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My Life So Far.Category: (general)
Sunday, 26 July 2009
08:35:48 AM (GMT)
Okay, so here's what's going on in my life right now.

1. I is spending my summerholidays in hospital until, like, November. -.-" I
collapsed 3 month ago and now I can't walk. I've been in hospital ever since then.

2. I is coming home on weekennd passes now. :D Staying at my house. ITS AWESOME.

3. Getting a brand new haircut. All volumized and blonde highlights. T'WILL BE

4. I is missing my bestfriends more than anything on earth.

5. I text until like 1 in the morning like every night with my mate.

6. I got my nails done and they look gawrjuse. ;D

7. I am hardly eathing right now. NO idea why. I Just don't feel like eating.

8. One of my mates is pissing me off. -.-"

9. I am having a special 13th/Homecoming party in November!! :D T'is gonna be massive
with all of my friends and family there. Basicly everyone I know. Which is
alot of people!

10. I am in the process of doing up my profile. :D

‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   26 July 2009   852197  
Is I gonna be invited to the party thingie? >:D Lol, jk, you don't
have to invite me xD
‹[Rachel;; Couldn't Give A Damn ♥]› says:   26 July 2009   539285  
Joanna of course your gonna be invited!! Don't be stupid! XD
‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   26 July 2009   537197  

I will now write something to do with everything on  your update xD

1. That must be horrible!
2. That's great!
3. But I likes the ginger you Dx You'd better keep a slight
hint of ginger on your head! >:D
4. They're always on kupika xD
5. What one?
6. I wants to see them Dx
7. You used to eat bucketloads all the friggin time! xD I ate half of
your cupboard though xD
8. What one? Tell me in message! If it's me, 'HOLY CRAP! I didn't mean
to, Rachel Dx'
9. OH EM GEE. How many people are you inviting?
10. Can't wait to see it!
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   26 July 2009   664753  
OME you poor thing!! are u oknow??? are u hurt?? is it painfull?? u
poor thing i feel sosososo sorry for u!! do u no why it happend????

opps sorry i got a bit carried away!! im just worried about u
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   26 July 2009   574626  
Oh my, a party thingie in November? How fun! :D
Say, what day? I turn 14 on the 15th.
‹[Rachel;; Couldn't Give A Damn ♥]› says:   26 July 2009   224461  
Joanna: It's Callum J. -.- Both Questions. And I'm inviting
everyone I know.
Jade: I'm fine! It doesn't hurt, no. I'm fine. I'm gettign better. I
just can't feel my legs. That's all.
Sam: My bdays on the 14th! OMG! :D
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   26 July 2009   334342  
oh u poor thing are u going to be able to walk??
‹[Rachel;; Couldn't Give A Damn ♥]› says:   26 July 2009   655379  
...Mabey. I'm not sure. Probably. But It wont be long distances. Just
around the house and around the classrooms. -.-
But I'm gonna have to have walking aids. To help me walk.
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   26 July 2009   272713  
do u no why it happend?? u poor poor thing
‹[Rachel;; Couldn't Give A Damn ♥]› says:   26 July 2009   936295  
Nope. No idea why it happened. I was just walking along then I
collapsed all of a sudden.
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   26 July 2009   818917  
u poor darling!!! xxxxxxx
‹[Rachel;; Couldn't Give A Damn ♥]› says :   26 July 2009   971264  
Blahh. I'm fine! I swear! XD


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