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Wishes [Chapter 12]Category: Wishes
Friday, 7 August 2009
04:35:36 PM (GMT)
Ereya Chloris, a seventeen year old girl from Galia, a small town dreams of
exploring the realm she lives on, Teruma. But, because of her curiosity, she ends up
getting her wish the wrong way. Now, she's off to explore the whole of Lire. And to
the vanquished golden city of Iona.


"Auntie?" I muttered in disbelief, looking at Pira, holding her bow. The queen was of
royalty but Pira was an orphan. A warrior orphan. That is just not possible.
Completely illogical. Pira saw me gape but she held her bow still, like a powerful
statue. I had no idea why people wouldn't come running, or beating the heck out of
Pira by now. Maybe it was the shock, or maybe it was the fact that if they get a feet
closer, Pira would let go of the arrow and kill the queen.

That wouldn't be such a bad idea.

"S-stella? What has happened to your hair? What is going on?" The queen equaled my
disbelief, letting go of the tiny boy's hand and walking slowly towards Pira.

"Stella?" I asked Bloom and Destiny but they were watching the scene, just as
everybody else.

Pira was still willingly immobilized, still aiming the arrow at the queen that was
looking at her. "Never mind my hair. Don't touch them. They are my personal
servants." She gestured her head towards us. We immediately let go of the
enchantment, and the vines went back slithered back underground, like green snakes.
Destiny's strong wind turned into a wispy air and rejoined the sky above.

"You lie. You don't have personal servants." Everybody turned to Saffron who was
holding his blade, looking angry and flustered. Probably because someone from Teruma
had tried to stop him and prevailed. I felt a surge of pride, but turned back to Pira
who was raising her eyebrow and lowering her weapon.

"I do now. Does a princess lie to her own kin? I think not." Pira, straightened her
back and looked, well, like a princess. She was wearing the same kind of dignified
face that both Faye and Princess Dianne from Teruma wore. Is she truly a princess or
just messing with our minds? I was utterly confused. Princesses aren't meant to be
warriors. They're to wimpy to even touch a sword, let alone hold a bow against their
own queen.

The queen looked just as baffled as I was, though she held her dignity, not opening
her jaw as I was doing so. "I- I don't understand. But if they are your personal
servants," She studied the three of us, Destiny, Bloom and I, warily, "You must take
them now, or they will cause an uproar." She waved her hand to shoo away the watchers
and went up the stairs, taking the boy's hand again and was followed by her three

We turned to Pira who was sighing with relief. "What were you thinking? Do you want
to get killed?" She exclaimed as we walked a different path. Up some stairs where
everything was cleaner, more pure. I saw some flower pots near there and I figured we
were going to the palace. At the bottom of another set of stairs, was an exact
replica of Pira.

The only thing different was their hair. This girl had light blond hair, those that
you can only see from Winora. Her eyes were of the same shade as Pira's. Their faces
were exact. And if it wasn't for the hair and the clothes, you will not be able to
tell them apart.

"Hello. My name is Stella. Princess Stella." Stella gave us a tiny smile, and gave us
a tiny bow.

So this was Stella. She turned to her twin who gave us a wave and said, "I'll be
packing the rest of my things. Don't get into any more trouble than you should."

When Pira disappeared, Stella didn't give us a word nor a sound. She simply turned
and we walked up the stairs, the sun sending sweat through our bodies. The princess
though, seemed comfortable as anyone could be. I guessed that she was just used to
this sort of heat. There were sentries standing beside an iron gate.

Behind the gate was a palace. Believe me, it was most beautiful. I've never been to a
palace, and since that I was a commoner I never imagined to be inside one. Off-white
and golden colors painted most of the tower but a splatter of rainbow can be seen in
a distance. Stella saw us noticing it and stopped in our tracks.

