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Saturday, 1 August 2009
11:19:00 AM (GMT)

1. Katie

2. Joanna

3. Zoe

4. Harriet

5. William

6. Callum

7. Bryan

On The Island.

Who starts crying and saying they're too young to die?
Me Probably. I'd probably grab a hold of the nearest person to me and scream at them,

Who tries to make a raft out of grass and palm leaves?
Callum and William, coz they think there good at stuff like that coz they go to Army
Cadets. ¬.¬

Who's chasing a squirrel so they can eat it?
Joanna, she's going crazy, well crazier than she already is, and Katie is trying to
stop her, coz she wants the squirrel as a pet, to call it, Jimetta.

Who helps make the shelter?
Everyone Except me, coz I'm trying to get a signal on my cell phone, coz I'm so thick
I don't realize that there are no telephone poles.

Who becomes depressed and says that there's no hope?
Bryan, coz he's the smallest of the lot and thinks he's gonna die first.

Who actually tries to think of a plan to get out?
Harriet, coz she's the smartest of the lot of us. She's the most resonable one. She
tries the hardest to think of a logical explanation.

Who starts jumping up and down trying to get attention?
Zoe, coz no one's paying attention to her, and she thinks she's found out an idea.
But then Harriet jumps in and tells us her idea, then Zoe gets really pissed off with

Is there alcohol on the island?
Yes, Callum and Katie think it'd be fun. I am still crying but then become completely
drunk and forget we're on the island and start talking about people and saying a
bunch of random things, then Joanna gets drunk with us all and the only sober ones
are Bryan and William coz they're gay. xD

Who's in denial and looking for the hidden camera?
Bryan, Katie and William. They think we've been put on a show called, 'Get Your Kids

Two Weeks Later

Who gets so bored they're carving equations on a rock for fun?
Joanna and Zoe. They us all, then draw Me choking William coz he's getting on my
nerves so much.

Three and Four Go Missing!

Who goes looking for them?
Callum and Bryan. Coz Katie forces them too. Coz William's fell asleep on a rock. So
me and Joanna pour water over him and he wakes up.

You go searching and find them where??
In the jungle, looking for spiders...

Who goes missing after looking for a good spot to tan?
ME! D: I am a loner and get annoyed with everyone coz they say that I'm a Drama
Queen. So I storm off and fall asleep while getting tanned and wake up at the edge of
the water! DX

Which person comes back after two minutes of looking for food because they got
Bryan and Zoe, coz Zoe started chasing Bryan after he called her a Dancing Ballon
Head for fun. And Bryan ran back to camp and we were all killing ourselves laughing.

Which person goofs off and does nothing at all?
Callum, Harriet and Joanna. Coz they are bored. But coz Joanna hates Callum already
they start a HUGE fight.

Who still hunts squirrels even when they get back home?
Zoe and Harriet. :D

‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   2 August 2009   979359  
Lol, I put seven there coz I couldn't pick xD

Nah, I wouldn't start a fight with Callum. I'd kick him in the nuts
and that would be the end of it xD
‹[Rachel;; Couldn't Give A Damn ♥]› says :   2 August 2009   776711  
HA! PMSL! HA! He's a twat...   :|


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