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Kupikans;Category: (general)
Tuesday, 28 July 2009
06:17:44 PM (GMT)
I would like to call to your attention.
Kupikans, How do you feel about rape? What if you were raped? Your pure innocence taken from your weakened grip. I'm furious with you today, For some things I've heard about. I wont list names, and I won't call anyone out. But I would just like to say that some of you people need to grow up. You need to think about things before you say them. How do you think you would feel if people joked and ranted about you being raped. It's not funny. It's not funny at all. Some people are truly disgusting. Hell, I joke about some bad stuff, I'm not all innocent myself at all. But it really makes me sick to know some people think it's funny. I know lots of you will laugh and talk about this like it's some child's play, But it's serious. It's a crime. Not only does it ruin lives, But it kills people. I have nothing else to say, but I'm truly, deeply sorry that some people have the nerve. I encourage you guys criticism and comments. Until next time, Shae. -- Edit;; I've had family members that were raped. My sister for instance. She was broken to pieces, and it killed me just seeing her so hurt. I myself was nearly raped as a child. It's mortifying.
Last edited: 28 July 2009

‹Callie;Calls herself CRUISE. TOM CRUISE ♥› says:   28 July 2009   293379  
O_O *sniffle* That was a very beautiful rant. My mother works at a
Family Crisis Center and they had one lady stay there and she was
raped. I felt really bad for her. I cry and pray every night for
people who go through this terrible crime. In three summed up words: I
hate rape.
‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   29 July 2009   831265  
Ugh, I hate it when people joke about that stuff. If I ever met a
rapist (I know one because he raped a Christian that goes to my
church, and she had a baby that was black, he was black and the victim
was white, and the baby looks more like him, I was nearly in tears!
I've never actually spoken to him though...), I'd want to slap one if
I ever met one.

That was a very meaningful rant! 
orangelove47 says:   29 July 2009   748295  
I would never, ever joke about rape. I don't personally know anyone
that was raped, but still I know that it is a very shocking and
devestating experience. It's nice to know that you won't allow joking
about it at all in this club.
Motley_Crue says:   29 July 2009   426636  
It's disgusting how people find things like that funny. I've come
close to being raped as well, so I know how bad it is. I wouldn't joke
about that. I hope that the people that did can see why so many people
get upset about it.
‹Charlotte speaks with Silence› says:   3 August 2009   187336  
Its one of the worst things that can be done to a sigle person. Evil.
Truly evil.  How could anyone find it funny????? Thats sick.
‹yourperfect<3› says:   3 August 2009   958321  
I was raped.
‹☼TouchingDarkness☼› says:   12 August 2009   526753  
This couldnt have been put in a better way, really, rape is quite
I dont find it funny at All
I have nooo idea why someone would joke about it.
Nice rant
‹deppressedamazingAMANDA› says:   12 August 2009   244755  
i wouldnt joke about it either because im psychic i had a vission in
my moms room about  her room but it was so different and all i heard
was a girl screaming
the guy moved and i saw the girl lying down on the bed.

it wasnt us i dont think but i hope the girl dosent die.
Danielle10 says:   20 August 2009   384727  
Keh heh.
You know most of you are friends with Eddie, correct? Don't you know
that he jokes about sex and rape stuff all the time? xD
Oroborus21 says :   20 August 2009   146267  
@Danielle, that as usuall is complete poppycock. i do not joke about
RAPE ever. 


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