"That is my room. You'll see it in a little while." She told us, giving us her
adorable tiny smile again. Bloom would like her, I figured. Rainbows were both their
things. Stella nodded to the sentries, who pressed some sort of hidden dial that
creaked open the gate. It was a bit forbidding and you'd think it was extremely weak,
just looking at its rusted iron. But some sort of dignity held it in place. The
sentries were looking at us dangerously, and I could tell they're eyes were flashing
with some sort of hate. I became uncomfortable and I could tell the others did too,
because Bloom cleared her throat and Destiny looked down. Stella though, didn't seem
to notice and just went through. I forgot about the old gate and the sentries when I
took a closer look at the surface of the palace.

"Woah.." I commented, looking around in amazement. I had taken palaces for granted,
because they were much more beautiful that you'd actually think they were. The shrubs
were designed as different animals and symbols that represented Deria. They were
well-groomed and the leaves were as green as they were healthy. I touched one of them
that looked like a phoenix. I wondered who had created these shrub sculptures because
they were probably very skilled.

Bloom and Destiny was admiring some of the others until Stella cleared her throat
"Ahem." And we followed her through a tiny garden that included my favorite flower,
the Greengazer which was a flower with green round petals and a touch of blue streaks
that opens up in sunlight and closes at night.

We went around a huge fountain with of course, had a phoenix as a statue and through
a set of doors, golden and white. The inside of the palace was better than the
outside. The marble stones were shining like they were polished each day. I felt even
more uncomfortable than when the sentries were staring at us because I felt out of
place. For once, I cared about being a commoner when I took a step towards the marble

Stella noticed that this time we weren't sure if we should take any chances of
getting in because she assured us, "Don't worry. You'll be fine as long as you are
with me. Follow me." And we took another turn through white columns and through
staircases and slippery floors. I felt just as tired as I was by the time we reached
the third floor. I didn't get enough rest and my body was taking a toll. How come a
princess so dainty could survive these stairs?

I pushed myself a bit more, because Destiny and Bloom didn't seem to be affected at
all but I glanced at times that they were wincing or panting. "One more staircase."
Stella said, sighing with relief along with us and we climbed that particular
staircase and entered Stella's room that seemed like a room as a big as a field.
Different kinds of gowns and dresses were thrown on the floor and the huge bed, some
pots were overturned in the balcony and papers were strewn all over the floor.

We looked at Stella whose eyes went wide with embarrassment, and she turned to give
us a sheepish grin, "Did I tell you that I'm an incredibly disorganized person?" I
looked around and was contemplating about going in and stepping on her dresses or
staying back and let my legs die this instant.

Stella did me some mercy when she took of some dresses and just stuffed it into her
huge closet that looked about the size of my bedroom. "Don't worry. We're all messy
one way or the other." Bloom told her, while helping her clean out the room. Destiny
and I looked at each other and started picking up what looked like extremely
expensive clothing. I was careful not to step on anything except for the ground and
to be careful.

Stella though was just putting her things into her arms and throwing it into her
closet. Of course, she wouldn't mind. Nothing will get crushed in there, it's too
big. I sighed as I picked up some white tights and gave it to Stella who carelessly
tossed it into her massive closet. When the floor was visible, I didn't even think,
and impulse took over me. I sat comfortably on Stella's huge blue-and-pink curtained
bed, hoping that my legs would get some rest.

The princess though, didn't mind and sat back on a chair next to a piano. "You can
trust me and my sister." was all she said, and that narrow gaze inside Destiny's eyes

"Auntie is a very careful person. She is dignified but extremely racist, because she
cares too much of her own race." Stella explained, fiddling with her huge skirt that
was puffing out like a gigantic fan.

Destiny nodded and so did Bloom. I didn't say anything, too scared that my mouth
might say some incredibly rude things to her aunt. There was an awkward silence then
until Bloom asked her, "If Pira is an orphan, and you're a princess but you are
sisters, shouldn't Pira be a princess also?"

Stella took in the question and answered, "Pira is a princess of royal blood, if
you're talking ancestry. If you're talking present, no. She isn't."

"What?" I questioned her, completely confused.

"Pira is younger than me. I don't how how much, but she is. Twins here are treated
differently than in Teruma. Here, everyone values themselves. All of us must be
unique. Whoever has the bad luck of being the younger twin, is thrown away. The first
one born gets all the riches." Stella paused but waved her hand throughout her room,
"While the younger one gets the rags." Her eyes closed as if, grimacing. Like it was
her fault that Pira didn't have what she was supposed to have.

