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MY LIFE Update. :DCategory: (general)
Thursday, 18 June 2009
11:01:42 AM (GMT)
OKAY. I FELT LIKE DOING ONE OF THESE. BECAUSE I CAN. 1. I bought a pair of fake specs and so did Zoe. We wore them to school and everyone[/i thought they were real! It was awesome! But I've stopped wearing them because they make me look ugly. 2. Ellis played with my hair yesterday and mucked it up. So, I handed the brush to Zoe and told her to fix it. AND IT WAS WONDERFUL!! :3 It looked so cute! My hair usually parts in the center, but Zoe did it to the side and because I have an outgrown straight fringe it looks pretty awesome. But then for the rest of the day Ellis was trying to "fix it" (no offence, Ellis. ♥) 3. My doggie had a puppy. It's a little female chihuahua! ^^ I want to call it Booka but my family like other names. 4. I started reading another manga! It's called Kuroshitsuji and it's awesome! It's about a butler. And I went on to an anime site and found out there's an anime of it that I shall watch soon. Yay. 5. English is one of my best subjects. And I love it! (I also love maths... Am I a nerd??) I'm the best in my class at English, but I'm the best in my class at most things.. yeah.. 6. I got to pick my subjects in music today! I picked Glockenspiel and Voice. It was so fun! I was playing the glockenspeil today, but it was quite annoying because Mark, another person doing it, is a retard. A really rude, really loud, very thoughtless, very stuborn (this could go on) retard. And he chose to annoy me and Owen. (another person doing the glockenspeil. Oh, and it was funny at the end of music because Julian and John were touching me, (yeah..) and I called them perverts and they told the teacher that I called them that and I said to everyone. "THAT'S COZ THE WERE TOUCHING ME!" 7. I went to see Rachel Darling yesterday. We went shopping! It was great! I bought lipgloss that tastes like sprite ( ) and some earings in the shape of zips. (which Julian pulled in music D: ) Rachel bought me a friendship necklace, a friendship phone charm and an ice-cream, but by that time I had £1.50 and couldn't buy anything! 8. This is my 50th diary entry :D And that's about it really!
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‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   18 June 2009   846963  
1. Nice. :P
2. I wish I could see it. </3
3. Aww, I want to see it! ^_^
4. Is it one I would like? :P
5. Lol
6.Glockenspiel? Nice. :D
7. Nice!
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   18 June 2009   824349  
Yesh. LoL.
Glockenspeil is awesome! xD
‹{☜☏☞}› says:   18 June 2009   553982  
1. We sure did! But they look great on you with curly hair
2. Yay! I'm the best!
3. I like the name Booka! :D
4. I'm reading it! :D
5. Yes, you are a nerd! But I like maths too! Me and callum were
talking about video games and alcohol! XD
6. I picked voice and guitar, but when you choose voice, you sing in
the cupboard! XD
7. I want to go shopping! D:
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   18 June 2009   447745  
Me too D;
Good. You like?
Lmao! What Callum??
I know! D: And it's really annoying because the day I sing is the day
David plays his saxophone! Dx
‹I have quit.› says:   18 June 2009   728677  
"Touching me" LMFAO!!Hahahahaha..

Bt grats on 50 diarys!!
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   18 June 2009   334119  

‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   1 July 2009   637543  
Dang, I didn't see Zoe's amazing hairdressing skills Dx

Was this when I was off???
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says :   1 July 2009   641127  

Idk.. I've had my hair parted at the sides for ages now! xD


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