill me."
Hannah began to walk off as Kyle looked at her with a newfound attraction. "Ya
know... I like a tease..."
Jane sat in the corner of the room, awaiting the first of many ambushes. She had just
moved in and was worried what her new neighbors would think of her. She overheard the
mother of a swarm of children talking, "Listen, she's probably shy... She was just
adopted, you see. We have no idea how she was treated before."
They approached as Jane stood up, dusting herself off. "Hi, I'm Jane..."
"What'd they do to you!" One of the younger kids exclaimed. "Oh! Billy! What did I
say! Jane, darling, you don't have to answer him. I mean, your not even a week into
your new home!" Jane nodded and plastered herself into the corner again, the family
left. A boy about her age walked over to her. "Hi."
"You wanna know, don't you." He nodded guiltily.
Jane was sitting on a coach, bored out of her mind... Depressed, angry, and
masicistic((GAH! SPELLING!)) She wondered into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. She
slid into the upstairs bathroom and began to cut. A bright idea burned into her mind,
quite literally. She took the flat iron and pressed it to her back, arm and anywhere
else she could find. She cut her skin with the strong Kitchen scissors and attempted
to break as many bones as possible. The foster mom walked in to see her sitting there
with a determination on her face and the knife pressed to her neck.
"Abused." Jane answered. "Wanna see the scars?" He nodded, a little shly. She grabbed
his hand and walked into the nearest closet. She pulled her shirt over her head and
slif out of her jeans. He stared awestruck, she wasn't sure if it was becuase of the
scars, or her mostly naked body.
"Freckles" Marone sauntered into the room of her long-term boyfriend, Nicky's, room.
She was nervous, she had been preparing herself for this day for to long to chicken
out. She tried to reassure herself with 'everyone does it' and 'no consequences if
it's safe.' She fell into his arms and blew the black peice of hair out of her eyes.
"Freck's we don't have to-"
"No, I want to." She turned around and looked into his caring eyes. "Nicky... please,
just, uh... be safe." He smiled a little and opened his mouth again, she silenced him
and repeated "I want to." She very carefully began to lift her shirt when he took it
from her. He tossed it beside the bed and Smiled. As he looked into her eyes she saw
some curiousity. "What?" He pointed to the scar above her left breast and she
"Damn cat! Come back here!" Freckles lunged and caught the fleeing cat. "Hah! Got ya!
She smooshed it to her chest and began to walk him out to meet the guest. She was
clad in her bikini and shorts. As she opened the door, the cat scrammed and clawed at
her. "Ow! That gosh damn cat is goin down!" She was bleeding heavily from a scratch
left by the angry cat.
"C'mon, what happend, Freckles?" 
"I was stabbed." She said sarcastically, but he must not of heard becuase he leaned
in with worry on his face. 
"Why didn't you tell me?! Kathl-"
"It, uh happened a while ago. And don't call me Kathleen, kay Babe?" She tried to
kiss him but he pushed her off.
"Tell me."
"I was mugged and I got stabbed. Ok? I don't like talking about it!" 
"Oh, um. Ok. You'll feel better if you tell me."
Freckles thought fast, "Fine. I was visiting my sister in New York and I was walking
to her apartment and this guy came up to me and started yelling at me. I told him I
had no money and he didn't beleive me. He pulled out the knife and I told him that I
had no money again, but he just wouldn't beleive me. So he tried to stab me. And
obviously it worked."
"Thanks Baby." Nicky whispered into her ear and kissed her again.

OK, so I'm stopping for tonight. Part 2 later.

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