"I'm trying to change that. Unfortunately, they wouldn't listen to me. I'm only but
the queen's niece. And a queen's word is much more powerful than that of a princess."
She added, her pleading voice seemed to be trying to prove herself worthy. "But Pira
was the better warrior. I may be smarter and well-mannered, but Pira has the courage
to stand up for what she believes in. I never knew I had a sister, until I begged my
mother to come out of this palace. She had always told me to stay inside the palace.
I suppose that was because she didn't want me to have a chance to meet my living
twin. There was a festival there, because it was my tenth birthday. We met on the
archer's tent."

I remembered how Pira seemed like a very good archer and the determined expression on
her face.

"She was extremely skilled," Stella continued on, "And we knew that are faces were
similar the moment we looked at each other. She always visited me at the bottom of
those stairs. That's how far my mother would let me go. She told me of her dreams to
make peace with Teruma. I told her my wish of equality. I always made sure she was
safe and fine, but now, I can't. I'm to stay behind and I can't look over my little
sister anymore. Although she doesn't want to be babied, please take care of her." She
pleaded again, looking at all of us.

"I will keep trying to fulfill my dream along with Pira's while I am here. But, you
will be fighting for peace, risking your own lives. Please be wary as much as you are
courageous. If, if Pira dies, I would not know what to do with my life." Stella told
us, her eyes misty with invisible tears.

I nodded and told her, with as much confidence as I could, "Don't lose confidence in
us, and keep on believing and we will not fail." I remembered Talia and Irene. How
they helped us get to where we are now. I knew that we were fine because they are
with us in spirit and in heart. They believe in us. Stella nodded and I looked down
to Talia's anklet and I grasped my bag that contained Irene's drawing.

The princess stood up and clapped her hands, "I suppose while you are on this
journey, you will need some swords and of course, a new set of clothing." She looked
at us from our filthy boots to our dusty hoods. She went to a side of her bed and we
stood up, staring at her while she pulled out a huge chest that was even more dusty
than our clothing.

She took out a key that was hidden from a camouflage compartment from the chest's
side and opened it, revealing some swords, daggers, and staffs with orbs that

"Woah.." I touched the hilt of a sword. I turned to Stella and she nodded, smiling. I
took out the sword and pulled it out of its scabbard. It was silver and the hilt as
also as silver. With a bit of polishing it could shine, like the silver tiny stone
that was put in place int he middle of its hilt. I admired the sword's quality while
Destiny admired hers until a loud knock came in.

"Come in." Stella called out, while we placed our swords behind our backs and she
kicked the chest back into her bed.

Saffron and another boy came in, looking through the room curiously. As if the three
of us weren't there, the boy told Stella, "Dinner is ready, sister. Our family wants
you to be in the dinner table with us." Stella looked at us and Bloom gave her a curt
and quiet nod.

"Yes, Aidan. I'll be right there." She swished her skirts and whispered to us, while
cleaning off some dust that got stuck on her dress, "I'll tell my maids to send you
some food."

She followed her brother and Saffron down the stairs again. Both males looked at us,
glaring daggers. Stella gave us one more tiny smile and closed the door behind us.
When a tiny gust of wind blew and opened the door a tiny bit, I run over to close it
and heard Saffron's voice ask, "Stella, why do you trust those people from Teruma?"

Her response painted a huge smile on my face. "Do you not know? They are my


Thanks, everyone. Especially for Lucy and Lora for giving me helpful tips.

Bootheghost says:   7 August 2009   982593  
Well written chapter.
The casualness of Ereya's narative is effective. :D
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   8 August 2009   872449  
Please let Bloom get a staff. Please let Bloom get a staff. x]
+crosses fingers+

I liked it. :D
‹VanillaTwilight› says:   11 August 2009   543281  
:] loved.
StrawberrySHOCK says :   5 July 2010   524655  
Aw aw aw <3 Stella is tons like me. especially with the room...


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