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50 Facts.Category: Surveys
Friday, 31 July 2009
03:39:18 AM (GMT)
1.  I used to lie a lot - I don't ever lie now.

2 . I call everybody my best friends but I really only have five.

3.  I blew up my macbook, so I always use my dad's.

4.  I've had the same favourite song since I was 9.

5.  My brain learns lyrics, REALLY easily. 

6.  I hate neon colours. 

7.  If you haven't noticed, I spell things the british way (:

8.  I don't have any of my family gene patterns in me.

9.  When I was 4, I got wood shoved up my forehead by my friend.

10. I'm VERY young.

11. I've had my heartbroken before, and it's 10x worse than anything physical.

12. I'm obsessed with always having my fingernails and toenails painted.

13. I get annoyed of people very easily.

14. It bothers me when people think my best friend is more passionate about
photography than I am. She's not.

15. I already know what I'm going to study in college.

16. I like Paris Hilton.

17. I check my dad's facebook almost daily.

18. Every time I have a dream, it has something to do with gauges. It's scary.

19. I love making lists.

20. Where I live, Winters have 5 feet of snow, and Summers go up to 120 degrees F.
Bipolar, much?

21. I grew up without a mom. My mom was a photographer. Suck on that (:

22. I shave my arms.

23. I say 'brb' and 'idk' in real life. It's the nerdiest thing ever.

24. I use caps lock way too much. 

25. I have a phobia of sheep. Everything about them makes me want to collapse and cry
hysterically. It's called ovinaphobia.

26. I can't eat my favourite food because I'm vegan, so I decided Slurpees were my
new favourite. Hah.

27. I used to want to be scene SO badly. Now I think scene kids look so dumb. It died
in '08. Deal with it.

28. I love my cats more than most of my friends <3 Roxanne Mia & Oscar Sultusk.

29. I stay up until at least 2:00 am, EVERY NIGHT.

30. I have abnormally short eyelashes. It's depressing.

31. I feel like a follower for being head over heels for Robert Pattinson, Christofer
Drew Ingle, and Oli Sykes. 

32. I cannot STAND Harry Potter. Wands and Magic, COME ON.

33. My best friend accidentally gave out my last name online awhile ago, and I'm
super paranoid ever since.

34. My dad has 41 facebook notifications right now.

35. If it was legal, I would have moved out and lived alone by the time I was eight.

36. I've been to mexico almost three times. (:

37. I love it when people kiss my ear. ♥

38. Most of my friends think they're scene. It's pretty entertaining.

39. I go to a school with a uniform. Fml (:

40. I never get on msn and aim.

41. My birthdays always suck. EXAMPLE: 11th birthday: Threw up all day and go hurt on
a water slide in cancun.

42. I love the Real World Cancun, Gossip Girl, and Paris Hilton Is My New Bff.

43. I dated someone I thought was gay the entire time. It was the worst relationship

44. I like online relationships more than real life relationships.

45. My dad is one of my best friends.

46. I love going live on stickam more than anything in the world. 

47. I was really spoiled when I was younger.

48. I have a relly strong stomach. I LOVE gore (: <33

49. Scary movies don't scare me anymore.

50. I love the smell of expo markers.

wherecanwerun says:   1 August 2009   433238  
Haha woah dude, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABBY (: your lucky my birthday is in
december. :l god.
‹halliemarie› says:   4 August 2009   389551  
51. me and hallie, are secretly micholas cage's twins
brilliantlights says:   4 August 2009   481957  
haha for serious.
‹halliemarie› says:   4 August 2009   357251  
i fail so badly.
how did i spell Nicholas cage wrong.
‹halliemarie› says:   4 August 2009   747362  
why did i post that.
brilliantlights says:   4 August 2009   837888  
‹halliemarie› says :   7 August 2009   418396  

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